Massive Member Review – Up to 4″ Inches, Is It a Scam? Find Out Here

Massive Member Review – Up to 4″ Inches, Is It a Scam? Find Out Here

Massive Member program seems to be some exercises routines for all men to do.

According to the main webpage, they have over 178,000 satisfied members from all over the world, which I’m assuming that they gained some growth size from this particular “program“.

Yes, the claims are high, such as to enlarge penis size up to 4″ full inches in length and girth by up to 28%.

In fact, they do mention by only a few minutes per day!

Let’s check out on how Massive Member program/services works and what are the good and bad overview.Massive-Member-review-results-reviews-before-and-after-results-consumers-scam-penis-enlargement-program-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Massive Member

Official Website:

Minimum Price: One Time Payment – $49.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is Massive Member?

There are a number of penile exercise program/systems in today’s market and Massive Member is one of them.

The official website does say that it’s an “all natural penis enlargement exercise program” to gain inches in a safe way.

Well, they all have the same claims, but can this program really back up the claims?

Follow down!

According to the program makers, there is no need to use any pills, devices, gadgets or nothing, but only use your own bare hands.

In fact, they actually shout out some of the penis enlargement “gadgets” who claim that it works but completely fails.

Men who were to follow this penis enlargement program should gain permanent gains as they explain.

What Are The Benefits?

As I mentioned previously, Massive Member promises to enlarge overall penis size.

In length, they claim up to 4″ full inches, plus enlarge the penis head for a “mushroom” looking head, with increases up to 28% in girth for thickness.

Users gained powerful erection as they explain for a larger, fuller, and stronger penis.

The program’s website actually has a “benefits” page for the expecting results and they do mention that within a few weeks, your member should hang and look thicker.

By doing exercises only, they claim to correct the curvature of the penis and make it straight.

Sexual orgasms become stronger and intense for more sensitive, plus pleasurable sex.

They also promote to reduce the premature ejaculation issue and cure mild (ED), known as the erectile dysfunction issue.

Powerful ejaculation with longer distance, without needing to use any pills or anything.

Basically, the creators of this Massive Member program promises to spice up and improve overall sexual lifestyle with a number of expecting results to enjoy better sex.

How Does It Work?Massive-Member-review-results-reviews-before-and-after-results-consumers-scam-penis-enlargement-program-how-it-works-becoming-alpha-male

Since it’s an exercise program, it’s a step by step video of instructions on how to perform each exercise.

By doing it properly as directed, the penis tissues should expand and become stronger for a bigger muscular-looking penis size.

However, this unique penis enlargement program does not show any real evidence from scientific studies or clinical trials done on men, but it does say that the exercises are developed after years of research by their own “team of professionals“.

Yet, it does show any professional expert to endorse the program/service.

All it takes is a few minutes per day, about 15 minutes 5 days a week to gain inches in penis size within a period of time, as they explain.

The penis is consist of 3 chambers and 2 of them are the erectile chambers known as (Corpora Cavernosa).

With stretching these penis chambers, it should allow for more blood circulation to enter and hold for a larger, harder penis.

Keep reading!



  • Increases Up to 4″ InchesMassive-Member-review-results-reviews-before-and-after-results-consumers-scam-penis-enlargement-program-how-it-works-website-becoming-alpha-male
  • Enlarges Penis-Head Size
  • Girth up to 2″ Full Inches
  • Straightens Curved Penis
  • Claims All Natural & Safe
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction
  • Harder, Stronger Erections
  • Reduces Premature Ejaculation
  • Only 15 Minutes, 5 Days a Week
  • Intense, Sensitive Orgasms
  • Boosts up Confidence Levels
  • Claims Permanent Results of Size
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee


  1. There is no background of any clinical and scientific studies to back up the claims.
  2. Failed to show any doctor endorsement for recommendation or approval.
  3. The program claims “permanent” results, but no before-and-after images.
  4. No customer users to mention any experience with using this penis enlargement program.
  5. With only 15 minutes per day and without any enhancement formula of pills or lubricant, it makes it hard to believe the promises, such as to treat premature ejaculation or the erectile dysfunction condition.
  6. Success rate of 98.78%“, where is the proof of evidence? Nothing shows.
  7. I personally find it over-exaggerated because no penis enlargement program in today’s date can enlarge penis up to 4″ inches. – Impossible
  8. The program does have a time frame for when it expires.
  9. Is it a scam? Maybe, read on!

Customer Support/GuaranteeMassive-Member-review-results-reviews-before-and-after-results-consumers-scam-penis-enlargement-program-how-it-works-website-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, like most penile exercise programs in today’s industry, they all claim to back up the system/service with a 6-month money back guarantee.

Nothing should get delivered to your door since it’s an online access program.

Unless, you order a hard copy of the entire program to ship directly to your door, and as they explain, they will charge you $15 for just the book.

How to contact them?

The Massive Member official website shows a contact form by only sending them an email, but no phone number provided.

Now for folks who were to buy the program, it should show on the credit card transaction as “Austin Research Institute via InternetSecure” or “PAYPAL AUSTINRESEA”.

Closing Thoughts

According to our sources, this Massive Member is for only 1 full year membership.

Yes, that means I would have to renew it after a year, which it’s not lifetime access.

However, the program official website doesn’t even look too “professional” in my opinion, since they failed to show or demonstrate on how the videos are or more clearly on how the program really works.

With no customer users and no proof of nothing, this program fails to back up the promises.

Now for the up to 4″ inches by only doing exercises alone, it seems impossible because there is no such thing.

All it would do is help strengthen erections to give it a “muscular-looking” penis size, but I don’t know about the promises of inches.

So, let me break it up to you!

You will be very disappointed for wasting your own time, effort and money on this Massive Member program (, where it does seem that its really a scam.


To conjunct with the penile exercises, you will need some vitamins and supplements that you can literally buy in local stores for cheap to help boost up blood flow and therefore, I’ll point you in the right direction.Penis-Enlargement-Bible-review-results-success-pe-bible-pe-enlargement-bible-how-it-works-2-step-method-puberty-Becoming-AlphaMale

The Penis Enlargement Bible is something I have personally used to gain the growth gains and it’s been over 6 months that I stopped the enlargement process, where my growth gains of more than 2 inches are completely permanent.

I actually have done a number of reviews on penis training exercise programs and till this day, the Penis Enlargement Bible is what caused the guys out there to actually achieve their growth results.

Stop by my review to find out all about how I did it!


  1. ion vieru says:

    i just payed the 49.99 and i am huge dessapointed with
    Honestly i needed to buy some enlargement pills not that crappy program…have a poor information and yes they promote another pills invigorex…or extenders of course

    • Hey Ion,

      That’s not good at all, which is why I did have it ranked at very poor results. Thanks for sharing, and regards pills, there is no type of “get-bigger-pill” that will magically make your penis grow without any effort with exercises techniques or so. Pills boosts the blood for harder erections that may seem “bigger”, but when you stop taking them, your erections appear that big. Correct hand exercises “forcefully” expands the tissues walls and cells to expand.

      Now there is a penis enlargement device/system name (Phallosan Forte) that you use in the daily basis under clothing, and overtime the size of the penis will grow longer and fuller, which does everything for you without performing any exercises or needing to take any type of pills. Phallosan Forte will be the best choice, in my opinion.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

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