Max Load Review – Volume Enhancer To Improve Ejaculation!? – Results Here

Max Load Review – Volume Enhancer To Improve Ejaculation!? – Results Here

A male product that has been around for quite a time, goes by the name of Max Load.

It was designed to increase the volume of sperm from each ejaculating process.

This volume enhancer supposedly should make we (men) ejaculate not just a massive load, but more of maximum loads of semen as looking through the claims.

Yet, this review should tell us all about Max Load supplements.Max-Load-Review-ejaculate-ejaculation-300%-md-science-lab-Llc-cum-harder-cum-longer-cum-more-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: MAX LOAD


Minimum Price: Price Range Varies

Overall Rank (out of 100): 35 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: 60 day Money Back Guarantee


What Are Max Load Caps?

Max Load is a volume enhancer supplement to increase the amount of semen so when we release it, it should make orgasms more intense.

Should help with the recovering time between sexual intercourse.

This item promotes to be known to cum harder, longer and more, as according to bottle’s label.

Ejaculate fluid will be stronger and fuller when using this product and it should make me last longer without climaxing too early.

They also state to increase semen volume by only 300%, when our top volume enhancers such as the Semanx and Performer5 boosts up by 500%.

(MD Science Lab, LLC) is the manufacturer and company of this product.

And, this company is known to create male and female sexual products over the past years.

Even though they have updated and improved all of their supplements, their most famous one would be the Max Size enhancement to increase penis size.

Yet, according to our sources, it wasn’t too great of a product, but maybe this Max Load is probably a better formula.

They claim to have a high reputation because they have many years of researches on nutrition, medicines, and others.

However, they failed to show any clinical studies of any of their research testes from any of their products.


Max Load is made from high-quality ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and natural herbs, which the company’s website offer to show no ingredients list.

So we did find out that Max Load contains Vitamin B6, L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Zinc, Flower Pollen Extract, Long Jack, Maca, Tribulus Terrestris, and Pine Bark.

With all of these ingredients together, it should enhance more male power to be able to shoot massive loads of semen.

The compounds are known to improve sexual function, but no proof from this combination that it works to give incredible results on ejaculation for all users as men.

Max Load Is For Who? – Usage

When bringing any type of sexual activity, and if you don’t ejaculate enough semen to promote mind-blowing orgasms, then Max Load claims its for you.

Both user plus partner should get the satisfaction from sexual desire.

Supposedly, Max Load will change it to more quality by intensifying orgasms.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to shoot and target with bigger loads of cum !?

So this product’s main goal is to stimulate the production of sperm.

Keep reading!

How To Take Max Load Caps? – Dosage

The company wants we men to take these male pills as a daily supplement.

And according to them, many users state that within 6 hours prior on taking a dosage, orgasms become more sensitive.

But in order to be able to ejaculate by 300% more volume in semen fluid, I would have to take it every day for a period of time.

The longer I use Max Load caps, the better climax will be.

However, it seems that it’s not permanent to be able to ejaculate intensifying orgasms because when stop using the formula, sperm fluid decreases and everything might go back to totally normal.

Overview – Benefits


  • Promotes Ejaculation by up to 300% More
  • Orgasms should Become Mind-Blowing
  • Increases the quality of each Climaxing
  • All Natural Ingredients – Prosexual Nutrients
  • States to be Stimulant-Free (Can Use with Others)
  • Recovery process should be a lot Faster
  • MD Science Lab, LLC has been around For Years
  • The product is available at other Retail websites
  • Claims a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. There are only a few compounds to increase volume by 300%.
  2. No clinical studies or any research tests to back up and prove the results.
  3. Does not have its own official website, which it doesn’t seem to be a professional item – Only at company’s + third-party websites.
  4. Failed lack of information on how it works, etc.
  5. Don’t say anything if it’s under the FDA requirements.
  6. If taking any prescription medication, have to consult a doctor or physician. – Maybe it’s not 100% safe in my opinion.
  7. Amazon shows mixed reviews from real customer users.


However and as I mentioned previously, the ingredients profile of this Max Load formula is not disclosed to the public.

Maybe because Max Load has not been evaluated by the FDA, which makes the product unsafe to all users, who knows!

They claim to take it an hour before sexual activity but doesn’t make sense that within 6 hours, that’s when orgasms become more intense.

In fact, the company failed to show any proof of the effectiveness results.

Perhaps, I would have to take it for a while until the male production system builds up.

They claim to have a 60 money back guarantee policy, but that would be only at the company’s official sales-page.

Other retailers might not include a guarantee.

Yet, it doesn’t make it too official as the product promotes.

Closing Thoughts

We searched up resources on the product’s label and we did find several customer users. Some did say that it does work, but a number of consumers in the Amazon reviews mention it’s “not worth it” and “waste of money”.

Again, no proof of evidence was found and I really can’t see why the company’s page decided to not show the ingredients profile.

Therefore, there are several red flags, which is not a good sign from my personal experience.

Let me point you in the right direction!

I would like to show you the Semenax because it might be what you’re looking for.

Semenax claims to increase ejaculation by 500% which is almost as double of the Max Load volume percentage.

Yet, Semenax is a product who proves the capability of delivering the results.

Its probably the best volume enhancer around to improve ejaculation dramatically and I hope this review has shown you all about what Max Load is really about.


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