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Maxi Patch – Male Enhancement Patch Review – Must SEE!


Maxi Patch – Male Enhancement Patch Review – Must SEE!

MaxiPatch seems to be from the same company as the MaleExtra supplement, where we reviewed it and found it as a great male enhancement of pills to give men sexual results of improvements.

However, instead of taking pills and for a safer and easier method, the company introduced the male enhancement patches.

Yet, I really don’t know how effective MaxiPatch system is to give men improvements, as better than the MaleExtra pills.

So scroll down and read on to find out more !Maxi-patch-ingredients-review-results-does-it-work-how-it-works-available-product-fruit-patches-formula-method-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: MaxiPatch

Website: www.MaxiPatch.org.uk

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $74.88

Overall Rank (out of 100): 82 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money-Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is MaxiPatch ?

Unlike many enhancement products out there, such as pills or patches, MaxiPatch does not have hyped-up claims to increase penis size.

However, they made a statement claiming that it’s “The MOST POWERFUL Performance Patch for men”.

Being completely natural and safe, the company mentions that many “pornstars” are using this formula because of the effects of hardness erections that MaxiPatch gives, as according to the official website.

Like every other patches, it uses “Trans-dermal Technology” to absorb the active-ingredients through the bloodstream faster than any other method available in today’s male supplement market.

As they explain, pills run through the digestive system first, which loses up to 90% of the ingredients.Maxi-patch-ingredients-review-results-does-it-work-how-it-works-available-product-fruit-patches-formula-method-before-after-becoming-alpha-male

Since MaxiPatch labels that it’s from the same company as the MaleExtra supplement, which is in the top 5 row of many male websites, the manufacturer is called (Marlia Health).

This company is recognized to have incredible male products, such as the Performer5 as well, which is also a top volume enhancer.

How Does MaxiPatch Work?

MaxiPatch company does claim that it’s a fast absorption technology.

And, it works by just placing a patch on skin surface for a period of time to release the active and effective ingredients from skin into the bloodstream, as the website explain.

Meanwhile, they mention that it’s a “clinically tested and medically proven” method.

But, it seems that only the ingredients have been studied from researchers and not the formula’s combination of all compounds together in one blend.


MaxiPatch formula only carries a very few active-ingredients on its potent mixture.

According to them, these compounds have been “carefully picked for maximum impact” with only 10mg in each ingredient, which they are :Maxi-patch-ingredients-review-results-does-it-work-how-it-works-available-product-fruit-patches-formula-method-before-after-compounds-becoming-alpha-male

  • Horny Goat Weed – Refer as Epimedium, helps maintain erections and sends sex drive through the roof.
  • Tongkat Ali Root – Increases libido, boosts up testosterone levels and cures sexual dysfunction.
  • Guarana (Fruit) – Stimulates sexual drive and energy to perform better and improves mental function.
  • Pomegranate (Fruit) – An antioxidant fruit to increase blood circulation to the male genitals.

How To Use It?

Like the nicotine patch, this product is known to place a patch on the skin surface, where no hair is involved to stick firmly and wear it for 3 full days, then replace a brand new one.

Since it’s a transdermal delivery system, it should start working within 30 minutes and last up to 72 hours, as they explain.

Yes, It’s a non-prescription method and they state to be 100% risk free and completely safe.

Perhaps, it’s the easiest method available, since there’s no need to keep track of any intake dosing, but not to forget because every 3 days, you would have to renew it for optimal improvements.

For Who Is Maxi Patch For?

Many men are afraid of risking themselves from taking pills or tablets, where it can cause side effects, such as stomach discomfortable, headaches, etc.

According to product’s official website, by wearing this MaxiPatch for 3 straight days, sexual performance level should reach its maximum to enjoy the best sex ever with full confidence.

Since the ingredients will increase testosterone levels for more masculine effects, orgasms should become stronger and intense.

Yes, solid and firmer erections on demand with vitality enhanced.

Sexual desire should also boost to satisfy both men plus your partner, as the company promotes that it’s an effective product.



  • Sex drive and Endurance IncreasesMaxi-patch-ingredients-review-results-does-it-work-how-it-works-available-product-fruit-patches-faster-formula-method-before-after-becoming-alpha-male
  • Erections becomes Stronger & Firmer
  • Claims that “pornstars” are using MaxiPatch
  • All natural Ingredients – Herbs, Fruits, etc
  • Confidence + Self-esteem level should Rise up
  • Product’s Company have a high Reputation
  • Increases the production of Testosterone
  • Claims to Work within 30 Minutes
  • Easy-To-Use method –  Renew every 3 Days
  • Stimulates Sexual Energy and Vitality
  • Promotes to Maximize Sexual Performance
  • No known Side Effects are Reported
  • Sexual Desire & Libido enhances as Well


  1. States that it’s a medically proven formula and “clinically tested“, but no evidence provided.
  2. The only site we was able to find being an official website, was the maxipatch.org.uk, but have broken ordering links.
  3. This website states that each ingredient have only and only 10 milligrams. which is a very low dosing to actually be an “effective” formula.
  4. According to our sources, no money back guarantee because it’s not available to buy at this time.


Since MaxiPatch formula is no longer available, there isn’t really a lot of support information about this male product.

However, we found plenty of product’s reviews on many websites promoting this method that it’s effective, but no one as a real customer user to actually have a review from their personal experience with using this patch method and gained any results.

No, according to product’s label, it does not claim to increase any penis size at all.

Conclusion + Closing Thoughts

MaxiPatch have very few compounds with a small dosage, which makes it seem that it’s not so “effective” as they claim.

The only ingredient they carry that is different from others, would be the Pomegranate Fruit.

Therefore, they failed to include the (Menthol) component to release the ingredients immediately.

Which, is my mostly why I personally find it not an effective formula, and maybe, it’s why they no longer have the product available in today’s market.

Who knows !?

So therefore, I am going to point you in the right direction, where if you’re really looking for a patch system, than the ProEnhance Patches would be your best choice as today’s date and age.

Yes, these ProEnhance patches does have evidence of proof that we as customer users would want to see on their official website.

Check out my review, it might be just what you really need, and the complex does have the Menthol compound to release the active-ingredients immediately through the skin and straight to the bloodstream.


However, If you’re a user who have personally used this MaxiPatch system and would like to share your experience with us, feel completely free to drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear your experience with this male item !

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