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Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil – Is It a Scam or an “Extremely Effective” Formula?


Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil – Is It a Scam or an “Extremely Effective” Formula?

The Maxidus products are NOT only available as in male enhancement pills, but also as a lube formula such as a penis enlargement oil.

Reading the first paragraph on the Maxidus official website, by rubbing a full drop onto to the male organ, they claim that you can see an almost instant enlargement by as much as 20%!

Really? Let’s take a quick look on how it works and if so, can they really back up the promises of 2″ full inches within 6 weeks.

This complete review should explain everything you need to know about this particular “penis enlargement oil“. Follow down !Maxidus-penis-enlargement-oil-lube-lubricant-method-massive-growth-naturally-penis-enlargement-review-before-after-results-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil

Website: www.maxidus-pill.com/maxidus-penis-enlargement-oil

Minimum Price: 2 Oil Bottles – $19.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Weeks for 2″ inches

Refund Policy: Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil ?

According to product’s primary website, this Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil is the “real deal” to cause the male organ to gain a “massive growth” of 2″ inches or more within 6 weeks.

I’m assuming that there is no need for any other penis enlargement methods, such as the pills, penis pump or a stretching process since Maxidus claims to see visible size of growth results.

However, I do see Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil for a cheap price!

How can this “miracle” lubricant oil enlarge male size for only $19.95?

Well, keep reading to find out more!

The company that created this lube oil would be the (Bio-Gulf International Corporation), and as they explain, it was designed by “well-known herbalist“.

They do mention that this professional expert did have a small manhood before creating the product.

What Are The Claims?

This penis enlargement oil promises to strengthen erections for harder, bigger erect state penis.

It enhances libido function to experience better sex, plus increases male vigor.

As the product’s website mentions, within 30 minutes after applying this lubricant oil, an “enlargement of 1 inch” occurs after the first session.

The only way that could ever happen from my eyes is to enhance a powerful erection known as 3rd stage erect state penis, but till this day, there really is no proven evidence of such a thing.

Another claim that we’ve come across is “instant enlargement by as much as 20%” !

Again, where is this proof at ?

No data of results or any trials done from clinical or scientific studies to back up the promises.Maxidus-penis-enlargement-oil-lube-lubricant-method-massive-growth-naturally-penis-enlargement-review-before-after-results-order-becoming-alpha-male

There is no professional healthcare endorsement to provide the safety for all users.

How Does It Work?

At first, the company mentions to squeeze 1 single drop which should cause a “massive dilation of the veins” for blood rushing to the penis tissues.

Then, reading through the primary page of the Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil, they state to wrap a cloth around the penis for 5 minutes then apply 5-10 drops to the male organ.

For 30 minutes, they promote to notice instant and visible enlargement of growth.

And, by massaging the oil for twice a day within 6 weeks, users should gain “desire growth” by only using this penis enlargement lube oil.

In fact, later on they mention to follow the program conjunction with the Maxidus pills who claims it’s the (world’s top-selling herbal sexual enhancer).

Active Substances

This fast-acting Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil does have only a few ingredients in the formula’s combination.

The product’s official website states to only have the compounds such as irudo Medicinalis, Cocoa Nucifera, Zingiberis Officinale, Aleurites Moluccana and Piper Nigrum.

Yes, there are unknown and unfamiliar in the male enlargement industry from my experience.

Meanwhile, these unrecognized ingredients should stimulate maximum blood rushing to the penis erectile chambers for rapidly erection.

However, the company does not mention if it’s “safe“, but does say that it’s a natural special herbal formula.


The Good:

  • Increases Penis Growth of 2″ Inches or MoreMaxidus-penis-enlargement-oil-lube-lubricant-method-massive-growth-naturally-penis-enlargement-review-before-after-results-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male
  • Appearance of 1″ inch within the First Session
  • Claims to Have All Natural Active Compounds
  • Does Say to Gain Instant-Rapidly Erections
  • Promotes Libido Levels for Better Function
  • Mentions that Its Extremely Effective 
  • Should Increase the Male Vigor for Sex
  • Cheap Penis Enlargement Oil of bottles
  • Claims it Carries a 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. Read through the whole page of the formula and found nothing to mention if it’s safe for all users.
  2. Failed to have a doctor recommendation or approval on the product’s label.
  3. No proof of evidence provided to show all visitors that it’s really “extremely effective“.
  4. Unbelieveable claims, such as 1″ inch within the first session. Seems over-exaggerated and unrealistic. : Misleading information
  5. From over 200+ male products we reviewed, the ingredients profile are unheard and not recognized as to promote sexual responses.
  6. It’s very cheap. – 2 lube bottles for only $19.95. I mean, if it really worked as the claims, shouldn’t it be expensive?
  7. At the last ordering page, the company promotes that over “5 million sold worldwide“, but no consumer was found from SEO sources.
  8. Not enough information given on how it really works, ingredients target, etc.
  9. Is it a Scam? Seems like it to me. Read on!Maxidus-penis-enlargement-oil-lube-lubricant-method-massive-growth-naturally-penis-enlargement-review-before-after-results-guarantee-ship-becoming-alpha-male

Customer Support/Guarantee

Yes, the official website of this Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil, they state to have a 100% money back guarantee to cover all products.

But it does not say for how long is this return policy.

In fact, they are offering a “Lifetime Money Back Guarantee” !

Believe it or not, it’s the probably the first product to ever have a “forever” money back guarantee from my personal experience with male products.

Moreover, they also mention to have a 24 hours customer service support, which it means that they should answer any questions I have by contact them via email.

No phone dialing number is provided at their “Contact Us” page.

All shipping packages should come in as discrete in plain envelopes as explained.

Closing Thoughts + Opinion

From my personal opinion, they are offering too much benefits and features to get this so-called “penis enlargement oil“.

Yet, we found more red flags than good, which we’ll come to a conclusion to see if it’s a scam.

So now we do know that the promises is to gain noticed “inch” within the first session, then they claim to reach 2″ full inches within 6 weeks for only $19.95 !?

According to our sources, we have not found any customer users or anyone to mention their experience when using the formula.

Yet, more than “5 million sold worldwide“, but no proof of nothing to back up product !?

Claims to carry a “lifetime money back guarantee” with all unknown compounds such as the “Hirudo Medicinalis“, I searched it up and found it to be an insect from the leech family.Maxidus-penis-enlargement-oil-lube-lubricant-method-massive-growth-naturally-penis-enlargement-review-before-after-results-becoming-alpha-male

I don’t think if I could ever apply something like this Maxidus Penis Enlargement Oil onto to my member here.

I mean, It would not be fun at all to run straight to the bathroom to wash it off.

Yet, with unclear informative details and no solid proof to back up the purported claims, I really won’t hesitate to call this particular item a Scam from my personal view.


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