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Natural Gain Plus – Male Enhancement To Gain Results In Size?


Natural Gain Plus – Male Enhancement To Gain Results In Size?

A male product/program that have been around for over 6 years, claims to give guys the best results ever for size gains and sexual benefits.

Natural Gain Plusprogram” promotes that it’s the #1 in the male enhancement category, which you can find it variety of male websites.

But the question is, does Natural Gain Plus really work to gain size?

We don’t know, so let’s get to know what the results are from men !Natural-Gain-plus-program-product-tables-pills-scam-results-review-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Natural Gain+

Website: www.NaturalGainPlus.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 22 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 4 Months

Money-Back Guarantee: Does Not State At All


What Is Natural Gain Plus?

Natural Gain Plus is male enhancement formula, which they call it a “program” promoting to gain penis size of growth in girth and length of up to 3″ solid inches in just a few weeks. “Wow” !

Even though many enlargement system/program does have other methods included, not this program because it says that users will only need is the pills, but I believe that penile exercises may be included in the so-called “program“.

The company claims to help stop what’s causing premature ejaculation issue and fix the erectile dysfunction condition by strengthen erections for stronger and harder.

Natural Gain Plus program comes with free bonuses as gifts for rewards when processing an order of this product.

However, we have done a review on (VirilityEx) product/program and found that this Natural Gain Plus is from the same company.

We also did find out that they both have similar ingredients and even the rewards are the same.


Moreover, Natural Gain Plus claims big promises, especially of the massive gains with only a few ingredients together.

So, how does it work?

When you’re in a sexual intercourse and feel sexual aroused, it makes we men to want to have sex where the body gives a sign to the brain and it releases a hormone causing blood flow to erectile tissues and that way creates a hard erection.


The formula carries only 7 natural ingredients and they are all herbs with amino acids.

The compounds are such as Zinc (as oxide), Selenium (as chelate), Korean Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Beta Silasterals, Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, and Magnesium Stearate.

This ingredient profile is exactly what it shows on the Natural Gain Plus official website, but many promoting websites did include L-Arginine, Niacin, Damiana and others.

I am thinking now, how does these amount of “known” compounds causes penis to enlarge by inches within weeks?

When other male enhancements out there does have a number of ingredients and still doesn’t claim this hyped advertisement.

Natural Gain Plus Is For?

Of course, they promote that this male supplement is for all men who is not satisfied with their member size.

And, by using this “program“, they claim to enlarge penis size dramatically by 3″ inches, as according to them.

Sex drive and stamina should increase.

They mention that the experience in sexual activity will change due to more enjoyment and improvements on sexual overall function.

However, they do state to only “reducepremature ejaculation issue.

Yet, many other male enhancement pills promotes to actually cure this issue.

They also claim to boost men’s erectile capabilities for erections to become powerful.


Each bottle of this Natural Gain Plus item comes with 60 tablets and they recommend we as customer users to take 2 tablets daily with lots of water.

The don’t mention anything for when to take it, but they do state that it’s for only adults and not to exceed the recommendation dosing.

If any health conditions or on medical prescription, users should speak to a medical doctor prior on using this Natural Gain Plus.

In fact, they just negativity messed up their product/program’s name because how is it “natural“, if we have to get a doctor’s approval, which doesn’t really make sense to me.

They want all consumers to use it for 4 months and by than, they promote gains of inches.

Really? Is that possible by taking only pills?

Keep reading !


Natural Gain Plus “program” shares that it’s 100% approved by the FDA facility, so no prescription is required.

They do state to also be proven to satisfied thousands of men from the formula’s effectiveness, but doesn’t offer to show any proof of evidence.

Company brief information?

We actually don’t know what company created this product, since it does not say anything about a company’s name.

Home page shares a statement of a money back guarantee, but we looked everywhere and couldn’t find this return policy whatsoever.

Big NO-NO to me, I would never try an enhancement “program” without any guarantee or proof that this stuff works.



  • Promotes to Increase Penis Size
  • Enhances Sexual Performance
  • “Reduces” Premature Ejaculation
  • Confidence Levels Increases
  • States all Natural Ingredients
  • Powerful Erections should Occur


  1. Failed lack of all sort of Information.
  2. Hyped Promises – “Up to 3 Inches within Weeks“.
  3. No Doctor Recommendation or no Clinical Studies.
  4. Doesn’t support any Manufacturer info – Maybe it’s a Scam?
  5. Promoting Websites has misleading and different Information. One claimed “29 Ingredients“, huh?
  6. The bonuses are not so great. – Consumer reviews from using this program mentions that it’s “weak”.
  7. Claims to have numerous reviews and testimonies, but only found few.
  8. Does not show a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Not Good!


Bottom Line Thoughts

Natural Gain Plus official website (www.NaturalGainPlus.com) does not show any proof of evidence to back up any of the claims.

Even the statement of “thousands of satisfied Natural Gain Plus customers“, but according to our sources, we couldn’t find any of this customer reviews that actually gained results in size.

So the question was, does Natural Gain Plus really work to gain size?

Again, we don’t know but we do see hundreds of affiliates promoting this “program“.

Well, maybe because they want to take people’s money, and then to get your money back?

Who knows !

In my personal opinion, this is a 100% scam from my experience in the male enhancement industry, especially with hyped promises to gain “Up to 3 Inches within Weeks“.

Miracle pills? I don’t think so !


Many men worldwide can not keep their penis hard when entering in a sexual intercourse, which it’s known as the (Erectile Dysfunction), or most will climax way too soon without satisfying their partner where it’s recognized as the (Premature Ejaculation).vigrx-plus-male-sexual-enhancement-pills-results-safe-doctors-results-reviews-best-becoming-alpha-male

So if you’re one of these folks suffering from any sexual dysfunction, than I am going to head you over to VigRx Plus, one of the male enhancement that got the most points where we found no disadvantages.

Users mentions that it does everything of what it claims, meaning “rock-hard erections”, stronger orgasms, etc.

Maybe you’re here because you want growth on penis size?

Guess what?

No enhancement pills will make you grow by 3-4″ inches but I did gain over 2″ inches with the Penis Enlargement Bible.

How? Find out at my review!

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