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Neosize XL Before & After – See My Results Here Before Buying It !


Neosize XL Before & After –  See My Results Here Before Buying It !

You have probably come across several “NeoSize” ads since there are several promoting websites claiming it’s the official webpage.

They promise that my penis here will enlarge by least 3″ inches within 6 months when using this “Worldwide #1 Male enhancement” so-called NeosizeXL.

For a fact, this product have been around for a while and was the last enlargement pills that I gave it a shot so right now, you’re about to find out exactly how big I got..

Sit back, relax and read on to see my before and after results!  Neosize-xl-review-before-after-results-scam-male-penis-enlargement-pills-capsules-reviews-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Neosize XL™

Website: www.Neosize-XL.com

Amazon Retailer Also Has It Available

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $54.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 31% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 4-6 Weeks

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


What Is Neosize XL™ ?

NeosizeXL is a male enhancement that will not only increase my sex drive and overall sexual performance but enlarge my penis as well by inches of growth as of what it claims.

I thought, “wow this formula is finally the one that’s going to increase my size“.

NeosizeXLis manufactured from (Vitopharma) company and what they did was add different unfamiliar herbs to the formula’s combination where they are not known in the male enhancement industry from my personal experience.

Like many other male enhancement supplements out there, they all have similar ingredients but not this NeosizeXL item.

Which, believe it or not, that was the one of the main reason I went and gave this product a shot.


The substances that contains in the Neosize XL formulation are Velvet bean, Lebbeck tree, Indian Ginseng, Hygrophila (Longifolia), Tribulus Terrestris, Indian Spider Plant (Chlorophytum), Elephant Creeper and the last one Tinospora Gulancha.

With all these ingredients, the company states to boost up blood flow to the penis and that way enhances to create a powerful erection where the enlargement process begins.

My sexual stamina will fly up to the roof, as they promote.

So how does NeosizeXL formula work?

These unfamiliar components will target the nitric oxide levels which the main purpose is to stimulate blood to travel to the penis tissues and boost the production of testosterone.

As well with enhancing the male reproductive system, we as users should able to perform much better.

Now for the enlargement, it should expand and open up the blood vessels for more blood allowed in the penis chambers.

In fact, they do claim that NeosizeXL will increase my penis size permanently.

Keep reading!

Who Is Neosize XL™ For?

What’s the size of your penis?

How’s your sexual performance and can you keep going with high sex drive level?

If yes, you’re happy with your sexual functioning and your member’s size then it’s not for you.


However, I was not satisfied with my average tool at all. Probably because from watching a few adult pornographic and always seeing those bigger, larger pecker.

My confidence level and self-esteem was always low.

The company does mention that my sexual orgasms will become stronger and powerful.

And after trying so many scammy “get-bigger-pills“, I had figured out that now I finally found the real penis “enlargement pills” that will actually work and hopefully, I’ll see growth results.

Neosize XL™ Overview

The Good:

  • Increases Penis Size by InchesNeosize-xl-review-before-after-results-scam-male-penis-enlargement-pills-capsules-reviews-increase-size-becoming-alpha-male
  • Boosts Up Sexual Performance
  • Claims Steel-Rock Erections
  • 100% Safe & Risk Free
  • Stimulate Powerful Orgasms
  • Improves Sexual Lifestyle
  • Confidence Levels Rises
  • 2 Months Only For Results
  • Claims Permanent Growth Size
  • Mentions No Known Side Effects
  • Scientific and Clinical Studies
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. Covers up for only 30 days from the money back guarantee. – Not enough
  2. I experienced a very bad odor (smell) when I opened each bottle.
  3. Their customer’s services are individual staffs and not a “real” company’s support in my opinion.
  4. They claim it’s “clinically tested, doctor approved penis enlargement product” but where is this evidence at?
  5. No professional doctor’s endorsement meaning a medical expert’s background and what he has to say about this specific formula. Statements are not “real” proof.

How I Took Neosize XL™ Pills ?

NeosizeXL wanted me to take 1 capsule twice a day or take 2 pills at the same time after eating a meal.

What I did was either take it either the right second after food or about 30 minutes after my meal.

I’ve always liked to switch up my intake which that way my body won’t get used to the product’s ingredients. The more we learn to shockNeosize-xl-review-before-after-results-scam-male-penis-enlargement-pills-capsules-reviews-fake-false-becoming-alpha-male the body, the better results will be from my personal experience.

Each container comes with 60 capsules per bottle.

I ordered the 2 months supplies since I only needed two inches plus it’s the recommendation time frame.

Yet, 3″ inches will make me the most confident alpha-male ever but I’d still be very satisfied with 2″ extra inches though, who wouldn’t be?


This product so-called “NeoSize” have so many “official” websites that I really don’t know exactly which one is real and who’s fake.

However, I searched it up on Google and found the first ranked site so I figured, this might be the primary website.

Yes, NeosizeXl formulas are very famous when coming to the male enhancement category, and it’s also available in Amazon retail website as well.

I do know when I gave them a call at there 1866 phone number, they transferred me directly to an individual staff and I was actually having trouble to hardly understand him because his english wasn’t that great at all.


Moreover, the manufacture only covers up a month only from the money back guarantee even though most enhancement products out there gives at least 60 days for the return policy.

I actually thought, they seem to be really confident that their product will work within 4 weeks, I guess!?

It does state that NeosizeXl have been tested by doctors plus has “clinically” resources that it’s an effective formula but however, they failed to show proof of any sort real forms for evidence in my opinion.


Results + My Story

As I mentioned previously, I’m one of those customer user who have tried so many of the “get-bigger-pills“.

But this “male enlargement product” was my last shot for any type of pills.

I used NeosizeXl for a month and half.

The second week, I remember noticing somewhat different in my energy levels but wasn’t that much at all, just my sex drive increased a little.

I kept taking the pills and before you know it, nothing like nothing happened to my penis size meaning it did not grow not even an inch.

Since I had experience with these kind of pills and I did feel kind of suspicious that it wasn’t going to work after the 20th day.

What I did was even though I wasted my time and effort, 2 days before the 30 day guarantee expired, I called in to get the full refund for my money back to my account.

YES, I want my money back !

This false promising item was not going to take my money like the others did because of no size results at all.

So within 15 days after I called in, I saw my refund back on my bank account plus the “bad-english” staff told me that I did not need to send any bottles back.

So what I did was, kept taking the 2 capsules daily for the next 2 weeks and still no growth gains.

By today’s date and age, I have gained over 2″ inches in a little longer than two months but definitely not from any “male enlargement products” because there is no such thing as some magical or miracle pills.

I restarted my puberty process all over again, then I finally got results.

So I am going to share you my review on how I did it, how it works plus my gains where it was with the only one, The Penis Enlargement Bible.


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