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Nitroxin Free Trial – Does Nitroxin Really Work? Up To 3″ Inches in 1 Month?


Nitroxin Free Trial – Does Nitroxin Really Work? Up To 3″ Inches in 1 Month?

Get bigger, last longer and stay harder.. really?

Nitroxin does have a free trial sample for all men to test out the product and most of the “trial” basis items are a scam.

Therefore, Nitroxin might be quite different from others with their supercharged pills.

So the main question remains, does Nioxin really work?

This short review should explain it all !Nitroxin-free-trial-review-scam-pills-cream-male-enhancement-does-nitroxin-really-work-results-reviews-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Nitroxin

Official Website: www.Nitroxin.com

Free Trial Website: www.BreesNitroxin.com

Minimum Price: Claims a Free Sample Pack

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Usage: Within 1 Month for Gains

Refund Policy: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What Are The Nitroxin Pills?

There are hundreds of male enlargements in the industry and Nitroxin is one of them who claims big promises such as to increase penis size.

However, at the trial sample page, they promote to not only get the enhancer formula of pills, but a lubricant cream together as well for “free”.

They even label the formulas that it’s the #1 for the best male supplement.

But is that true? Can they back up with proof of evidence?

Moreover, some of the claims are to enhance erections quality, increase stamina significant, and to perform like a pornstar.

Even though several sexual enhancement in today’s market shares the same features, let’s find out if Nitroxin can really back up the promises.

Nitroxin does have an official webpage for just the pills formula and according to our sources, they failed to show the company’s name so we could know who supports the products.

They do mention to have a professional team with many hours from doing researches to develop a quality enhancer, such as this Nitroxin.

They shares to have help “half of million men” and mentions that this formula is everywhere around the media.

Any expert healthcare endorsement?

Nothing shows at the primary website, meaning there is no scientific data or any clinical studies.

In fact, we did find many promoting pages offering the trial sample of the pills combined with the cream formula.

How Does Nitroxin Works?

So here’s how Nitroxin claims to work !

By stimulating the sex hormones to produce more, they added that the ingredients targets a 2-steps process when using the pills.

The first procedure is to increase testosterone production and achieve stronger erections, as they explain.

Now the second step is to boost the nitric oxide levels to enhance maximum blood to the erectile chambers, resulting for bigger, larger and harder erections.

In fact, they even promote to stimulate the production of dopamine to enhance mind-blowing orgasms.

The last thing they added is to recover” much faster when taking the formula in the regular basis.


At the free trial page, we only found about 4 compounds, but promoters added more ingredients.

Therefore, the Nitroxin formula of pills carries Maca, Oyster Shell/Zinc, Muira Puama, Licorice Root, Horny Goat Weed, Red Ginseng, and Vitamin E.

With these substances, users should expect several benefits.

Yet, with no quantity for each ingredient, it makes it difficult to know how effective can both formulas be.

Now for the Nitroxin cream formula?

There is no list of the ingredients provided.

No prescription is needed to get both of these male products.

For Who Nitroxin Claims It’s For?

I don’t think there is nothing worse than knowing to have a small penis size known as less than average.

But the formulas promotes that it’s the solution to add growth in length and girth on your member there.

They also mention to achieve “permanent gains“, where hundreds thousands of men have gained real growth size by just using the product.

Bigger, longer and rock-hard erections should be expected.

As they explain, longer-lasting erect state penis on demand.

Meanwhile, they all promote to improve overall sexual performance, such as increasing stamina, and sex duration.

States to intensify sexual orgasms, since one of the main key is to increase testosterone production.

Nitroxin supplement does mention to enhance libido function, sexual drive and reduce fatigue.

According to them, we men should perform like a pornstar, where confidence flies through the roof.

In fact, Nitroxin labels that many men felt like they were back on their 18 years old stage.

Again, there is no actual proof so far from any individual user aside from the promoting websites.

How To Use It?

Yes, Nitroxin is some “sex-pills” !

What does that mean?

The company recommends to take 1 pill 10 minutes before sexual activity and apply a small amount of the Nitroxin Cream onto the penis skin, then massage it until its completely absorbed.

Also states to make sure your partner is around or else it might go to “waste”.


Now here’s the over-exaggerated promises !

At the official website of the pills, they sincerely made a statement saying that within 3 weeks, we as users can achieve 2-3″ inches in growth size.

But that’s not all, “after a month’s use many gained 3 inches“.

Keep reading because we found 3 labels of the same product!Nitroxin-free-trial-review-scam-pills-cream-male-enhancement-does-nitroxin-really-work-results-false-reviews-becoming-alpha-male



  • Claims Rock-Hard Erections
  • Increases Penis Dramatically
  • Boosts Up to Supercharge Stamina
  • States to Enhance Stronger Orgasms
  • Promotes that It’s all Natural Formulas
  • Have Main Websites – Free Trail + Official
  • Shares to only Need 1 Pill Daily for Gains
  • Claims that the Results are Permanent
  • Heightens up Sexual Performance
  • Libido, Sex Drive and Self-Esteem Rises
  • Users should Experience Longer Sex


  1. Is it the “magical” pills to enlarge up to 3″ inches in one month? – Over-Exaggerated Claims
  2. Where’s the proof? No scientific studies or test have been conducted.
  3. Failed to share any doctor recommendation that it’s safe for all men.
  4. Have not listed the full ingredients at the official websites.
  5. No company’s name is provided, which seems that they are hiding behind the computer screen.
  6. It is not a “free trial” sample since folks have to add their credit card information and charges $3.95 with auto-billing process in the future.
  7. Over 527, 345 men have used the pills? Where is at least one user to mention their size results? – Misleading numbers
  8. We have found resources that Nitroxin sends email “promotions” to many junk box. – Seems like a scam
  9. No information was given about the cream formula’s label such as ingredients, how it works, etc.Nitroxin-cream-free-trial-review-scam-pills-cream-male-enhancement-does-nitroxin-really-work-results-reviews-bigger-becoming-alpha-male


A hollywood “actress” named (Bree Olson) who claims to be a “pornstar” , does mention to endorse the Nitroxin products.

According to the company of these both formulas, Bree Olson asked a male pornstar on what’s his secret and he mention “Nitroxin“, so she contact them directly to become a sponsor.

Believe it not, doesn’t sound too reliable to me, which she is only increasing her bank account by promoting it.

At the webpage, we found statements that men have used the pills together with a medication and faced no negative side effects.

Yet, there is no clinical structure provided to back up its safety.

Does not say anything about discreet shipping or credit card payment appearance.

Bottom Line Final Thoughts

With the claims of 3″ inches for permanent results within one month by only taking one single pill, in my personal opinion, there is no way to believe it because it’s impossible !

There is no such thing at all.

I have tried a few of these type of “get-bigger-pills” in today’s market who claims the same growth gains and came up that they are all false items.

However, the one bottle supply of pills cost $39.95 and at the free sample page, they charge the shipping/handling fee, than after 14 days from ordering it the “free bottle“, your credit card gets billed with an expensive amount of $89.95.

But that’s not all !

Since no company’s name is shown, I am assuming its very similar to other scam online, where by every month, the auto-billing program attacks your account and boom, you’re done.

Why risk yourself on a scam item like this?

No type of “get-bigger-pills” have the potential to enlarge penis size significant as 2-4″ inches.

It all failed on me in the past, since when I used them, not even one single inch achieved on my tool size here !


In fact, I want to help you and throw you the Penis Enlargement Bible.

Yes, it’s a program who actually gave me real and permanent size, so here’s my review.

Maybe you need something to help fix sexual impotence, than the VigRx Plus would be your best choice.


With over a decade curing erectile dysfunction, fixing premature ejaculation, etc, they have proof of scientific data and clinical studies from doctors that its effective, as the claims.


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