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OrvigoMax Review – “Rock Hard Erections” Really? Find Out Here – Free Trial


OrvigoMax Review – “Rock Hard Erections” Really? Find Out Here – Free Trial

You know, every man wished to have a high-potential on sexual performance to satisfy both themselves and partner, am I right?

Well, OrvigoMax does claim to improve overall sexual function, plus several other benefits.

However, the product’s official website promotes to grab a free order of a bottle and even though many “free-trials” are not really free, I would personally like to get to know more about the OrvigoMax results on this review.


Sit back, relax and scroll down to read !


Name of Product: OrvigoMax

Official Website: www.OrvigoMax.com

Minimum Price: Claims a Free-Trial Bottle

Overall Rank (out of 100): 49 Points

Usage: Claims it Works an hour of 1st Dosing

Refund Policy: Only’s Company Sales Page

What Are OrvigoMax Capsules?

According to product’s official website, they promote that this OrvigoMax supplement is the “simple and effective way to get effortless rock hard erections” with many improvements on sexual function.

They also shares to have “7 guarantees” why OrvigoMax is the formula to choose from out of many male enhancement supplements in today’s industry.

Their official website does seem like a well-professional page to give a clear vision on what this product has to offer to us (men) as customer users.

Claims are that it works within 1 hour after swallowing the recommendation of pills and within 3-4 days, they mention to experience the full benefits from using this formula.

Really? Keep reading !

Now the manufacturer (Niwali) is a US-based company and they developed all their supplements of sexual, testosterone booster, health, etc products at Aventura, Florida in the USA.

OrvigoMax male enhancement offered to show several consumers, where they described as “real people with real results” on the official webpage, but they failed to show any clinical trials or a form of proof to be as effective as they claim.

No doctor recommendation is provided as well.

We do know that the company of this product “Niwali“, have a reputation on carrying quality supplements on the market, which makes OrvigoMax slightly more responsive than other free-trial bottles.

How Does It Work?

Well, like many other male enhancement formulas out there, it works by producing more blood to travel in the penis tissues, which causes the erectile chambers to create harder, stronger erections.

The penis anatomy are consists of 3 chambers and two of the erectile chambers are the Corpora Cavernosa, and what OrvigoMax ingredients should do is relax the blood
, as they explain.

According to product’s label, it stimulates the nitric oxide levels to increase more blood flow to the penis.OrvigoMax-ingredients-review-Free-Trial-male-enhancement-bottle-supply-formula-capsules-reviews-ingredients-how-does-it-work-Guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

Which, they also mention that the effects of powerful erections are similar to using Viagra” prescription drug.


OrvigoMax formulation complex only carries 6 sexual aphrodisiacs being a natural supplement and should be completely safe.

But at the company’s page, it shows several other compounds, which now I don’t know who to believe.

Product’s main page or company’s site? Meanwhile, the selection of special herbs are such as :

Tribulus Terrestris – Helps stop premature ejaculation issue, improves libido and increase testosterone production.

Maca – Great for stimulating sperm quality and quantity, enhances libido levels and sexual function.

Damiana –  Improves overall sexual function and penis health, gives many improvements on sexual lifestyle.

Korean Ginseng – Boosts up energy levels, helps with breathing and memory for positive mood.

Catuaba – Brazilian herb recognized as a nervous system stimulant, fixes sexual impotence and weakness.

Muira Puama – Known as “potency wood” to boost up sexual performance, helps with erectile dysfunction.

Ingredients in Focus

With all of these ingredients in the formula’s combination, they promote to reach “rock hard erections“, plus increase sex drive and stamina for a better sexual performance.

As you know, Ginseng compound boosts up energy levels, helps enhance endurance and overall sexual function.

It should intensify orgasms with longer-lasting duration for intense ejaculation, which enhances more pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

According to the company of OrvigoMax, they also mention to shoot “massive” loads of cum and enjoy sex better than ever.

Basically, they mean to improve overall sexual impotence and sexual health to get you back on track to start having great sex again.

How To Take OrvigoMax Supplement?

The manufacturer wants we men to follow the directions and take 2 capsules in the daily basis, where 1 pill before sexual intercourse to super-charge sexual performance.

If I was having trouble reaching a powerful erection, than it should help since they claim to create “rock hard erections” within one hour from taking a one-single capsule.

By swallowing a pill, self-esteem and confidence levels should fly up the roof since I would rely on the pill.

The OrvigoMax bottles as of today’s date and age, are the newest and recently label.



  • Enhances Erections PotentialOrvigoMax-review-Free-Trial-sample-male-enhancement-bottle-supply-formula-capsules-reviews-ingredients-how-does-it-work-Guarantee-becoming-alpha-male
  • Sex Drive & Stamina Rises
  • Longer-Lasting Ejaculation
  • Claims to Work within an Hour
  • States to be Completely Safe
  • Well-Organized Official Website
  • Stimulates Sexual Pleasure
  • Respected Products Company
  • Shoot Large Loads of Sperm
  • Increases Libido + Energy Levels
  • Boosts up Sexual Performance
  • Ability to Control Orgasms
  • Carries all Natural Ingredients
  • Enjoy Sex Better than Ever
  • Improves Sexual Function + Health
  • Increases Satisfaction for Both Man + Partner


  1. No doctor recommendation or any clinical studies found that this combination is effective.
  2. The company’s official page added several other ingredients, but on product’s official website only carries 6. – Misleading
  3. It’s not a “free-trial” item, since all users would have to add their credit card info to charge a shipping/handling fee.
  4. OrvigoMax is a monthly auto-shipping program, where after 14 days of using the product, folks will get charged an expensive price of $69.95.
  5. Failed to mention a return policy for any money back guarantee. – Big NO-NO!
  6. Does not state anything about approved from the FDA facility or under the requirements of GMP.


The product’s company (Niwali) does sell many health products for both men and women.

They have a natural testosterone booster so-called ‘ Advanced Test-O-Boost ‘ and I always catch an advertisement for this supplement on several male website.

OrvigoMax pills are only covered by a return policy at the company sales page, where it’s 30 day money back guarantee.

Now If it doesn’t live up to “rock hard erections” and many improvements within 1 month, I would simply send it back to the manufacturer.

Ordering this item, should not appear as the product’s identification, as they explain.

Final Outcome

As I previously mention on the product’s overview, it’s a “auto-shipping program“, where folks will get charged for the monthly supplies after 14 days.

And, they actually mentions on the last page to process your credit card information.

Meanwhile, I can’t find any specific studies that demonstrate their particular product’s effectiveness or customer’s safety !

Yet, the ingredients are all natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe without no form of studies or professional’s approval.

From my personal experience, the auto-shipping delivery are not really the best choice because it can get slightly difficult to cancel this membership program in several cases.

Where most guys would have to close the credit card transactions to stop the process.

However, why don’t you check out the VigRX Plus supplement because the official website provided several doctor recommendation, meaning not just one, but 3 real “professional experts” endorsements.

It also shows scientific researches with proof of medical studies for we as customer users to have more faith and trust on the VigRX Plus formula.

However, the testimonies that they offered to show are from “real” actual users since it’s written logs for extra proof.


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