Penile Secrets Manual – Does Penile Secrets Work? Is It Worth Here? – See Here

Penile Secrets Manual – Does Penile Secrets Work? Is It Worth Here? – See Here

A penile exercise program so-called (Penile Secrets), promises to enlarge penis size by 1-3″ inches in a completely natural and safe way.

Looking through the main webpage, it does say to have helped over 250,000 satisfied men, where they claim that it’s the World’s #1 program since 1996.

We have come across many promoting ads from products, manuals, etc to higher claim on enlarging the male organ size, but most of them completely fail.

Let’s take a look at what PenileSecrets program has to offer to all men worldwide.

Follow down and read about this penis manual!



Name of Product: Penile Secrets

Official Website:™

Minimum Price: Lifetime Access – $49.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 75 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 180 Days

Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is Penile Secrets?

A male enlargement program who promises to increase the size of your member by using a “few simple exercises and techniques” only.

They do say that there is no need for any type of penis enlargement methods, such as pills, lube, or devices to gain permanent gains of inches.

According to them, the penile exercises that they offer for all men to perform, have been proven to work.

In fact, there is a statement saying that some of the members have enlarged their tool size by over 3.5″ inches with again, “only exercises“.

Is that really possible?

The makers mention that it’s all safe, natural and proven for growth results within as soon as 2-3 weeks.

Keep reading!

The Techniques to Learn Are?

Not only they claim penis enlargement results of 1-3″ inches or more, but many other features and benefits as well when using the PenileSecrets program.

PS Network LLC is the creators of the system and they advertise to even enlarge the size of the penis glans to give it a “mushroom” looking head.

The program should teach you how to cure sexual impotence to reach hard, firmer and longer-lasting erections.

They do mention to stimulate sexual orgasms for stronger, intense ejaculation, which leads to more pleasure and satisfaction.

Yes, that means to treat the premature ejaculation issue by teaching folks on how to strengthen the PC muscle and therefore, controlling climax.

PenileSecrets makers also state to help with the curvature of the penis, where its when the penis slightly bends to a different direction or angle.

Basically, the promises should make your sexual lifestyle completely better, especially with the enlargement ads.Penile-Secrets-Manual-Does-Penile-Secrets-Work-review-forum-exercise-program-download-penis-erections-enlargement-pdf-becoming-alpha-male

How Does It Work?

According to the company of PenileSecrets and by doing “dedicated exercises and techniques“, will develop penis growth for both length and girth as explain.

The penis consists of 3 chambers and two of them are the Corpora Cavernosa, where when we men become sexually aroused, these chambers fill with maximum blood.

Now the more blood allowed in the chambers, the bigger the penis gets.

So what this program/system should do, is teach you how to force the erectile tissues to expand and create new walls for extra blood to fill in.

Creators of this PenileSecrets also mentions that the penis is like every other part of the body, which by exercising it, should grow for results of gains.

This online manual states to teach all men on step-by-step instructions by using your own bare hands and before you know it, 1-3″ inches of growth size should occur.



  • Increase Penis Length of 1-3″Penile-Secrets-Manual-Does-Penile-Secrets-Work-review-forum-exercise-program-download-penis-enlargement-pdf-reviews-becoming-alpha-male
  • Enlarge Girth for Fuller Size
  • Mentions “Mushroom” Head
  • Decreases Premature Ejaculation
  • Should be Completely Natural
  • Does Say it’s 100% Safe
  • Offers to Show “Medical Opinion”
  • Claims to Cure Sexual Impotence
  • Control Stronger, Intense Orgasms
  • Helps Straighten Penile Curvature
  • Secrets to Strengthen the “PC Muscle”
  • Stronger, Harder and Firmer Erections
  • Teaches how to Stimulate Pleasure
  • Improves Confidence and Sexual Health
  • Claims to have a 6 Month Refund Policy


  1. They only offered to show “doctor testimonial“, but no proof of evidence from scientific studies or any trials done.
  2. Failed to show before-and-after photos to back up the claims of inches.
  3. Comes with no enhancement pills or enhancer lubricant to boost up blood flow, because just the exercises alone, seems unreal to enlarge size.


PenileSecrets official website shares to have a 24 hours online-chat from staff support plus user’s forums from members.

The company adds to cover up with a 6-month money back guarantee, where they recommend to perform the exercises and techniques for 180 days, and if it fails to give permanent results of “inches”, you will be entitled to a 100% full refund.

No, nothing should be delivered to your place, as explain because this program is only for lifetime online access.

At the (Medical Opinion) page, they have a testimonial from a doctor called (Dr. Robert J. McCartney) and he only mentions that he actually uses the manual, but no studies or nothing have been conducted on the PenileSecrets program.


Bottom Line Closing Thoughts

We have come across that this PenileSecrets enlargement program does recommend users to perform the exercises and techniques for at least 15 minutes per day.

Yet, it seems more realistic than other programs/manuals out there, who claims to only do a few minutes of (5-8 minutes) per day and achieve real penis growth gains.

Now with the 24 hours customer-support, plus the 6-month money back guarantee, makes this program slightly worth giving it a try in my opinion.

Others out there cover up the money back guarantee for only 2 months and we do know that PenileSecrets does have a doctor endorsement for proof.

Yes, they also offer to show the company’s background to make the system more reliable in our eyes.

At the PenisSecrets official website (, they actually mention a success rate of 98% that all users have gained results, so within 6 months of following the instructions, either visual growth gains or full refund back.

But that’s not the case ! I used a penis enlargement program called the Penis Enlargement Bible where I actually went from 5″ 1/8 average size to 8″ 1/2 with photo proof right here with me!


If you don’t know, when you check out my review, I’ll tell you exactly how I did from following the process that is recommended.

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