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PeniMaster Pro Review- PeniMaster Vs Phallosan Forte – Results of Gains Here !


PeniMaster Pro Review- PeniMaster Vs Phallosan Forte – Results of Gains Here !

A penis enlargement method called PeniMaster Pro, who is slightly similar to the Phallosan Forte system.

They both are a belt expander with a “vacuum” technology for more strength to stretch out the penis tissues for a straighter, longer and bigger member size.

It should cause no pain and gain “permanent results”. This review will target the difference between both PeniMaster Pro and the Phallosan Forte system.

Follow down to see more!PeniMaster-Pro-review-penis-enlargement-system-before-and-after-reviews-consumers-how-to-use-peniMaster-becoming-Alpha-male


Name of Product: PeniMaster®PRO

Official Website: www.PeniMaster.com

Website Price: In Us Dollars – $370.28

Overall Rank (out of 100): 96 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee   

What Is PeniMaster®PRO ?

PeniMaster Pro is the complete set of the PeniMaster basic kit, which the original system comes with only the rod-based extender, but the complete system is “modularly designed” with a belt plus vacuum ball for maximum results.

Like a penis traction extender, where it pulls the tissues of the penis by stretching outward, this PeniMaster Pro system state to have a self-adapting connection to the glans (head) and pull it with a gentle force

That way and over an extended period of time, the tissues of cells should cause your manhood to add new growth size by length and girth with straightening it up.

Yes, keep reading because it’s a 2-step approach !

How Does It Work?

Since it’s a vacuum based device, the condom inside the PeniMaster Pro system will go over the penis glans, and wrap it all around, and with the help of applying an adhesive bond to the condom, it won’t cause any slippage but hold on tightly.

All I would have to do next, is choose the direction I would want it to elongate and stretch the penis, where the belt expander system goes around the body and will allow to hold it firm.

What happens overtime, the cellular tissues expand and multiplies for new growth cells, which leads to longer and bigger penis size.PeniMaster-Pro-review-penis-enlargement-system-before-and-after-reviews-consumers-how-to-use-peniMaster-gains-becoming-Alpha-male

One of the sources we found, shares that this PeniMaster Pro method is made of medical materials and therapeutic treatment.


Now the first approach is the rod expander, where it’s a primary use for home treatment.

According to the official webpage of the PeniMaster Pro, they mention to have designed this penis enlargement technique to wear it under normal clothing and be completely un-noticeably.

So now the second approach comes in !

With the belt expander, it allows folks to use this penis enlargement system in sleeping cycles and on the go for daily activities of 3 different holding options (Hips, shoulder or knee).

They actually say that even with an erect state penis, it won’t be a problem to still keep it on.

Which, basically it’s a full system with stretching as a (extender), plus a vacuum process for the best results with maximum comfort for only 3-6 hours per day, as they explain.

What Are The Product’s Features?

As PeniMaster Pro company states, not only this complete technology will heighten up more length in erect state penis, but in flaccid (non-erect) as well.

Should also increase more thickness to your tool there overtime, for a bigger, fuller penis size.

They mention to straighten up the chambers (corpora cavernosa) to help treat a curved or bend penile known as Peyronie’s Disease. Shares to enhance the penis glans for a bigger “mushroom” head.PeniMaster-Pro-review-penis-enlargement-system-before-and-after-reviews-consumers-how-to-use-peniMaster-gains-how-it-works-becoming-Alpha-male

It should treat the erectile dysfunction issue for more potency on erections and help improve the premature ejaculation problem.

Since it’s a comfort system, the kit comes with a protective lube for the foreskin and lymph, which it should cause no negative side effects.


Yes, the PeniMaster Pro website states that it could wear it without the vacuum ball/condom as well.

Matter of fact, we actually were able to find a customer user to share his experience, which he said that this penis enlargement technique only took him a “few minutes to get used to it” and it’s quite “pleasant“.

It should be easy to set it up to increase or decrease the gently force.

Consumer mentions it’s so effective that within a first day when removing it from using it, he noticed a significant change on the look and feeling of his manhood size.

It increased sexual arousal for both himself, plus his wife, and also gave him more sensitive on the glans.

Enhances sexual desire and libido.

Overview Structure


  • Increases Length Penis SizePeniMaster-Pro-vs-phallosan-forte-review-penis-enlargement-system-before-and-after-reviews-consumers-how-to-use-peniMaster-gains-becoming-Alpha-male
  • Heightens up Gains for Girth
  • Mention Permanent Real Growth
  • Claims Maximum Comfort
  • Enlargement of Penis Glans
  • Does Say It’s Completely Safe
  • Enhances Sexual Experience
  • Sexual Arousal + Sensitivity
  • Treat the Peyronie’s Disease
  • Complete Kit – Vacuum Ball + Belt
  • Works for All Men of All Penis Sizes
  • Shares to use it for only 3-6 Hours Daily
  • Natural Penis Enlargement Method
  • Improvements on Erectile Dysfunction
  • Foreskin Recovery – Protection
  • Found Reviews of User’s Results
  • Boosts up Growth in non-erect State
  • Place Belt either on Hips, Shoulder or Knee
  • Rod Expander – Use it at Home
  • Made of Quality Medical Materials – CE
  • Dr. Ruslan Petrovich Endorsement
  • Should cause No Side Effects or Pain
  • Mentions Easy-to-Clean : Washable
  • States to Help with Premature Ejaculation
  • Includes ProMaster Comfort & Care Lube


  1. Even though we assume that they do have a refund policy due to the expensive price, we are unable to find where the money back guarantee section is at on their official website.
  2. No scientific data shows to have more proof of the product’s effectiveness.

Product’s Support

Not only PeniMaster Pro ships to the America countries, but many others as well. In fact, the official website is a professional page available in variety of languages, meaning it’s a worldwide product.

Yes, PeniMaster Pro is from a manufacturer in Berlin, Germany, where they introduced the basic PeniMaster expander back in the year of 1998.

By 2011, the complete system (PeniMaster Pro) reached to the male enlargement market to help many men all around the world to gain growth size in a completely natural, safe and comfortable way, as they explain.

Dr. Ruslan Petrovich who is an expert (surgeon, plastic surgeon, and microsurgeon), he mentions to highly approve and recommend this PeniMaster Pro to all his patients. Yet, he does say to actually use this penis enlargement product for his growth needs.


So what is the customer support? The main website does have a phone number to contact them all the way up in Berlin, Germany, since that’s their primary headquarter.

They provided an email form and address as well.

Since we were unable to find the refund policy section or the shipping content if it’s discreet in a plain box, I can’t tell you exactly, but I’m pretty sure they do have a money back guarantee.

However, one promoting website does say that they have a 14-day refund guarantee, which is the same as PeniMaster-Pro-complete-kit-review-penis-enlargement-system-before-and-after-reviews-consumers-how-to-use-peniMaster-gains-how-it-works-becoming-Alpha-malethe Phallosan Forte system.

However, the price depends on the country you’re at, and at the ordering page, you will need to select the money currency.

Closing Conclusion 

Here are the comparison of the PeniMaster Pro and the Phallosan Forte system

The PeniMaster is $370.28 which is slightly more money than the Phallosan Forte $339. They both carry a belt system for extra hold being firmer.

Yet, Phallosan method states to use it for 8 hours and PeniMaster Pro claims only 3-6 hours can achieve great growth gains.

They both have proof to work and give effective results being permanent and the claims are very similar.

They both should be completely comfortable and unnoticeable to wear it under clothing for the stretching and vacuum technology.

However, in my personal opinion, the Phallosan Forte System might be better than this PeniMaster Pro because they have more proof of real medical evidence, plus it’s cheaper.

Yet, maybe you would like to check out the PeniMaster Pro official website (www.PeniMaster.com), since we found proof from a consumer that it works as well from before and after experience !


If you have different opinions or experience with any of these unique devices, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below. It’s my pleasure to hear from you!

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