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Penis Access Review – Up to 3″ Inches and By 35% In Girth? Maybe !


Penis Access Review – Up to 3″ Inches and By 35% In Girth? Maybe !

There is no need to take any male enlargement pills, use a traction extender, penis pump – you name it when following the Penis Access penile exercise program, as they promote !

The creators claim to increase up to 3″ full inches and gain 35% in girth for fuller size.

However, does exercise alone really enlarge penis size?

Well, depends for how long they recommend to perform the exercises and the whole program’s background.

So, read a few lines down and you’re going to find out everything.Penis-Access-Review-before-after-results-increase-penis-size-reviews-user-does-penisaccess-works-how-to-use-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Guide/Product: PenisAccess™

Official Website: www.PenisAccess.com

Minimum Price: Starter Package – $29.95

Overall Rank (out of 100):  64 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is PenisAccess™ ?

PenisAccess is a program with penile exercises for all men to do to increase penis size, improve penis health and function as well.

According to the official website, by only a few minutes on the daily basis, should reach the size we (men) ever desired of 1-3″ extra inches.

This program mentions to have a number of videos online and a step-by-step DVD to follow without the use of the internet.

They share that all I would need is my bare hands to perform the exercises.

Yes, I believe that dedication and effort should to be included in order to achieve growth size of gains.

As the main webpage of PenisAccess mentions, all exercises are completely safe to cause no pain and it’s proven to actually work without any penis enlargement method.

A number of 40,000+ men are using this program for a bigger, healthier and longer penis.

Perhaps, several doctors recommends and approves this exercise program, but no professional expert’s background public at the program’s official webpage.

Okay, doctors might really recommend penile exercises, since it’s natural and safer than any enlargement process, but we as customer users would like to see more proof that this Penis-Access-program-Review-before-after-results-increase-penis-size-reviews-user-does-penisaccess-works-how-to-use-becoming-alpha-maleprogram is the “real deal“.

They do offer to show a data of results for a 6 month period of time when following the routines of this PenisAccess program.

How It Works?

First, we need to know how the penis anatomy works so let me make simple and clear !

The male penis consist of 3 chambers and two of them called (Corpora Cavernosa), is where blood runs in and out.

When we men get sexual arousal, the brain sends a sign to the body where it supplies an amount of blood flow to these erectile chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) to fill up with maximum blood and boom, an erection should achieve if you’re not one of the many men who suffers from the erectile dysfunction issue.

Now this is where the penile exercises come in !

According to PenisAccess program, the exercises they provide claims to “promote new cell divisions to increase size“.

When performing the penile exercises, the tissues of the penis are stretched-out and should cause the cells to multiply for more new growth cells as explained.

Within a period of time, members of the program should see the growth results with only a few minutes of following the exercises routines.

However, from my personal experience, it might not be true!

Keep reading.

What Are The Benefits?

Guys who perform this PenisAccess system, should see the incredible results of gains by 1-3″ full inches within 6 months.

Girth meaning the width should also enhance fullness by 35%, where they actually claim that the results comes in fast and 100% safe.

Erections quality improves for a stronger, harder erect state penis, but that’s not all !

Folks should be able to control ejaculation to make orgasms more intense and stronger, where they described as “explosive orgasms“.

Penis-Access-Review-before-after-results-increase-penis-size-reviews-user-does-penisaccess-works-how-to-use-time-effort-becoming-alpha-maleWhat about the premature ejaculation?

As they explain, the exercises will help stop this problem by reducing it from releasing it too quick.

Also help with the erectile dysfunction issue and penile curvature as well.

Now within as soon as the first 2 weeks, they share that my sexual stamina improves with gaining fuller erections.

After 3 months, users should notice and see that their member size increased in length and girth being completely permanent.

PenisAccess program also states to have step-by-step videos on how to strengthen the PC muscle (pubococcygeus).

In fact, let me give you some tips and help you out.

All you have to do when urine, hold the bladder for a few seconds, then let it go and do it again, which by doing it for several times in the daily basis, it strengthens the PC muscle.

Yes, the first few times, your body might start getting a “tingling” feeling, but it’s normal and you’ll get used to it, than it stops this “shaking”.

I mean it’s the easiest and simplest way to strengthen the PC muscle.



  • Increases Penis Length up 3″ InchesPenis-Access-program-Review-before-after-results-increase-3-inches-penis-size-reviews-user-does-penisaccess-works-how-to-use-becoming-alpha-male
  • States to Enhance Sexual Stamina
  • Claims by 35% in Girth Size – Width
  • Promotes to be Completely Safe
  • Online Access Videos & DVD
  • Share “Fast & Effortless” Routines
  • Enhances Erections for Bigger, Stronger
  • Should be all Simple Exercises – Natural
  • Mention that Doctors Recommends It
  • Strengthen the PC Muscle (Pubococcygeus)
  • Helps Decreases the Premature Ejaculation
  • Orgasms should become Powerful + Intense
  • Helps Improve the Penile Curvature – Peyronie’s Disease
  • Improves overall Penis Health & Function
  • Carries a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee


  1. PenisAcess official website mention “at least 5 minutes“, which is not enough to actually increase size. – Needs more effort from my personal experience.
  2. The doctors approval and recommendation are not provided in the official site for users to see for their own safety.
  3. No clinical or scientific data that it works without any enhancement pills or cream to boost blood flow.
  4. There is no before-&-after pictures to show we as customer users to have more faith on adding inches by “exercises” only.


Yes, this PenisAccess program does cover all users with a 6 month money back guarantee, which makes enough time to actually see results and they even mention, if you see no gains, we as performers will be entitled for a full refund.

They explain that this program is for lifetime access meaning forever to their membership courses, by only paying the first time fee.


Buyers who order the premium package gets free rewards, such as the PenisAccess DVD, e-book, lubricant to use for the exercises, towel and a measuring tape.

Of course, they give out gift cards for new users to join the program, where everything gets shipped discreet for user’s privacy.

Credit card statement will also be discreet with no appearance of the “PenisAccess” label to show as the transaction text.

There is no need to download anything.

Final Outcome

So, now you would like to hear my opinion, am I right?

Okay, first as I stated previously, at least “5 minutes” is definitely not enough and this is what they said ; “Penis exercises enlarge the penis in a similar way to how a body builder builds muscle“.

However, you can head out to the gym and do exercises for the whole 6 months, and you still won’t gain a good amount of results.

How come?

Well, just like this PenisAccess program (www.PenisAccess.com, without any booster/enhancer makes it hard to achieve incredible gains, such as the claims of up 3″ inches because you need a supplement to help boost blood flow from my personal experience.

Let me make simple and very clear, exercises alone will probably not work if you’re looking to add that amount of growth in size.

Yes, it will only improve erections, orgasms, etc.


How do I know all of this?

I have been following the Penis Enlargement Bible for more than 6 months and I went from from 5″ 1/8 average size to 8″ 1/2, which is basically the 3″ inches PenisAccess Program claims.

The Research Expert (John Collins) of the Penis Enlargement Bible found a way to restart the puberty stage all over again and release the secretion hormones that caused my tool here to grow the same way in puberty stage.

Of course, I had to take a few natural vitamins/supplements, plus he suggested me to do some exercises, where this man actually knows what’s he talking about.

He explains in scientific details that “exercises alone will not add growth size dramatically“.

All it does, is hold the biochemicals and nutrients in the penis for faster growth, where I got the proof results that he’s the professional expert, since I reached my size goal.


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