Penis Champion – Is This Penis Exercise Program the Best Option? Complete Review!

Penis Champion – Is This Penis Exercise Program the Best Option? Complete Review!

In recent times, most men have taken smaller than supposed penis size as a sexual inability owing to the fact that a good number of ladies out there enjoy it big.

The general believes that size matters have made men with small penis size seek for the way out.

A good number of them would end up going for products and/or programs that would have little or no effect on men’s sex organ enlargement. Yes. Fraudsters exist in the industry.

My painstaking research on different internet directories brought me across a penis enlargement exercise program known as the Penis Champion.

The initiators of this program state that it would have profound positive effects as regards building up our penis to the size we want and they do have an official website where the details were stated.

This review is meant to unravel the facts about this penis enlargement program and to guide us for or against the program.

Continue reading to get the details!Penis-Champion-Is-This-Penis-Exercise-Program-the-Best-Option-Complete-Review-Program-Enlargement-Results-Side-Effects-Reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Name of Product: Penis Champion

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Basis Access – $49.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 73 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Up to 6 Months

Refund Policy: Claims to Have a Guarantee

What is Penis Champion?

Penis Champion is known to be a penis enlargement exercise program named in line with John Marlowe’s success encounter with a porn star.

According to them, the Penis Champion is a natural penile augmentation through exercises.

It promotes to be a realistic, practical and natural way of achieving the penis size we desire.

Penis Champion is sub-grouped into two exercise programs containing ten (10) exercise programs each.

They should include SnakeCharming (this states to bring out the interior of the penis covered in the pubic fat) and cirCUMference (plus extra) which is designed to facilitate maximum girth.

The initiators of this penile enlargement program state that we should achieve a more rounded, beefier, thicker and bigger penis size by following their two-fold approach to penis building.

The recommendation is that we alternate the two exercises five days a week. We can as well tailor the programs to suit our personal needs, say 10 minutes or up to 30 minutes a day, according to them.

Marlowe states that he experienced minor changes in his penis width within a week. He also states that he had significant changes in six (6) months.

Now the question is, are these not the conventional penis enlargement exercise one use to know? It seems there are some twists in the Penis Champion.

Read the rest of the review to find out!

How Does Penis Champion Work?

According to the initiators of this penis enlargement program, a half to one-third of our penis is sandwiched by our pelvic cavity in the supra-pubic fat.

Penis Champion, according to them, works by bringing out the hidden parts of the penis from the supra-pubic fat.

What the Penis Champion exercises should do is to burn out the supra-pubic fats, thereby bringing out the penis.

This penile enhancing approach also states to work on the entire pubic region to improve our lower abs, glutes, hips, waistlines, and pelvis. It should also improve our thrusting threshold for sex.

They promote that the Penis Champion approach to penile enlargement have had great success where other exercises failed. In this vein, proofs from studies and/or recommendations from healthcare professionals would have made these claims more credible. But none was seen.

More detail follows!

Who Is It For?

Penis Champion promotes to achieve great results in men who desire to get the best out of their sex life.

That is, if I wish to have a bigger penis width and length in a natural way, Penis Champion claims it’s for me.

It states to be a great option for folks who do not wish to achieve a bigger member through surgery, swallowing pills, using pumps or hanging weights which usually have harmful effects on the penis.

According to the Penis Champion, folks who wish to get great porn star sex secrets, gain stamina, gain bigger balls, get her to do the anal and derive more satisfaction from their sexual encounter will find the program beneficial.

The fact that some part of the penis is covered in the pelvic region is believable, but the lack of documented proof of evidence that SnakeCharming or cirCUMference will bring this part out is still our headache.

Probably not pills or drugs, we should not have side effects from following this approach.



The Good:

  • Increases Penis Width and Length;
  • Get Rid of Supra-pubic Fats;
  • Enhances Sexual Stamina;
  • Natural Method;
  • Used by a Porn Star;
  • Enhance the Whole Pelvic Region;
  • Greater Sexual Pleasure;
  • Safe and Effective;
  • No Pumps or Pills Required;
  • Claims it’s Unique,
  • Reviews Abound;
  • Official Website Exists.

The Bad:

  1. Studies involving Penis Champion program claims were not seen;
  2. No pictures/videos were seen showing users before and results achieved after using the program;
  3. Penis Champion condemns most enlargement programs involving penile chamber enlargement.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Penis Champion, a name after a porn star, from whom John Marlowe states to have had success enlarging his member, promotes as an effective penile augmentation program through exercises.

The exercise programs, according to them can be done depending on what our body deserves. Hence, termed organized physical fitness techniques as well.

Penis Champion should have a refund policy which I believe we would have access to when we enroll for either a basic or a titanium member.

The porn star behind these techniques, in the product’s official website, was addressed as a full-blown sex expert for 14 years as he has appeared in over 350 sex scenes where he gains erections at commands.

Penis Champion benefits may be real, but I will not fail to say that the details are a bit hyped.

Final Outcome

The ability to state all we should achieve using this penis enlargement program make it seems Penis Champion is really behind their program.

Yet, no study was seen to back up the claims.

According to the creators, the exercise programs have achieved results in a good number of folks and are harmless when carried out as recommended.

The option of being able to alternate the exercise to suit our body needs makes it more realizable.

According to the details obtained in the product’s official website, Penis Champion is no pills/drugs and does not require the use of pumps.

On this note, I will not completely condemn the several details by Penis Champion.The-Penis-Professor-review-size-thepenisprofessor-results-excercise-program-how-does-it-work-penis-penile-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male

But since there are much better options out there, in regards to penis enlargement exercises programs, I would suggest you take a look at the Penis Professor complete program.

With the Penis Professor, you’re going to see before and after photos for proof of evidence on their official website.


Now if you rather use an effective penis enlargement device, than I would go for the Phallosan Forte complete penis enlargement system.

Feel free to leave us some comments on your experience.

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