Penis Enlargement Bible – My Success Story: Update #2 – 6 Months of Puberty Process

Penis Enlargement Bible – My Success Story: Update #2 – 6 Months of Puberty Process

Since I first did a review after following the Penis Enlargement Bible where I added some decent gains after the 2 months of restarting the puberty stage all over again and gained more than 2″ inches, I figured now it’s the right time to share my 6 months progress (p.s. 8 days until 6 months reaches).

This is the second version of my first review meaning I am now updating my results and adding more value, reliable information on how this Pe Bible is working for me and what It does.

But if you haven’t read my first Penis Enlargement Bible review, I suggest you read it first, then come back here so this second review can make more sense.

Yes, sit back, relax and read a few lines.Penis-Enlargement-Bible-review-results-success-pe-bible-pe-enlargement-bible-how-it-works-2-step-method-puberty-Becoming-AlphaMale


Name of Guide/Product: Penis Enlargement Bible

Official Website:

Price: Guide + Bonuses for only – $47.00

Owner’s Name: John Collins (Research Leader)

Overall Rate (out of 100): 98% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 2 Months

Refund Policy: 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee Pe-Enlargement-Bible-Puberty-Biochemicals-Nutrients-Penis-Enlargement-Bible-PE-Bible-Proven-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Let me break it up to you right away. I have done about 350+ reviews of male enhancements and enlargement methods where none of them have competed with the Penis Enlargement Bible for the #1 penis growth method because of the restarting puberty stage all over again.

Have you been following us on the daily basis for new and recent articles? Well, if not, then let me tell you that no type of “Get-Bigger-Pills” works to enlarge our penis size meaning 3-4″ inches.

It’s impossible because all it does is boost blood flow to the penis erectile chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) to create harder erections to seem bigger while on it, but won’t really expand the tissues to increase size permanently.

Unless you’re on it for a while meaning 1 year or more than you can expect “some” growth over time. Male enhancement pills can only help if you’re performing exercises or using along with a penis pump, extender device, etc to stimulate blood circulation for growth.


What Is The PE Bible?

The Penis Enlargement Bible is a program that I have been following a professional expert’s guide on how he added real and permanent size growth, without the use of harmful “enlargement” pills, traction methods, hanging weights – you name it.

Yes, completely natural without causing pain in myself. Till this day, I’ve faced no side effects, but many positive features by just following the correct process.

This bible is unique, meaning I have not found anything similar to this program to teach me how to release the secretion of puberty hormones and a “side effect” occurs such as my member grows in a natural way.

Not many folks know about this guide because like myself and everyone were and some are still sucked up by “brainwashed” from the false claiming ads we see all over on the internet to add “3inches-in-3weeks” by a single pill or whatever. No-No! Keep reading!


This Penis Enlargement Bible e-book composed of 7 chapters of 94 pages with small clearly paragraph and it’s not only based on enlargement growth but several aspects of my penis health.

The research leader (John Collins) who is the person responsible for this guide, he does not only tell me what to do, but he explains sincerely by showing me in clear-vision details based on scientific research.

If I was suffering from any sexual or penis health condition such as the erectile dysfunction issue, premature ejaculation or not having the sexual desire that I and my partner wants, he shows me how to fix the problem first before starting the whole enlargement process.

Which I had to read the 94-page e-book a few times and actually learn, then I started by re-producing the puberty stage all over again. Yes, keep reading to find out how I did it!

What Are The Benefits?

Okay, so basically this Penis Enlargement Bible / PE Bible covers up the entire functioning and health of my sexual tool here.

The erectile dysfunction is when we (men) fails to have the ability to reach a hard and strong erection. So John Collins tells us what I need to do and what vitamins to fix this erectile problem to gain rock-hard erections.

The premature ejaculation issue works by climaxing too soon when having sexual relations, or the issue can be caused by having excessive ejaculation Pe-Enlargement-Bible-Puberty-Biochemicals-Nutrients-Penis-Enlargement-Bible-PE-Bible-Natural-2-4-Inches-Enlargement-Becoming-Alpha-Male/ over-masturbating, stress, etc can also cause this problem.


According to the research leader, he explains to me that I should only ejaculate 3 times per week since my age phase is from 20-35 years old. After the age of 35, I should ejaculate twice a week and believe it or not, he explains everything how it can damage my body and sexual system with over ejaculation. Yes, I bet you didn’t know that either!


Following this Pe Bible e-book, my sexual performance has increased dramatically because this guide taught me how to hold on before ejaculation and I know when I want to release it. Plus, I’m having “mind-blowingorgasms with a hard erection!

Don’t believe me? Only when you experience all the knowledge and skills right from the Penis Enlargement Bible. Since rich-blood of nutrients and vitamins are rushing through my penis, I always reach a steel-hard erection and this is what actually needed to help my manhood grow.

But that’s definitely not the secret because we need to hold biochemicals and nutrients for new growth cells to multiply in the penis tissues where John Collins explains it all about what I needed to do.

So you wanna know about my gains, right? At my first Pe Bible review, I told you about my 2″ inches in less than 3 months. Now I am over 3″ full inches and added 1″ inch 1/2 on my girth size.

Yes, my male tool here looks like a muscular-veiny penis and I’m 8 days away to stop the enlargement process which becomes 6 full months. Why? Well, my partner feels pain when I go in too deep. Not good!

How Did I Do It?

I’m going to tell you again!

First, you need to fix your sexual problems, then start the enlargement process with a healthy penis.

After I learned everything I needed about 6 months ago from the Penis Enlargement Bible, I wrote it down on a piece of paper from exactly what I needed and that was only 4 supplements of vitamins/nutrients where I bought it at the Vitamin Shoppe store for very cheap.

But I do know that pharmacies do have some natural supplements and of course, I can find it on the internet. Altogether runs me about a couple bucks and no, it did not hurt my wallet because these vitamins are cheap.

Yet, one of the supplements called GenF20 Plus, I actually had to order online to release the secretion of the hormone to create new growth cells.


I started taking everything throughout the daily basis, but it wasn’t working too well for me since I had to keep - Alpha Male

A week after, I changed my daily routine where I broke down all the natural vitamins from the capsules and added in my protein shake with only one scoop of protein powder, shake it and drink it as my morning breakfast meal then I’m good for the whole day.

12 hours later, I’ll do the same process along with the HGH spray. Sometimes I switch it up and swallow the capsules, then I take my protein shake with GenF20 Plus HGH spray.

Of course, John Collins wants me to follow the correct instruction and I always remember, he’s the “expert“, not me.

I was told to drink 3 liters of water on a daily basis to help boost blood flow, where I would drink 6 water bottles 500ml throughout my day. Really, 6 bottles?

Well, if you really think about it, I drink 2 in the morning before lunch, 2 in the afternoon and 2 at evening, which is not a lot if you use your brain real quick.


Furthermore, yes I have a proper diet of nuts, fruits, and protein as the Pe Bible recommends.

Yes, the protein shake is needed and John Collins explains in one of the chapters that either whey or soy protein works, (better Whey) since it contains several vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids.

The protein foods that I eat would be cotton cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, hot cereal of multi-grain blend with Quinoa, etc. Also, I can’t forget the HGH (GenF20 Plus) natural releasing HGH supplement.

No, I don’t have to live a bodybuilder’s lifestyle, but instead of eating junk food such as snacks, non-necessary meals, I just eat what’s going to take me further in life of a healthy state and add my gains.

I could say, I have been dedicated with little effort of commitment because I always remember, “it’s all about how bad do you want it“.

No, it’s not expensive at all because I eat small protein snacks and again, the vitamins/nutrients supplements are cheap. Trust me, from over 350+ reviews we have done, all of them cost over $150 for just only a 3 month supply and guess what?

No growth size will happen because it does not work. How do I know? If this is your first time here, I have tried several of the “Get-Bigger-Pills” for months after months, and it always failed to give me the expecting results but only made me hornier.


Moreover, John Collins on the PE Bible guide explains that exercises should be required for only 5 days a week because what it only does is speed up the growth by holding biochemicals and nutrients in the penis.

It takes me 20-30 minutes (p.s. I use the VigRx Oil for lubrication & it boosts up my manhood – helped me a lot) in the daily basis with a full dedication which is not too hard at all, right?

So, 2 protein shakes with vitamins/nutrients daily, half an hour of exercises + HGH supplement for the growth of cells, and I learned what to do from the tips and what not to do, it caused me gains of more than 3″ inches for a real muscular and permanent pecker size here.

Overview Structure

Lifestyle Benefits:

  • Added Real & Permanent Growth SizePe-Enlargement-Bible-Puberty-Biochemicals-Nutrients-Penis-Enlargement-Bible-PE-Bible-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Sexual Drive & Stamina Increased
  • All Natural Supplements of Vitamins
  • Found it Cheap compare to Monthly-Supplies
  • My Penis looks Huge plus Muscular & Veiny
  • Exercises only 20-30 Minutes: 5Days Weekly
  • John Collins sends Emails for Extra Help
  • Enhanced my overall Sexual Performance
  • Improved my Orgasms Quality + Quantity
  • After Learning it; Easy-to-Follow Routine
  • A Powerful Potential on my Erections Rate
  • I have a Healthy Penis with Better Functioning
  • My Confidence + Self-Esteem Soared to the Sky
  • Have a Straighter, Longer, & Thicker Penis
  • The Guide is mine Forever – LifeTime Access
  • Stronger Intense and Earth-quaking Orgasms
  • Diet helps me a lot with Muscle Development
  • Boosted my Overall Life + Sexual Lifestyle
  • Gained Experience on Sexual Health & Function
  • Became the True Alpha Male that Everyone Admires
  • I had 60 Days for the Money Back Guarantee

Lifestyle Weakness: 

  1. I have to follow the guide’s directions on my own with needing a little effort and commitment.
  2. At first, I kind of felt “overwhelming” thinking if it was really going to work with plenty of information to know first.
  3. Took me almost 6 months to reach the size I ever wanted. Went from 5″ 1/8 average size to 8″ 1/2 – Photo Proof right here with me!
  4. The emails that John Collins sends are more of “links” for extra help but I never went for it since I knew of what I needed from the Bible.
  5. I had to follow the proper instructions of every aspect from the “professional expert” telling me to do or else my gains would have never achieved.
  6. I have been always waking up with a morning “wood and sometimes my partner is not around to have some fun.


As I mention earlier, I’m on my own meaning there is nobody here to pat me down and make me do 20-30 minutes exercises for faster growth.

I had to go out and buy the cheap multivitamins that I needed. Oh, and this Penis Enlargement Bible is only available in PDF as an instant download right away, which I started reading the same day because John Collins sent me an email of my username and password.Penis-Enlargement-Natural-PE-Enlargement-Bible-Pe-Bible-Grow-Inches-My-Results-Consumers-Review-Not-Get-Bigger-Pills-Instant-Download-Becoming-Alpha-Male

During the progress, this man had sent me a few emails of links for if I needed the extra help of where to buy a certain product, but there was no need.

Since the first week, I couldn’t wait to start my daily routine and I bought all the vitamins/biochemicals supplements I needed from reading a few times over and over with a piece of paper to really understand the whole process correctly.

Final Verdict

Ok, so we’re at the end of my review summary from using this Penis Enlargement Bible.

I hope you enjoyed my honest review all from my personal experience and honest information on how I went from 5″ 1/8 average size to 8″ 1/2 and became to true Alpha that I am today.

I wished someone like “myself” have helped me before when I was “brainwashed” from all the “Get-Bigger-Pills” ads to add inches in penis size by a single pill, and as we all know, it’s all false hyped claims.

All male enhancement does is help fix sexual problems such as erection impotence, helps stop premature ejaculation issues, and gain a healthier sexual life.

But for penis enlargement? Well, if you’re using a penis enlargement method, it will only “help” increase penis size by the blood flow, and that’s all!


Now since I’m here to throw you a firm hand, and if you find that you’re not going to put a little effort in reading this Penis Enlargement Bible guide a few times first to really understand on what you have to do, along with the tips and then following every aspect that John Collins explains, then remember there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you find that maybe it’s not for you.

Here’s the primary official website for you to see the real users’ videos and find out more at (

Perhaps, maybe if you want real and permanent growth in size without being committed and doing all the work to grow your size there bigger TOO, you might want to check out the Phallosan Forte system. It’s basically a 2-system approach conjunction with a vacuum and stretching at the same time. To me, it’s the “most advanced” penis enlargement method around where users out there have worn it for 6 months daily, without side effects and all it does is cause the penis tissues to expand with boosting up blood flow which adds growth size naturally. Yet, it’s definitely more expensive than PE Bible.


If you enjoyed this article, please consider sharing to help someone else. If you find something unclear or have any questions, feel completely free to contact me or throw me a comment below. I’ll make sure to get back to you ASAP.


  1. Chris says:

    Did you have any hair loss?

    • Hey Chris,

      No, not at all. I have a large penis size and still have a head full of hair. Not to mention, I do take (Nettle root capsule or better yet, 45% B-Sitosterol small capsules) for a few weeks, which is a compound from the Nettle root. I would cycle, taking a capsule daily to stop any DHT on my scalp, but ONLY when I feel like I am losing hair due to excesses amount of DHT in my scalp. That’s just what I personally do for the past years. Nothing regards the Penis Enlargement Bible.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Hugo Cilerin says:

    Man I’m torn, it’s so many options. I read your review where you said the Penis Professor was better than the PE Bible. But the PE Bible you give such rave reviews, I don’t know which one I should get. What is the biggest difference between the two? Should I get the PE Bible or Penis Professor?

    • Hey Hugo,

      Okay, sure! I personally have used the Penis Enlargement Bible program and I got great results overtime as well as others, by following by the correct procedures! Now the Penis Professor program, there are several folks out there as well sharing results of penis enlargement growth. Now they both if followed by the correct regimen/routine, we men (users) can expect penis growth in size by width and length, plus several other sexual benefits.

      Now from my point of view, the big main difference between both penis enlargement programs will be that The Penis Professor system offers more Customer Support for help if needed then the PE Bible, which the price (Penis Professor) is $20 bucks more than the PE Bible. So more support, more money!

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. Gavyn Milner says:

    So where do I go to get a digital download of the PE bible on my phone??

  4. Sahil says:

    Hello sir . I am using super growth and growth factor plus pills . Can I use penis enlargement bible also along with above mention stuff

    • Hey Sahil,

      Well,it depends since you are already using other products as you mentioned, but along with the Penis Enlargement Bible you should stick to just the exercises and helpful tips because like you said, you are already using something else.

      Now the Penis Enlargement Bible do have a list of a few supplements to help user boost up the penis enlargement process to reach maximum results.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  5. John Nittra says:

    Awsm Bro I’ve found something for enlrging Can u suggest a program to last long and improve stamina for about 30 mins

    • Hey John,

      The PeEnlargementBibile will have some tips/helpful facts to help you perform better and last longer. Therefore, the bible pretty much has everything we need to know for penis enlargement, sexual tips for improvements, etc.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  6. Andile says:

    Hey Julio

    I read the comments here and I said to myself let me not condemn something without giving it a try.
    Let’s me get this one straight! I didn’t believe that a penis can grow. I stay with my 5.15inch fully erect for a longtime. My wife was not happy with my size and our sex life in general.
    After reading the comments here I said to myself can this really be true. Are these guys real people or it’s just something to make money as always. All those question didn’t stop me trying.
    I decide to take the risk and I downloaded my p.e bible and I purchase the supplements as well.The ssupplements are not that expensive so that was a good and affordable experiment for me.
    I read p.e bible and I’m not going to lie and say I read it all cause I didn’t and I advice people to read it all and they understand it cause that cost me a week of doing wrong exercises.
    After reading it, I was more interested on length more than anything else since I was 5.15inch fully erect, I don’t even want to mention it when it’s flaccid because it just disappear.
    When I started with my exercises and taking my supplements as well as my whey protein I started to notice something on the second week! My erection was rock hard, I mean under the skin you’ll see rock hard penis and that was the first thing. When it was that erect it looked even smaller. I didn’t pressure myself checking the growth now and then because I didn’t want to be disappointed so I just enjoyed exercising and taking my required supplements and protein.
    On week 4 without that week I did exercises the wrong way I decided to measure myself and I didn’t expect anything. To my suprise I was 6.01inch fully erect. I was like could this be true, penis can really grow? I didn’t want to measure until I finish week 10 because they say before week 10 you can gain a little, but the real growth start to happen after week 10.
    Now I’m in week 6 and I’m 6.02inch.I’m still going strong and my wife is happy with our sex life. There’s this smile on her face every time we finish having sex.

    Guys I’m so excited and I gain 0.06 in 4 weeks. Now I know it can be done. My goal is just an inch and I believe now it’s a possible goal.
    Thank you guys for the reviews because they really push me.

    • Hey Andile,

      Wow, thanks for taking your time and explaining everything you have experienced. That was a great read here, which I’m glad you gain real growth within just the first 10 weeks as well and I urge you to continue doing what your doing, where sooner or later your results will come incredible with results of inches. Thanks for sharing, which could help many other real users out there as well about the PeEnlargementBible.

      I Believe You,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  7. Demi says:

    Hey Julio

    Great site! Just a quick question, as recommended in the PE Bible I do the stretches during the week and give me penis a rest on weekend. But I was wondering should you still take the supplements and protein shake as well on your days off? Or should you also give your body a rest from them as well until you start your exercises again on Monday? Can’t see it written anywhere in the book.


    • Hey Demi,

      Yes, that’s what I actually did. Stretched on weekdays and weekends, give it a rest. Yes, I would still take the supplements and protein shake as well on even rest days. Then after a few weeks, remember to switch the stretching and rest days around, for best results as it will shock the penis to make it grow faster and better results.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  8. corey Vaughan says:

    Can you use the peb on a smartphone or tablet

    • Hey Corey,

      Yes, since when we purchase the bible, it sends us an username and password to login, with the link to click and go from there. Which, I believe the only way to use the PEBible through the phone would be to click on that link on your first email, where it will automatically take you to where you need.

      Julio – Alpha Male

    • Brad says:

      I have been on the PE Bible for going on 5 weeks. I have notice a 3/4″ growth in girth, but have yet to see any growth in length is there anything that I could be doing wrong? How long did it take you to notice length gains?

      • Hey Brad,

        Well, I would re-read again the exercises listed on the program, there might be something wrong because not only you’ve gained growth in girth, length growth should also appear along with the results. Now regards how long, each person process varies. My results, within 4 weeks I started to notice results. However, keep up the work, you’re getting there. Let me know after you’re done with whole program, would love to hear how much more growth you have gained.

        Julio – Alpha Male

  9. HB says:

    I just purchased the PEbible, and reading your post has really triggered it. – wish me luck!

    • Hey HB,

      Sure, with my post could help many get results similar or even better to what I got when following the Penis Enlargement Bible. Come back once in a while and share with me your before-and-after results. Would love to hear on what you got !

      Julio – Alpha Male

  10. Nathan says:

    Hey man,

    Good stuff. What supplements did you took with the penis bible? I’m only sure of GenF20. Currently in Australia so probably need something that is in ebay or amazon.

    • Hey Nathan,

      Yes, GenF20 Plus is one of them, as it causes cell growth on penile tissues, and the others are at the end of the Pe bible. You should re-read it until you get everything you need to start the penis enlargement process. Some folks may need cure premature ejaculation first, then they start. Some may need to take care of erectile dysfunction first before causing their pecker to grow bigger, larger and fuller. It all depends on your current situation on what to take and what you want !

      Hope This Help,
      Julio – Alpha Male

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