Penis Enlargement Does it Work? – Not Get-Bigger-Pills

Penis Enlargement Does it Work? – Not Get-Bigger-Pills

Awesome … lucky you landed in the right place about the Penis Enlargement Bible aka Pe Bible where I’ll be showing you the real truth about penis enlargement in my review here.

No, “Get-Bigger-Pills” did not work on me.

Perhaps, I found a way to restart my Puberty stage all over again meaning we can turn the clock to our teenage years. YES!

So, penis enlargement does it work?! 

Keep Reading and I’ll show you how I finally got the results..

REMEMBER: It is NOT a gain ‘4inches in 4weeks’ scheme.. If you think that’s ever possible, then leave.


Welcome to Penis Enlargement Bible

First, let me tell you!

I was one of those guys who got hit various times by the online scam gurus and I lose lots of money.

In fact, not only many months but over 3 years trying several of those “Get-Bigger-Pills” that I can basically count on my fingers of the number of products and that’s a lot of products after months to months of using them as the recommended period of time, and unfortunately still not getting what I expected in regards to penis size growth!

Until I found out the only real way for my member here to grow is to unlock the main chains that caused my penis to grow during puberty. Basically means to restart the whole puberty stage where growth in penis size will occur.

Since I have a good heart, I am going to share and be completely honest about how it helped me finally get penis growth results and maybe it might help you too!

Reading this review you’ll probably avoid wasting your time on the use of harmful “enlargement” pills, extenders crap or penis weights and gain real growth naturally just like how I finally did it..

So, I’ll make it Clear & Simple.. read on!


Name of Guide: Penis Enlargement Bible

Official Website:

Full Price: Pe Bible + Bonuses for only $47

Overall Rate (out of 100): 98% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 2 Months

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

What Is The Penis Enlargement Bible?

Well, let me start by saying as the Title/Picture (Penis Enlargement Bible) tells us exactly what it is.

A bible with 94-page e-book/guide loaded with value and true scientific information that walked me through to show me a strategy on how to process biochemicals and nutrients in my body stream to unlock the primary chains and restart the puberty stage which caused me growth the same exact way it did during puberty.

So our main goal here is to stimulate the body to reproduce the same elevated hormone levels that are present during puberty when the penis grew naturally.

Yes, that’s right, naturally because it releases the secretion of hormones all over again!


This creative PE Bible shows me simple and effective techniques to gain more size on my member here.

I gained 2″ 1/8 inches in a little over 2 months ..

Yes, believe it or not, I thought it was a scam filled with false promises as usual until I found out that this e-book is the secret that gave thousands of men growth results as well.

This Penis Enlargement Bible with 94 pages e-book is divided into 7 chapters where all the reliable and valuable information is found nowhere else to show me everything I needed to know by covering many aspects regarding on penis enlargement, sexual function, and overall sexual health.

Pe Bible showed me the importance of daily nutrients that caused growth in my manhood. Which is everything that I needed to buy like some very cheap natural multi-vitamin supplements, natural HGH releasing supplement (GenF20 Plus) for the growth of cells that didn’t hurt my wallet all for nutrient-rich blood to flow with oxygen entering the penis tissues!

You’re probably thinking, ok after this $47 bucks I have to waste more money?Penis-Enlargement-Natural-PE-Enlargement-Bible-Pe-Bible-Grow-Inches-My-Results-Consumers-Review-Not-Get-Bigger-Pill-Instant-Download-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Well, put it like this from my personal experience.

If you buy the recommendation supplies of any penis “enlargement” product, it will be twice or 3 times more money than this effective guide + the cheap vitamins, which also might not cause growth at all such as 2-4″ inches like Pe Bible did to me..

Moreover, they seem to have so much confidence that this is the only way for us to gain growth on length and girth that they gave me a 60-day money back guarantee for as low as $47 for lifetime access, meaning I only paid 47$ once and now I have it forever!

Who Is Penis Enlargement Bible For?

Are you satisfied with the size of your tool there..?

If you are then you should exit it out because it’s not for you.

But if NO, you’re not like I was, then it mostly will be for you too!

Keep Reading

Pe Bible is backed up by video proof of actual users speaking from their own mouth and some offered to show us their results of growth from before & after videotaping. – (see user’s results here)

Yes, there are several testimonies from “real” folks out there. In fact, since I added a little over 2″ inches, it has not been 3 months yet! And I’m not done with the enlargement process .. I want more!Penis-Enlargement-Natural-PE-Enlargement-Bible-Pe-Bible-Grow-Inches-My-Results-Consumers-Review-Not-Get-Bigger-Guide-Instant-Download-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Believe it or not, when saw the growth on my cock here, it was the only time I actually believed with my own eyes to be the permanent size here of a thicker and longer meat and that probably will be the only way you will believe it as well.

But not only a decent growth I’ve gained here, my erections are long and powerful.

It helped me increase my sex drive plus improve overall sexual performance.

In fact, when I was out there trying out some of the “Get-Bigger-Pills” and thought it was growing, my confidence was high since It made me hornier throughout the day and that’s all! But now that I finally grew some size here, I can basically say that I have become the official alpha male with full maximum confidence.

Now as soon as I reach a certain size that I feel like it’s enough, I then have to stop the enlargement process.

Oh, It also teaches me how to straighten my penis when the growth is in progress. It also improved my penis health and overall sexual function.


Penis Enlargement Bible Overview

The Bad:

  1. Only saw growth results after 2 Months.Pe-Enlargement-Bible-Results-Review-Customer-User-BecomingAlphaMale
  2. I might get TOO big for my Partner. (Won’t handle me)
  3. I get very hard like a powerful erection too soon.
  4. Recommends Exercises for Faster Growth. (Exercises alone don’t Work)
  5. Won’t allow copying any information from the bible.
  6. I think my confidence might turn into cockiness.

The Good: Only $47 Once for Lifetime also included Bonuses

  • It’s very Easy to Follow for Daily Routine
  • Proven 2 step Method and actually Works
  • States to Add 2-4″ Inches (I Added 2” 1/8)
  • Instant Download right away and start Today
  • Stronger and firmer Erections to Last Longer
  • Increased my Sexual Drive & Stamina 
  • Well written detailed Info – Made it Clear 
  • My Sex Life has changed to the Better
  • No changes on my daily Behavior – Only 20-30 Minutes
  • Confidence will never be lower than whats Today
  • Teaches me so much about my Penis (Knowledge & Skills) 
  • Get-Bigger-Pills can be Harmful but Not this Bible – Safe
  • No Extenders or Penis Weights Needed – (Grows Natural)
  • Delivers more than just Penis growth – Improved Health & Function
  • I Was Able to Become the True Alpha Male that I Wanted to Be
  • Backed up by actual Users Testimonials of Video & Audio (Check out Website)
  • Comes with useful reliable and value Bonuses – Rewards
  • Includes Everything a Man needs to Known for Sexual Experience
  • &Much more with a 60 Day Money Back Guaranteed – 100% Risk Free


Since the Penis Enlargement Bible is guide/ebook, there isn’t much support because I have to follow the instructions on my own which is a very easy daily-routine from my experience here.

All it takes is 20-30 minutes of my day for 5 days only when I do the exercises along with a male enhancement lubricant (VigRx Oil), which of course is needed to perform the exercises, and therefore to keep and hold biochemicals plus the nutrients in my penis chambers for faster growth.

Exercises alone will NOT and again will not work because it only does is speed up the biochemical growth, according to the Research Leader (John Collins) on the Pe Bible.


You will need to repair your penis too with nutrient rich-blood, where he teaches me how to do that!

The bible/guide shows me how to warm up before exercises than warming down to help repair blood cells of tissues and to prepare my member here for the intense workouts.

The best part about this Penis Enlargement Bible is that if I need more fullness on my tool here than length, there are specific exercises to gain more girth for me to do and same for length or both. All exercises are for the needs of my gains. 

Research Leader (John Collins) sends me a few Emails every week for more help and advice… Yet, I’m assuming due to so many people emailing him, he stopped answering me.

This guide will not only be available in print but instant download right away which they emailed me with a username and password to log in after I paid and started the same exact day.


My Closing Thoughts + Special BONUSES

This unique Bible has pointed me to the right direction because now I have instant access to everything regards to more growth to not only target blood flow, but produce new growth cells and more knowledge on sexual function, plus improvements on overall health.

Yet, even though I have been dedicated, I only gained 2″ 1/8 inches in very short months (a little over 2 months) after trying so many of the “Get-Bigger-Pills” who claims inches from a single “pill” and saw nothing… Unreal and impossible claims, you know that too!

Meanwhile, It’s not like male enhancement pills that only does is increase blood flow to treat sexual impotence, help with premature ejaculation issues and improvements on sexual health.

In fact, this Pe Bible does show us how to fix any of these sexual problems first, which is needed to have a healthy penis before restarting the puberty stage of the enlargement process.

So now you know how the Penis Enlargement Bible helped me and maybe it can really help you out as well there, to not only grow bigger but improve your sexual health too!Penis-Enlargement-Natural-PE-Enlargement-Bible-Pe-Bible-Grow-Inches-My-Results-Consumers-Review-Not-Get-Bigger-Guide-Instant-Download-PDF-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Yes, this program/guide shows me all the natural daily nutrients that are responsible for the growth of the penis from the puberty stage where I unlocked the secretion chains, being completely natural.

Plus, until this day, I’ve faced no negative side effects except for a bigger size here, and also an unshakeable confidence and self-esteem in myself. 😉

Remember, the daily penile routine exercises are only to hold the biochemicals plus nutrients in the penis chambers.

When “Get-Bigger-Pills” I took it for several months, waited and expect it to work, jumped to another one, the same thing, then after nothing seemed to work, I didn’t know what to do.. (Shaking my head). I’ve been there, done that, tried that, trust me nothing worked.

Now the 2 bonuses that the Pe Bible program included, they give them to all of us as users and I found it very useful to me. The exercise guide Pfd and a sex guide are great for more experience in sexual relationships.

Here’s the same official website ( I got the bible/guide that made me grow 2” 1/8 inches in my sex member here for you to check it out.

REMEMBER: It is NOT a gain ‘4inches in 4weeks‘ scheme..

If somehow you end up not getting results or decide it’s not for you, well then, there’s no pressure to keep it and go get your money back within 60 days from your purchase. The question at the beginning of this review was, does penis enlargement work?

Yes and I appreciate myself for helping you discover the real ONLY way that has finally worked for me to enlarge my sexual meat here naturally and become the ultimate alpha male.

I will be more than welcome to answer any of your questions or throw me feedback on how this review has helped you get on the right path for your penis enlargement process. You can contact me or simply comment me below, I will love to hear from you!


  1. Christian says:

    Julio pebible have worked exactly as they have described man. I actually just finished my 2 month course and this is my results. I literally have gained 1 ¼ inches in my size of length. Im not sure about girth but it seems like its a little bigger as well. Bro pebbile was the only one that has worked for me. Im going to continue til I get more results that I want.

    • Hey Christian,

      Awesome. Yes, continue it and see it from there. Believe it or not, I actually used it for more than 6 months to achieve the gains I wanted. Hopefully, you will continue getting great results, so just keep doing what you’re doing, in my opinion.

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  2. James White says:

    Julio, I have spent so much money and time looking for something to get me bigger. I have wasted hundreds of dollars with many months of my time, literally no luck at all. Pe bible was my last forever and I finally saw some results. 1: I did not have side effects. 2: The ingredients are all natural 3: My penis gets extremely powered up of hard, confidence increased, love everything. I have gained literally about 1.85 inch in my penis size in 3 months. Thanks to you Julio, I would never had reached this results if it wasn’t for your articles.

    • Hey James,

      I mean, you’re not the only one who spent more money, time and effort than ever with those products out there claiming “penis enlargement”. Fantastic, I appreciate you taking your own time to share with everyone your experience and results.

      Thank You,
      Julio – Editor/Founder

  3. Kendrick Morris says:

    Julio do you remember me Ken Morris? I think we spoke on the month of October and you told me about pebible. Dude its like 4 months already and see a big difference, it looks longer and wider. My girlfriend Andrea measured me before I started and it was defiantly below 5 ‘inches at that time. And whats funny, I really didn’t believe it was possible and now, I measure myself and I’m near 7 ‘ half inches. I don’t know how you got over two inches in 2 months? Mines took me almost 4 months. Whatever, thanks and surely happy with my results. 🙂

    • Hey Kendrick,

      Yes, I think I do remember you ! Even though I’ve been helping as many guys as possible, I still remember you from when you replied to my subscription newsletter list. That’s awesome that you got incredible results ! Now, you and everyone else should be aware that within any product/program in the industry, results may vary to each individual. Some could get faster results, while others may take longer to feel and see visual results, which that was your case. Well, I actually know a few folks that got better and faster results than me !! However, thanks for expressing your full results and experience.

      Your Growth Success,
      Julio – Editor/Founder

  4. Marcio Luke says:

    Woww julio. Pebible gave me 3inch more on my dick. it looks fat, long and hard man. I love this! god bless you bro

    Marcio L

    • Hey Marcio,

      Fantastic ! That’s awesome, you’re one of many users out there that sent me a feedback regards their success with the PE Enlargement Bible. Thanks for your feedback. By the way, I’m actually going to make another review one day with just real feedbacks and comments on users’ successes. Coming soon one day !

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  5. bryan says:

    Hi. Just out of curiosity. I’m asian and would love to have a great time having a good relation. How big and long can i get to follow this website. Thanks n very hopeful.

    • Hey Bryan,

      Each person’s results will vary, meaning you can get better, faster gains than others, or it may take longer for you to see maximum gains. It will all depend on your body and how you follow the process, how you understand it by taking the right supplements/vitamins, doing the exercises as well, and of course by following the tips, advice, etc. However, it is recommend within 2 months for optimal results, and if you don’t see noticeable and visual results within 60 days as myself and many others out there did, than I would contact them for the money back.

      Enlargement Growth,
      Julio – Editor/Founder

  6. Josh Brack says:


    After 3months and 18 days, I no longer need the pe enlargement bible program anymore. I gained 2 inchs and over a inch in fullness man ! Thank you for your website reviews, I hope this growth gains is permanent ? Thanks bro, can you email me

    • Great to hear Josh. I’m glad you’re one of many as well who experienced incredible gains for penis growth. Anytime, you know I wish 3 years ago, there was at least someone like myself to had put me in the right direction. Yes, it’s been 2 months after I stop the penis enlargement process and I still have my gains from going from average size to 8″ 1/2 inches with picture proof.. No problem, I will email you right now Josh !

      Cheers, Successful
      Julio – Editor/Owner

  7. Tuberi Bolenaivalu says:

    Hi my name is Tuberi im from the fiji islands i was being brainwashed by this two supplement mojo magnum and nitro blast – X, I was just about to order when i saw this website…….so i hopped through and watched all the videos and made me wondering why should I do this naturally which I like it best……it will gradually boost my sexual stamina……I would just like to ask a question, Should we take some kind of food or tablets or some supplement together with it?…….pliz I really need a penis size enlagement so that i dont feel ashamed in our rugby locker room or even dont feel embarased when in the bed room with my girlfriend……I feel so overwhelmed and confident with the words of john collins that YEAH it takes time to grow…….yet what makes me drive to this is you have witnessed it yourself well I will give it a shot on this method. I thought there wasnt any method at all in enlarging penis and im always feeling embarased when others have longer and bigger penis than me especially when Im in the toilet to pea………well I will give this a try…….so how should I order?, ………well I wont thank you yet to my fullest but wait for 2 to 3 months if it works i will thank you a million times………….looking forward…….ive got the email address when i recieve my master card from the bank I will order.

  8. steven says:

    I have not been happy with my penis size all my life it has affected my confidence will this book help me increase?

    • Hey Steven,

      Well, it was the only program that actually helped me and several others out there .. If you follow the correct details/tips on what to do than yes, you can achieve considerable size too, boost up your self-esteem, treat any sexual dysfunction issues plus it taught me on how to experience a better sexual lifestyle. The guide provides the Do’s and Don’t Do’s, many tips, solution to cure premature ejaculation, treat erectile dysfunction and of course the penis enlargement growth than how to stop the puberty stage. In my personal opinion, it’s the best choice till this day and age brotha. Here’s the same official PE BIBLE website that I got and if you want to stop by real quick and check it out yourself, maybe it’s for you as well.

      For Your Sexual Life,

  9. christian says:

    2 questions… umm are the results permanent? and how big can you grow it?

    • Well, it’s been more than a month & half that I stopped the enlargement process and my growth size haven’t changed meaning the gains is here bro. How big can you grow it? Every person’s body chemistry is different than others, some might gain faster results than others or might take longer than usual. All I had to do was follow the guide/tips until we reach your desire size as well. Hope this helps, Christian.

      Lifetime Growth,

  10. Yondaime says:

    hey just to let you know i that ordered the bible and wish me luck

    • As long as you read the whole e-book and actually understand what you need and what to do, then you’re going to be fine especially by learning many aspects of growth, impotence, etc.

      For your Success,

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