Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual – Maybe It’s a Scam? Must See

Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual – Maybe It’s a Scam? Must See

A male enlargement program claims to increase penis size up to 3″ full inches with just doing certain exercises for penile growth.

The Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual states to actually heighten up inches in a “quickly, effectively, and permanently” procedure for both length and girth.

But can that really happen?

Well, let’s find out what the program’s background is all about.

Keep reading!Penis-Enlargement-Exercise-Program-manual-scam-review-results-ken-increase-enlarge-penis-size-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male


Name: Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Unknown

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Refund Policy: 8 Weeks 100% Money Back Guarantee 

What’s This Program About?

Instead of taking male enlargement pills, using traction extenders, penis pumps, enhancement patches – you name it, the Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual promotes that with their exercise routines, you will gain a longer, wider penis.

The official website states that it’s all simple and completely natural techniques.


They also claim to enhance libido function, sexual stamina and control better in a sexual performance.

A healthier sexual lifestyle and satisfaction should improve as well when following the program.

However, not all penis enlargement programs around can actually achieve massive growth as they promise, by 1-3″ inches.

Read more!

This male program does state to have “Medical Practitioners” who recommends it, but no background from none of these medical experts.

Yes, the official website includes testimonials from consumers who claim to increase penis size dramatically, when using this “Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual”.

In fact, reading through their webpage, we find only “hyped-up” content promoting to change overall sexual lifestylewithin a short time“.

The author tells us his story on how he failed lack of confidence since he explains that his manhood was an average size, which now he actually grew it to a lot bigger and gained a “huge” penis.

How Does It Work?

According to the creator of this Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual, it’s the complete package designed from “scientifically research”.

The male penis carries 3 chambers and 2 of them are the Corpora Cavernosa, and when we men become sexually aroused, the brain sends a signal to the pump and fill in these chambers with maximum blood.

What happens next is, the penis becomes in an erect state (erection) and by doing exercises on these chambers, it allows them to hold extra blood, which results in for bigger, and stronger tool as what they claim.Penis-Enlargement-Exercise-Program-manual-scam-review-results-ken-increase-enlarge-penis-size-guarantee-becoming-website-alpha-male

They also mention that this program has techniques on how to exercise the PC Muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) to help hold on to ejaculation and maintain a firmer erection.

Of course, men who were to use this program will need to add effort to actually gain size results by just using your own bare hands.

Yes, that’s all they explain on how it works, nothing not too specific in my opinion.

What Are The Promises?

Well, one of the testimonies at the official webpage who is the “editor” of the content, states to gain 2.7″ inches in length and up to 0.9 in girth in less than 6 months.

Is that really true?

We actually could not find any real” and actual customer user’s review outside the website to state their results or experience.

Yes, size does matter, but it’s not everything because a larger pecker, the owner needs to produce more blood for functioning well to satisfy both himself, plus a partner.

Nobody wants a small and weak penis, so basically, this exercise program claims its for you to gain a bigger, stronger and harder penis.

Folks who were to use this penis enlargement program should experience firmer, harder and longer-lasting erections since it teaches how to control ejaculation before releasing it.

Claims to actually straighten the penis curvature, known as the Peyronie’s Disease.

It should fix impotence in men to enhance a better sexual lifestyle.

States to increase libido levels and sexual drive to function better in a sexual intercourse.

Even though they have many promises, the official website mentions gaining permanent results with stimulating pleasure and satisfaction.

Overall self-esteem and confidence should improve as well.



  • Heightens up Length up to 3″
  • Claims to Add Girth Gains
  • Achieve Harder, Firmer Erections
  • Should be Completely Natural
  • States to cause no Side Effects
  • Increases Sex Drive & Function
  • Improves Libido Levels as Well
  • Claims to Fix Penis Curvature
  • Sexual Satisfaction + Pleasure
  • Promotes Permanent Results
  • Builds up Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • 8 Weeks Money Back Guarantee


  1. Hyped-up content and seems unrealistic, where the editor gained 2.7″ inches by only doing “exercises” alone.
  2. No male enhancement pills or nothing to actually increase blood flow to the penis tissues to help for growth.
  3. There’s is no proof from the “Medical Practitioners” or any professional’s background to back up the claims of adding size.
  4. Penile exercises are the same as bodybuilding exercises. We can exercise all year-long and without a supplement, no dramatically results will achieve.
  5. Failed to show before-and-after pictures for we as users to have more faith on this program.
  6. It seems to be a “normal/regular” person who conducted the exercises claiming to gain size results, but no background of who this man actually is.
  7. It’s not available for users in the USA or any other country since the price tag is ‘ N3,000 ‘.
  8. Not enough information of how it actually works, but only exciting-content to get folks to buy his “program“.
  9. Seems like a scam to me!?

Customer SupportPenis-Enlargement-Exercise-Program-manual-scam-review-results-ken-increase-enlarge-penis-size-money-back-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

According to the creator so-called “Ken”, he states that its the package solution for every aspect on penis growth and men’s sexual life, where he actually mention to be an “affordable” price.

As he explains, folks will only pay once and have the program for a lifetime, but the only way to get in contact with him is through email.

The “medically approved” statement, we are unable to find any resources on their official website and no actual consumers were found to mention their improvements when following this “program“.

Yes, the money back guarantee is for only 2 months, where other higher-quality programs such as the PenisAccess or PenisHealth system carries a 6-month refund policy for all users.

My Closing Opinions

I wouldn’t hesitate to call this “Penis Enlargement Exercise Program Manual” a scam.

How come?

As you now know, there is no phone number to contact this person, no proof of nothing, such as this Ken’s background with a picture or any scientifically proof provided at the official website.

To me, it seems that all this guy wants, is to make some money and he mentions to only order in “Naira”.

Last but not least, how can the penis achieve massive gains of up to 3″ inches by just doing exercises, which is the same as adding lean muscle.

Think about it real quick!

if you have no supplementation or no strict solid and clean diet, it makes it very hard to develop significant results of gains, such as muscle mass.

So by only doing just “exercises” alone, I really can’t see how “inches” can occur.


But I’m not done!

Since you’re here to find about penis enlargement, I will show how I added growth size of inches.

Yes, believe it not, I reached 3″ full inches, but I had to take vitamins and natural supplements to restart the puberty stage all over again.

The researcher leader (John Collins) recommends in his scientific bible for all men to do penile exercises as well.

But, he explains in sincere details that all exercises will do, is hold the biochemicals and nutrients in the penis for the faster growth.

Which, he was right because I gained real growth in my member here being completely permanent and natural.

In fat, I will throw you my review to find out more of my penis enlargement success.


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