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Penis Growth Guide – Is It Really a Scam? Must See Review


Penis Growth Guide – Is It Really a Scam? Must See Review

With many types of penis enlargement books/guides and programs, we found a Penis Growth Guide to enlarge the size of your member in a complete natural way.

The creators of this so-called “guide” promotes to either gain inches or get the full money back within weeks.

However, it might not be “legit” so this review should tell you if it’s a scam or not.

Scroll down to read and find out!Penis-Growth-Guide-scam-male-enlargement-system-before-and-after-results-false-fake-program-legit-review-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Guide: Penis Growth Guide

Official Website: www.PenisGrowthGuide.com

Minimum Price: Instant Download – $47.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Within Weeks

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Penis Growth Guide ?

A “simple and effective” guide who claims by following their system, users can expect bigger, larger erections from growth.

Not only the male organ enlargement, but increase stamina, build up confidence levels, and several other benefits as well.

They do have an official website who offers to show success stories from actual customer users with no background of pictures but only statements where I personally believe the creators fabricated these testimonies.

Yet, they highly claim “over 200,000 satisfied clients” with a (success rate of 98%) have achieve real and permanent growth size.

According to Penis Growth Guide, the program was introduced a few years ago but we can’t find any sources other than their main website.

How Does It Work? 

This Penis Growth Guide promotes to teach step-by-step on how to strengthening the penis “soft muscles” of tissues to achieve permanent gains.

The makers mention that their techniques can cause immediate results. But how?

Keep reading !

As the primary webpage explains, we men would have to train the “two-layer connective tissue called the Tunica Albuginea” where it should lead to more blood flow and results of bigger, larger member size.

In a completely natural way, the techniques will break down the cell walls to allow more blood to enter.Penis-Growth-Guide-scam-male-enlargement-system-before-and-after-results-false-fake-program-legit-review-website-becoming-alpha-male


In fact, they compared the penis soft tissues to body muscle development on training and exercise the muscle group for results of gains.

First all I would need to do is learn the correct ways than use my bare hands to perform techniques.

Yes, they shared that there is no need of any other methods such as a pill, cream (lubricant) or nothing.

Other than that, no explanation was given on how the whole Penis Growth Guide system works.

What Are The Expectation Results?

For those who were to buy this penis enlargement system, by following the guide, they should achieve growth size of inches causing these lifetime and permanent results.

They mention that it’s 100% safe causing no damage or negative side effects on your manhood.

Penis Growth Guide added to improve stronger, harder and larger erections.

Should boost up sexual stamina, and sex drive for a better performance in a sexual activity.


Users can experience a higher satisfaction rate and sexual pleasure plus height up confidence levels.

This program also states to improve overall penis health such as tips on how to stop premature ejaculation issue, etc.



  • Claims to Add Inches in Size
  • Mentions Girth Gains
  • All Natural Techniques
  • Gain Stronger, Bigger Erections
  • Increases Sexual Stamina
  • Promotes Pleasure + Satisfaction
  • Should cause No Side Effects
  • Only need the Hands to Perform
  • Instant Download right Away
  • Claims a Success Rate of 98%
  • Improves Penis Health, & Function
  • States a 60 Day Refund Policy


  1. The “success stories” are only statements but no videos or images for proof of before and after growth results.
  2. The website seems to only boost up visitor’s mind with only gaining inches but no exact explanation on how it works and many other value info.
  3. No professional endorsement or any medical doctors approval.
  4. Failed to have a phone dialing to contact them for more information but only via Email.
  5. Mentions “over 200,000 satisfied clients” but not one was found. – Misleading ads
  6. No proof of any scientific data to demonstrate the guide’s effectiveness.
  7. Who are the creators of this Penis Growth Guide? – Unknown background
  8. We actually only found the official website to have the system and no other website promotes it.
  9. Is it a scam? Maybe.


Penis Growth Guide is only available to instant download it in PDF format and the good thing, they won’t send anything to your door as explained.

Privacy payments?

Does not say anything about the text on credit-card transaction printout.

Yes, they highly promote a 2 month money back guarantee so if it doesn’t live up to its claims, there is a 100% refund policy with no questions asked.

Final Outcome

Okay, so after reading this review, we know that they failed to demonstrate any specific studies or structure to back up the claims.

We actually found nothing for proof.

With so many red flags and no web-based sources found, this Penis Growth Guide seems like one of those scams online from my personal experience.

No phone number provided, nor neither the maker’s background if it’s a company or a single person who created the guide.

There are many questions to answer in order to go for the guide.

Seems like it’s just a webpage claiming to gain up to 2-3″ inches in penis size since there is no exact explanation on how it actually works.


In fact, we have come across a few exercise programs online and the Penis Enlargement Bible some natural herbal pills or vitamins/supplements to boosts up maximum blood flow.

With performing the penile exercises conjunction with both really cheap enhancers, you can expect penis growth overtime.

However, just exercises alone makes it hard to believe that it will work.

For those of you who don’t know, I have used the Penis Enlargement Bible before to gain some real and permanent gains.

Yes, it was the only one that actually worked on my manhood here.

You might want to find out more about the Pe-Penis-Enlargement-Bible-enlarge-size-increase-natural-no-extender-no-method-becoming-alpha-malePenis Enlargement Bible instead of the Penis Growth Guide, so check out my review here.


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