Penis Health Program – Review Of Penis Exercises – Must See

Penis Health Program – Review Of Penis Exercises – Must See

We have done reviews on all types of male enhancement pills to penis extender devices, patches, pumps, etc, but we found a penis enlargement program so-called “PenisHealth“.

They present that we as men, won’t need the use of no type of penis enlargement methods to increase penis size, but only perform techniques from using our bare hands.

Why is that?

Well, It’s a penis exercise program to teach the techniques, skills, and knowledge on overall penis aspect.

Yes, keep reading!Penis-Health-Program-exercises-penis-erections-gains-review-results-how-it-works-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Guide/Product: Penis Health™

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Silver Package – $54.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 78 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Refund Policy: 6 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee 

What Is Penis Health™ Program?

Why use any penis enlargement method? When this male program who goes by the name of (PenisHealth) claims to add real growth size on your member !?

But apparently, not just growth size but several features as well, such as strengthen erections quality for firmer, stronger and hardness erect state penis.

According to PenisHealth program’s official website, it’s an “instant access to techniques“, where ten thousands of men online have become a member of this program.

They share to have over 300+ quality videos and pictures from real members and I can get started today if I were to buy this penis enlargement program.

PenisHealth system does promote that it’s “medically backed” to actually gain erectile power and add size.

The (Permenda Ltd) company who introduced this program to the male enhancement market, offers to show a doctor’s background from a clinical psychology known as (Dr.Michael A.Carter) where this professional expert recommends PenisHealth program to Penis-Health-Program-exercises-doctor-penis-erections-gains-review-results-how-it-works-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-maleall his patients.

According to the webpage of PenisHealth, this penile exercise program has been on the industry since 2002. which its more than a decade for all men to achieve their desired results when following this enlargement system.

Penis Health™ Is For?

Of course, the benefits that PenisHealth claims is to add real gains on men’s manhood, without penis enlargement surgery, extension device or any male enhancement pills.

For those who don’t know, those claiming-to-be some “Get-Bigger-Pills“, cannot possibly add permanent growth alone.

This PenisHealth program mentions starting with only 8 minutes a day to achieve size growth.

The official website actually does have before-and-after-pictures for proof that it works.

Stronger, harder erections should be on demand when following this system to heighten up length and girth size. We found a chart sheet where users get to use the forum page to track their results.

But not only that!


According to them, they teach techniques to decrease premature ejaculation issue, and what’s that?

You know when you enter a sexual intercourse and before you know it, your member ejaculates/releases it without gaining satisfaction on both you plus your partner, which makes sex less fun and enjoyable.

Well, that’s Premature Ejaculation is!

Orgasms should become more powerful and more pleasurable.


They claim to improve sex drive to be able to perform better during any sexual activity.

PenisHealth program states it’s an effective solution to even correct the curvature and straighten the penis for those suffering from the Peyronie’s Disease.

Apparently, this program shares to improve penis function, health, and overall size.

How Does It Work?

Yes, I would have to put effort and follow the exercises routine with using just my own bare hands.

This is how the erection works!

When we men are sexually aroused, the brain releases a hormone to send blood flow to the erectile chambers, which causes these Corpora Cavernosa (2 erectile chambers) to fill with blood and an erection occurs, meaning a hard erect state penis.

According to PenisHealth official website, by exercising causes an increasing capacity on the erectile tissues to hold more blood in results for bigger erections of more girth and length.

It should strengthen the penis and allow to have the ability to control ejaculation.

This PenisHealth program states to have over 30+ penile exercises to teach exactly how to do it the right way by audio voice and videotaping of a “real” penis for all types of levels, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

But not only videos, they share to have photos with step-by-step of details for what to do and achieve results.

The website carries expert tips and advice for a better experience from a large number of advanced members.

However, folks won’t actually need to be dedicated since I would only start exercising for only 8 minutes 3 times a week, and improvements should occur within 2 weeks, as they claim.



  • Claims to add Real GainsPenis-Health-Program-exercises-penis-erections-gains-review-results-how-it-works-does-it-work-300-pictures-videos-becoming-alpha-male
  • Strengthens Erectile Tissues
  • Increases Sexual Drive
  • States its Safe & Easy-to-Do
  • Pay only Once – Lifetime Access
  • VideoTaping & Audio Voice
  • Before-&-After Pictures of Results
  • Instant Access – Start Today
  • Helps with Peyronie’s Disease
  • Better + Enjoyable Sex Life
  • Improves Ejaculation Control
  • Doctor Endorsement – Backup
  • Teaches how to Cure Weak Bladder
  • Harder, Stronger & Firmer Erections
  • Over 300+ Videos for Exercises
  • The program has a Member Forum
  • Gain Stronger & Powerful Orgasms
  • Improves Overall Penis Health + Function
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk-Free


  1. The program does not carry any “male enhancement” pills or cream to actually help increase blood flow for faster results.
  2. From my personal experience, 8 minutes 3 times a week only is not enough to actually achieve incredible gains.
  3. According to our sources, one of the members mentions to have a “mac” computer and it won’t allow watching the videos since it’s in “windows media format”.Penis-Health-Program-exercises-penis-erections-gains-review-results-how-it-works-does-it-work-money-back-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male


Since there are about 34 exercises for members to do, each exercise should have 3 videos to watch and up to 6 step-by-step photos for all men of any age.

Folks getting the complete package, comes with a DVD for extra help and several other bonuses, such as a seduction secrets e-book, email help with 24 hour response time, etc.

The forum access?

A good thing is that members can learn from other expert’s experiences and can ask any questions for advice plus tips.

Yes, PenisHealth program is covered with a 6-month money back guarantee, where it makes it plenty of time to achieve great gains since I could join this instant-access program immediately.

Review Summary

Ok, PenisHealth website might have over 30 exercises to do, but as their recommendation to only performing for 8 minutes a day 3 times a week, it’s not enough to see great gains within a short period of time from my personal experience.

How do I know?

I have been following a similar program due to the exercise process, but different because the Penis Enlargement Bible is a complete program to actually teach me many aspect regards on penis growth, penis function, and sexual health.

It’s not only about exercises, but many other aspects to improve my sexual lifestyle.

However, this unique Bible explains that penis enlargement growth only occurs when I release the secretion of puberty hormones all over again, where I learned what vitamins/supplements that I needed to take.

And exercises?

The research leader (John Collins) explains very clearly that exercises alone will not enlarge penis size significantly because all it does is hold the nutrients and biochemicals in the penis for faster growth if following his program correctly.

In fact, he mentions doing exercises for 20-30 minutes 5 times a week, where I actually gained more than 3″ inches in 6 months.



  1. Logan says:

    Hey Julio I just came across your site and was wondering if you’ve heard of Tom Candows Penis Enlargement Remedy course and if so what are your thoughts on it.. also Im interested in permanently increasing my penis size (girth and length) not because I’m small but because I think it would be awesome to have a larger penis and maybe help a bit more with self confidence. In your opinion what would be the most effective penis enlargement program.. my goal is about 1”- 1.5” in length and .75”- 1” in girth


    • Logan says:

      I also forgot to mention I’m only looking for programs where all I have to use it my hands to acquire my desired size, I’m not interested in pumps or extenders or anything else that requires more than good old manual labour
      – thanks

    • Hey Logan,

      Yes, I have seen this course before, and from what I know, it’s not different from other so-called “penis enlargement courses” out there.

      And you mentioned which one is the best program for you to increase more size and growth, well check out the Penis Professor program because they show before and after HD videos, incredible customer support, there is proof of evidence from before and after photos that we all can grow bigger, larger and thicker within just a few weeks-months. Click here to check out my review and go from there !

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

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