Penis Manual – By Just Doing Exercises, Penis Can Grow Up 1-4″ Inches?

Penis Manual – By Just Doing Exercises, Penis Can Grow Up 1-4″ Inches?

Penis Manual promotes that it’s for those who are not happy with their size, which I know they are millions of men worldwide because I was actually one of them.

According to them, this exercise program is easy and simple with no need to use “drugs or any equipment“.

However, just by doing exercises alone, can the penis actually grow naturally?

Well, Penis Manual claims it can grow “inches”, so you’re at the right place to know everything.


Name of Guide/Product: Penis ManualPenis-Manual-exercise-program-penis-enlargement-guide-increase-penis-size-enlarge-gains-becoming-alpha-male

Official Website:

Price: Guide + Bonuses – $47

Overall Rate (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

What Is Penis Manual™?

It’s a penis enlargement exercise program to teach all men on how to do manual exercises and achieve “permanent” gains on length and girth on penis size.

The official website of this male guide highly claims to enlarge penis by up 1-4″ inches with just exercises and no type of penis enlargement method involved, such as “get-bigger-pills“, penile surgery, penis pump, or weights – you name it.

As they explain, it’s a “proven formula“, which I’m assuming that they have a professionally licensed expert to approve this guide.

Yet, the Penis Manual official webpage does not have any endorsements from anyone or a structure to back up the “proven formula” statement.

Penis Manual is an online guide for instant access to log in and be able to see the performance of the exercises any time of the day.

According to them, most partners prefer real penises that are between 7.25″ and 7.75″ inches in length and 6″-7″ in girth size.

So what an average penis size?

The average is between 5″ to 5.75″, and believe it or not, most partners consider as not the best size!

Yes, I actually was one of the average crowd where my confidence and self-esteem was low due to a not-so-great satisfied size.

My member here was exact 5″ 1/8 in an erect state and believe it or not, now I am around 8″.75, which is considered as a large member.

How Do Penis Manual™ Works?

The creator of this exercise system shares that folks would only need to use your own hands to perform the techniques and of course, some time to actually do them for penis enlargement.

They mention that it doesn’t matter about the size of your manhood, you can increase it significantly with their process.

Keep reading!

Even though the male organ is not a muscle, the penis tissues are made of “50% soft muscle“, as they explain.

According to the Penis Manual website, they mention that the penis has its own mind, which is why we men can’t control it to get it in erect state or down.

The nervous system controls it, meaning we can’t force the penis to create an erection.

So how does it actually become in an erect state?

When we get sexually aroused, the brains release a hormone to send a sign to the body and it sends an amount of blood flow to the penis chambers of tissues.

Then, the penis closes a gate and allow to fill in the penis chambers, which leads to creating an erection, if you’re not suffering from erectile dysfunction.

What Are The Claims Of Following the Penis Manual ?

A bigger, longer and larger penis, since they claim that their penis enlargement system will help you grow your member not just in the erect state, but in flaccid as well.

They mention to increase ejaculation potential for powerful orgasms and help reduce the premature ejaculation.

This Penis Manual Penis-Manual-exercise-program-penis-enlargement-guide-increase-penis-size-enlarge-gains-benefits-becoming-alpha-maleprogram should get you back to a great sex life since it fixes sexual impotence by reaching “powerful rock-hard erections“, plus improve penis health.

However, the creator of this guide shares that it shows you how to increase the penis-head size as well and give it muscular-looking tool.

Improvements in sexual performance, such as increasing sexual stamina.

Should boost up confidence for a happier and healthier sex life.

In fact, this Penis Manual states to improve and change your overall sexual life for the better.

According to them, its packed up with many information and secrets regards penis enlargement, plus sexual function.

They mention that it’s all proven and safe techniques being completely effective.



  • Increase penis Size in LengthPenis-Manual-exercise-program-penis-enlargement-guide-increase-penis-size-enlarge-gains-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male
  • Girth Size for a Thicker Penis
  • Enhances Sexual Stamina
  • States its Safe & Effective
  • Increase Ejaculation Potency
  • Need only Hands & Time
  • Shares Proven Techniques
  • Gain up to 4″ Inches – Huge
  • Fixes Premature Ejaculation
  • Treats Sexual Impotence
  • Rock-hard Powerful Erections
  • Improve Sexual Lifestyle
  • Claims a 60 Day Refund Policy


  1. Promotes to have “proven” techniques, but no doctor recommendation or approval provided.
  2. Failed to show any before-&-after pictures of the 1-4″ inches in gains. – Sounds impossible.
  3. The whole website only promotes hyped-up information, which seems to only get folks to buy the “manual”.
  4. There is no supplement of any type of male enhancement included, such as pills, patch or lubricant formula to increase blood flow and help the enlargement process.
  5. No details information on how it works. The only thing they said was to use your own hands and have “some time“.
  6. We have not found any other website to even promote this “Penis Manual” or anything about it.
  7. No reviews from the actual performer, who used this male system to actually enlarge penis size, since they mention “hundreds of men” used it.
  8. Sounds like a scam!?

Closing Opinions

Since there is no specific details on how it works, no proof of nothing, such as an expert to approve this Penis Manual, plus no results graph or none of the “hundreds of men” was found, I wouldn’t mind calling this stuff a scam.

Perhaps, use your logical mind and think of it as a muscle!

How can a muscle (penis) grow dramatically by just doing exercises alone without the help of nothing, meaning no enhancer?

If it was that easy and simple, every man would be walking around with a large penis.

No, I am not a “scientist” or any professional to express my knowledge, but I’m smarter than falling for a scam item because of the hyped-up content, it seems like all they want is your money in my personal opinion.

Since you read the whole review and previously, remember I mention about my penis enlargement results?

Well, the program that I am about to show you, the researcher as a “genius” claims that exercises alone will not grow your penis because all it does is allow the ingredients of a supplement/vitamins to hold in the penis tissues for faster growth.

What does that mean?

I used the Penis Enlargement Bible, where the researcher leader John Collins taught me how to release the hormones that caused the penis to grow during puberty.

Yes, conjunction with the penile exercises, allowed me to grow more than 3″ inches, but it did take me a little longer than 6 months.



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