Penomet Penis Pump – Before and After Review – Must-See-Here

Penomet Penis Pump – Before and After Review – Must-See-Here

We actually did a review on a water-based pump (BathMate) to enlarge the sexual member of every man, then we found this Penomet where it might be an effective method due to consumers mentioning.

So, is this Penomet pump better than BathMate?

This review should explain about which one is better since they both are the top rated best penis water-pump out there.Penomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-does-penomet-really-work-kit-becoming-alpha-male

Name of Product: Penomet Pump

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Penomet Standard – $127.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 98 Points

Recommended Period Usage: At Least 2 Months

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Is Penomet?

Lately, in the recent years, scientists developed the Penomet water-pump to be safer than any other pump methods in the industry.

And according to them, it should be more effective as well which “air-pressure” pumps can be dangerous if we put too much pressure onto the penis chambers.

According to product’s label, they promote that this penis pump is a unique method where this “highly effective” system will enlarge penis size by increasing up to 3″ full inches in length and 30% in girth.

They do mention that this Penomet pump is comfortable and 100% safe. Also, I was told that this product has thousands of feedbacks from real customer users who gained results so keep reading to find out their gains.

According to Penomet official website, this method of pump is “backed by more than 2 years of real-life testing” and they actually offered to show certificates of several organizations who have tested this quality product.

The manufacturer (UPL DISTRIBUTION, LLC) is based in Switzerland and this Penomet penis pump won many awards for “the best new male enhancement device in 2013” since it’s the solution to add size for all men.Penomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-does-penomet-really-work-Test-becoming-alpha-male

This scientifically proven method claims to
increase length and girth in a short period of time with less effort.

How Does Penomet Works?

Penomet is an “AquaSystem” to exercise the penis while taking a bath/shower and like every other penis pumps available, it’s a vacuum device made of medical grade silicon to be a high-quality product.

So, how does it work?

All I would have to do is enter the penis inside the cylinder tube and start pumping with one hand where the volume of water will add pressure to the erectile chambers for blood rushing through the Corpora Cavernosa (penis chambers) to create a hard erection.

According to the company of Penomet, this water-pump promotes to achieve permanent “gains up to 65% faster” than regular/basic penis pumps.

For Who Is It For?

What is the size of your alpha member there?

If my penis was still an average penis size which it was actually less than 6″ inches, then Penomet claims it’s for me and all men who’re not satisfied with their size.

They mention that by the first month, I should achieve “permanent” results where the claims are to increase erections potency, helps fix a curve penis known as a Peyronie’s Disease meaning when the penis chambers are not straight due to a high percentage of bending or curve.

They shared that not only I should gain real growth size, but my overall confidence should fly up the roof with several improvements.

Penomet added to decrease the premature ejaculation issue as well and what’s that, you may ask me?

For the ones who don’t know, it’s when we men cum faster than we normally do. Meaning as soon as you enter a sexual activity, you release it very quickly without stimulating pleasure and satisfaction in yourself plus your partner.

This quality water-pump should enhance sexual stamina as well for longer sexual activities and they mention to decrease sexual impotence.

If I was suffering from not being able to reach a hard erection, Penomet should be the solution to create stronger erect state penis by heightening up inches in size, according to official website.

How To Use It?Penomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-does-penomet-really-work-Systtem-becoming-alpha-male

This exercise penis tool carries a pressure-setting system for the ability to increase the rate effectively on the inside and outside, without much effort when using the pump.

Penomet states to be simple and easy. It should only take about 60 seconds with a few steps to start the exercise session.

As the official website explains, first I would choose the detachable pressure-gaiter setting where the full kit comes with several setting pressure of a total of 5 gaiters.

Then, I would apply the gaiter to the cylinder, fill it with water and add it over the penis and they state to “gently” pump the Penomet a few times to get started.

I would have to be relaxed and comfortable where each session should be done once per day for 5 days and only 15-20 minutes of re-pumping it while taking a bath/shower or they said I can use it on its own as well.

Of course, they suggest starting with the less force of gaiter to add pressure on the penis chambers.

By the time I’m done with an exercise session, I should notice results immediately such as my penis should look and feel bigger, thicker and longer. Yes, they claim that by the first month I should see permanent size results from using this “scientifically proven” method.


Overview Structure


  • Harder,Stronger & Bigger ErectionsPenomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-kit-does-penomet-really-work-becoming-alpha-male
  • Add Inches in Length for Longer Size
  • Boost Overall Confidence + Self-Esteem
  • Increases up to 30% for a Thicker Penis
  • Can choose whatever Cylinder color I Like
  • Claims it’s completely Safe – No Side Effects
  • Easy-To-Use – Get Started with 60 Seconds
  • Promotes to give Permanent & Real Results
  • The kit comes with 5 gaiters of Pressure-Settings
  • Only 15-20 Minutes for 5 Days – Effortless
  • Professional Website for better & Clear Vision
  • Should really help fix the Peyronie’s Disease
  • Increases Sexual Stamina For longer-Duration
  • Claims to help stop the Premature Ejaculation
  • Scientifically Proven Water-Pump Method
  • High-Quality of Medical Grade Silicon – Cylinder
  • Covers a Lifetime Gaiter Replacement Warranty
  • Helps Decrease and Prevent Sexual Impotence
  • Real Before & After Results Was Found – Proof it Works
  • Carries a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk-Free


  1. The Penomet official website only shows Certificates but no results structure for more proof even though we found “real” consumers claiming their results.


Customer Support/Guarantee

The Penomet water-based pump is covered with a 60-day money back guarantee and if somehow it does not meet my expectation, the company states that I will be entitled to a 100% full refund of the purchase only.

Like the BathMate (water-pump as well), they both exclude the shipping/handling fee for the full refund policy.

Penomet water-system method states to delivery the shipping package within 3 days of purchase. In fact, they do ship internationally where it can take up to 3-7 business days to get the delivery box.

On credit card, the statement will appear as the product’s company name. They use the Paypal payment method, which is a trusted platform that millions of people use

Final Verdict

According to our sources, we were able to find a few online forums from “real” men who used this penis-pump device and there are several before and after results where they actually added “permanent” gains.

Do I think Penomet is better than BathMate?

Well, BathMate does have more red signs found that this pump and that fact that Penomet carries the complete kit with 5 gaiters for different pressure if you think about it, it’s like getting 5 different pumps in one package.


According to consumers, one of them mentions “you can tell a difference in each gaiter“.

Perhaps, Penomet ( is only $3 less than BathMate pump and users also said that Penomet doesn’t cause fluid retention like Bathmate does. So without putting much effort into penile exercises, Penomet does all the work for us with a high rate of results as we see proof.


I personally believe Penomet water-based pump is much better than BathMate, with 3 years warranty which out of several pumps we’ve reviewed, Penomet gained the most points where it took the best #1 spot from the BathMate.

Do you have any question regarding this review? If so, just leave your comment below and I should get back to you within a short period of time.


  1. Reggie says:

    Does the penomet work for any penis size ? if I’m under 5 inches would the penomet be good for me

    Cause my penis length is around 5 inch close to 6 I would say 6 with a Boner

    Sometime i don’t know if I’m Measureing It correctly

    • Hey Reggie,

      Yes, it will work for you very well. It works for any penis size as long as it’s not micro penis syndrome.

      Julio – Alpha Male

      • Reggie says:

        I just got the Penomet do you have a routine I can use

        black gaiter

        • Hey Reggie,

          I would say just follow the instructions as directed on its manual. And awesome, let me know how much girth of gains and your overall results after 2-3 months of using it.

          Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Juan says:

    Do you think if i use this pump 5 days a week with a penis blood flow enhancer (taken before the session) and after the X4 Labs penis enlargement… will give me good results and faster? i have 3 months off from work and will go on a retirement place and i will have finally plenty of time to workout my penis

    • Hey Juan,

      Yes, I think if you that exactly how you’re saying, 3-6 months you’ll see results in both length and girth gains. Plus how you are combining the Penomet pump with the X4 Labs and also taking a male enhancement for extra blood flow, you can assure to expect some great fast results there. Yet, just to remind you that the longer you keep using it, the maximum results of penis size growth you’ll see.

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. victor says:

    can the single pump alone work

    • Hey Victor,

      Yes, especially this Penomet penis enlargement pump. The more you use in terms of time frame such as within 3-6 months, you should see some visually incredible penis growth, plus harder, bigger and thicker erections.

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  4. NOAH says:

    Can I know the price (amount) of Penomet Pump now? And how can I get it? I am in Nigeria (Lagos State)

    • Hey Noah,

      Ok, well I just checked the Penomet Pump official website at (, the price is the same. It goes from the single pump alone of $127 US dollars to $297 of the complete kit.

      To get it, you would have to visit their official primary website and choose the supply you want, then Add to Cart, and add all your information and they should ship it you all day in Nigeria.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  5. Chicco says:

    Confused. Does Penomet Penis Pump help for erectile disfunction for over 65 years men?

    • Hey Chicco,

      Yes, by using it regularly as directed, overtime it will keep pumping lots of blood flow to the penis chamber which will lead to help treat the erectile dysfunction issue, plus help increase penis size with all the blood flow.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  6. mike ola says:

    Hello,pls l am considering increasing my penis in length & girth .pls which product is safe for this & will the increase bé permanent cos l have so much expectation.

    • Hey Mike,

      Yes, such as this Penomet penis pump works as a pumping process for a thicker, bigger and stronger penis size. It is safe but you will need to follow the directions and instructions on how to properly use it, having causing any issue because it is an effective solution for size growth.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  7. Andrea says:

    hello using Penomet 5 times a week, integrating with virgx plus. jelquin sessions are required to get results?

    • Hey,

      Well, by using the Penomet 5 times a week and by the taking the VigRX Plus pills, you can expect incredible results within the couple weeks. Yet, you mentioned about Jelquin sessions, you can add that to your routine, will may help for faster results, but it not necessary. That’s just your choice. Cheers!

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

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