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Peyronies Device – Traction Device For Peyronies Disease Treatment Here !

Peyronies Device – Traction Device For Peyronies Disease Treatment Here !

Most traction devices focus more on penis enlargement and not the Peyronie’s Disease as often.

There are thousands of men worldwide who faces this curvature problem and The Peyronies Device main goal is to fix and correct the penile curvature due to Peyronie’s Disease or a naturally curved penis.

In fact, this method promotes that it’s the #1 medical type curvature strengthening device.

See more information on what this issue is and how this method works.


Name of Product: The Peyronies DevicePeyronies-device-review-Traction-device-for-peyronies-disease-treatment-curved-penis-the-peyronies-device-becoming-alpha-male

Official Website: www.PeyroniesDevice.com 

Minimum Price: Device Only – $259.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 92 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months Of Use

Refund Policy: 6 Months Money Back Guarantee

What Is The Peyronies Device ?

Why suffer with a bent or curved penis?

When there is a treatment to fix this problem.

The Peyronies Device promotes that it’s a quick and easy with a comfort system to straighten the penis and get you back to having great sex again.

According to them, it doesn’t matter what direction your penis bends because they mention that it’s a highly-effective device to treat any bend or curve condition.

With a curve penis, it fails to create a hard, strong erections, lack of confidence and usually causes pain plus being discomfortable as well.

Pills alone won’t help you completely treat the Peyronie’s Disease which this product comes with the full kit you’ll need.

What Is The Peyronie’s Disease ?

According to our sources, there is a difference when the penis is naturally curved or when there’s actually a “plaque” known as a lump that created inside the penis due to a scar under the penile shaft (skin) where it’s not visible.

If you have this “plaque” than you have the Peyronie’s Disease.

And either in flaccid penis or erect state, it forces your member to curve to the left,right, up or down no matter what.


This problem is a serious condition where it’s about 10% of all men are suffering from this Peyronie’s Disease.

Many researchers believe that it causes by hitting or bending the penis which bleeds in a certain location where it creates a plaque.

Even though scientists have studied the Peyronie’s Disease for more than 300 years, there is no clear information of why and how it Peyronies-device-review-Traction-device-for-peyronies-disease-treatment-curved-penis-the-peyronies-device-plaque-becoming-alpha-maleactually causes it.

They stated that the injury or trauma cannot be notice until overtime when the penis starts bending to a certain direction.

Yes, the Peyronie’s Disease can happen in men of all ages.

How Does The Peyronies Device Works?

The company of The Peyronies Device claims to design this traction device from medical materials and have been through clinically test to work and give results to treating the Peyronie’s Disease.

So here’s how it works.

They explained that consumers will use this technology for a number of hours because they developed the device to wear it in the most comfortable way which the longer you’ll use it, multiplies the cells of tissues.

According to them, they created The Perfect Grip™ system to choose the setting of the traction and grip for the quickest results.


However, the whole program comes with an Extra Strength Vitamin E Oil and Straight Again™ Massage Techniques.

To break down the plaque, they included the supplements called Extreme Amino™, Enzyme P500™ and CoQ10 Enzyme+ for the full kit of supplies.

The Peyronies Device brings several ways to grip and hold the penis for extra comfortable plus extra DVD’s showing the instruction and the usage plan.

Basically, the (Peyronies Treatment Plan) carries everything for folks suffering from this curvature problem to fix by maximum treatment.


The Features:

  • Treats the Peyronie’s DiseasePeyronies-device-review-Traction-device-for-peyronies-disease-treatment-curved-penis-the-peyronies-device-doctors-becoming-alpha-male
  • Fixes a Naturally Curved Penis
  • Claims to gain the Quickest Results
  • Promotes that its Easy & Safe
  • States “Medically Backed Up”
  • Perfect Grip™ System For Comfort
  • Carries Manual of DVD for Usage
  • Includes Vitamin E Oil to Apply
  • Will Improve Sexual Lifestyle
  • A DVD for techniques to Strengthen Penis
  • Shared to have Clinically Tested Conducted
  • Comes with Supplements to reduce the Plaque
  • Covers a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

The Downsides:

  1. At the (Medical Evidence) page, they mention to receive “immensely positive feedback from doctors across the world” but none of these doctors provided their endorsement for the product.
  2. The 40 men who participated in the test for 12 months to fix the Peyronie’s Disease, they failed to show any data or structure at their main website but only written statements.
  3. No before and after pictures for more proof of the results.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Even though the whole system have been tested from clinical studies plus the real males who participated in the trials, they failed to offer and show folks their actual results of before-&-after pictures.

Yes, they do cover up a 6 month guarantee for all users to see improvements and if it fails to straighten up your member there, than I would send it back for a full refund.

The company who supports The Peyronies Device would be the (Permenda Ltd), and they mention to have only medical materials on this extender traction method.

The official website does not state anything about discreet shipping or payment transaction’s appearance.


Final Facts

As we now know, The Peyronies Device should be for only those who are facing the Peyronie’s Disease problem or have a naturally curved (non-peyronie) penis.

They don’t say anything about penis enlargement but the Straight Again™ Massage Techniques DVD teaches consumers on how to improve erection “size“.

Yet, they mean for a harder, and stronger erect state penis since the Peyronie’s Diseases weakens the erections potential in most cases.


This DVD should also help improve ejaculation control.

The oral supplements of pills will decrease the Peyronie’s Plaque from the penis and as you do know, there is a 6 month money back guarantee.

So either a straighter penis within 6 months or the full refund. Maybe you would like to see more at The Peyronies Device www.PeyroniesDevice.com website.

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