Phallosan Forte Review – Here Are The Expected Results of Gains – Must SEE!

Phallosan Forte Review – Here Are The Expected Results of Gains – Must SEE!

Phallosan Forte who seems very popular in the male industry, have actually caught my eyes to see about the results of gains in penis size.

Especially after this video here:

We men these days, we all wish to have a bigger, larger and wider penis to at least “average size” or even above – well, me here!

Looking around everywhere online, we all know that in today’s male sexual industry, there are many types of penis enlargement methods available for us men to use or wear.

And unlike the Phallosan Forte system who seems to be a unique device, it brings a different approach of both together as a penis enlargement stretcher with a vacuum process for maximum results.

Trust me, just by looking at the main page, this male product does seem that it’s in a whole another level!

So right now at this review, we’re going to take a look at what this penis enlargement system so-called (Phallosan Forte) on what it has to offer to us men.

Follow down!


Name of Product: Phallosan® Forte

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Full Price – $339.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 98 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee 

What Exactly Is Phallosan® Forte?

Not only this device called Phallosan Forte claims to enlarge our member size, but most importantly to straightening up a curve or bend penis, known as a Peyronie’s Disease.


Folks who were to use this unique pump/stretcher method, should experience harder erections since it helps to treat the erectile dysfunction (ED) issue.

According to their primary website, it should cause “permanent growth results” in penis enlargement being completely painless, which mean it should be safe for us to use and wear it.

Yes, the company (Orbisan Ltd), where they actually provide their details on the Phallosan Forte’s primary website, they mention that it’s the most effective” special device in today’s market to give faster results than any other penis enlargement method out there.


YES, Keep reading!

How Does It Work?

The Phallosan Forte device is a “patented orthopedic belt system“, where users who would wear it, it will cause a 2-step approach by stretching the penis tissues with along combining a vacuum process (as a suction) for maximum results.

Now if you don’t know, the longer our manhood expands by stretching, the more penis tissues and cell multiplies for creating new forms of growth cells. Which results for a straighter, longer, and bigger penis size. Proof of results below;


In fact, there is actually true evidence from the Tribes that do similar stretching and elongate their body parts (lips, ears, neck, and even the penis, etc), where over time the body part will stay the way it’s stretched out.

Moreover, this Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system comes with 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and adjustment setting for increasing more pressure if needed.

According to them, the sleeve-condom is made of medical grade and non-irritating, comfortable silicone for maximum results and what it does, it holds the penis to force more blood flow to the erectile chambers all the way to the penis glans (head).

How To Wear It?

Unlike those penis extenders out there, in most cases causes slippage and loosen up, right!? Well with the Phallosan Forte system, it includes a belt to hold on to the penis with providing comfort and painless.

It should be easy and simple by just inserting our sexual member inside the condom system and apply the belt around the waist, then adjust the setting. Yes, being completely discreet and unnoticeable under clothing meaning nobody will ever notice it.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-system-device-how-to-wear-it-men-becoming-alpha-male

In fact, they actually have a variety of videos on how to use it with step-by-step instructions at the product’s official website.

Their company does mention to use it for at least 8 hours per day and up to 12 hours, again being invisible/unnoticeable when wearing it under clothing.

However, they share to have tested the device to also wear it in our sleeping cycle at night as well without a problem, plus according to them, users should be able to change the direction of wearing it every other 2 days.

Of course, it should come with instructions on how to use it properly without causing pain or discomfort.

Plus it comes with a three-way valve, where if we feel somewhat discomfort after a while from wearing it, all I would do press the valve to unloose or adjust the setting accordingly.

Phallosan Forte’s company created a unique force tension setting of what they call it “traffic light” (from red, yellow, to green), which after a while If I figure that I want to ramp up the growth process for faster results, I would then adjust the setting’s force traction level, without needing to remove the device.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-system-device-Traction-level-men-becoming-alpha-male

  • 88lb (green)
  • 87lb (green)
  • 43lb (yellow)
  • 31lb (yellow)
  • 41lb (red)
  • 61lb (red)

What Results To Expect?

Phallosan Forte system does have graph results, where a number of men who participated in the trial test gained at least 1.9″ inches within 6 months.


However, not only they promise us the length of growth, but girth gains as much as 0.9″ in just 3 months, plus increase our penis head size as well.

The results structure is from a group of men from the age of 20 and 68 years old, who had several issues and not just in penis size.

Since the device increases blood circulation to the entire penis tissues, it should cure the erectile disorder problem, where millions of men worldwide face this sexual issue.

Yes, this system promotes to enhance the potential hardness of our erections.

They mention improving sexual arousal, desire, and overall satisfaction.

Now within 2-3 days, they claim that new users can expect instant results and within 3 months, Peyronie’s Disease recognized as a curved penis can slightly decrease its angle, as they explain.

They say that it’s 100% natural, so no negative side effects should occur

The manufacturer (Orbisan Ltd) states to have over 14 years of experience with penis enlargement.

Now I see why it makes sense that they are the only company who have designed such a unique and smart penis enlargement system like this Phallosan Forte.

They claim that it’s under medical requirements and all parts are unbreakable, non-irritating and allergen-free material, where the device carries a CE symbol for proof of back up.

Any clinically studies?

Yes, several data have been conducted by real professional doctors and researchers, as it shows on the website.

Overview Structure



  • Increase Penis Size up to 2″ Inches
  • Promotes Girth Gains for a Fuller Size
  • Can use it at Night on Sleeping Cycles
  • States to be 100% Completely Safe
  • Enhances Stronger Erections Potency
  • Should cause No Pain or Side Effects
  • Treats the Peyronie’s Disease (Curvature)
  • Can Wear it to the Left or Right – Comfort
  • Each Package Contains 4 Extra Sleeve Condoms
  • Cures the Erectile Dysfunction Issue
  • Does have Clinically Studies of Data
  • Within 2-3 days, Users can Expect Results
  • Can use it after Prostate Surgery
  • States Permanent Results – Naturally Growth
  • Several Individual Physicians Recommends it
  • Unlike Extenders, Users Wear it without Slippage
  • Claims to Adjust the Setting for Gently Force
  • Invisible Device to Wear Under Clothes (Pants)
  • A System is for all Penis Sizes – For Any Men Worldwide
  • Medical Materials (CE Mark) + Under Medical Standards
  • Promotes to Increase the Penis Head (Glans) as Well
  • States to Build Self-Esteem, plus Confidence Levels
  • Phallosan Forte System has been in Magazines, TV, Etc.
  • The Testimonials are Real People/Users to Share Results
  • Improves Sensitivity, Add More Pleasure + Satisfaction
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee at their Official Website
  • Full Complete 2 Year Warranty on Phallosan Forte System


  1. The money back guarantee is only for 14 days from receiving the product, since they claim to notice results within the first week and by then, users should already see if this penis enlargement system is for us or not.
  2. When using the bathroom, we will have to quickly take the device off, then putting it back on, which should not take longer than 1-2 minutes. Yet, can wear it in sleeping cycles as well. – Win-Win

Customer Support/Guarantee

According to our sources, Phallosan Forte system carries a warranty policy of 2 full years and unlike other penis enlargement extenders, pump, etc, they all have at least a 2-month money back guarantee. 

Yet, the Phallosan Forte company (Orbisan Ltd) will only refund the system if users contact them within the 14 days from receiving the device.

It does show an 1800-phone-dialing number or I can contact them through email.

They also state to be strictly secure by not passing or selling our data information, sending us ads, or do anything that has to do with consumer’s personal information.

Now they do mention that if we as users happen to see the Phallosan Forte system on other retail websites such as on eBay, Amazon, etc, be assured that it’s probably not the real product and plus, their money back guarantee and warranty is only eligible bought from their manufacture official website at (


From my point of view, they do seem very confident about their smart-approach product, especially how there are many “press journals” from a number of magazines, TV shows, physicians and other reports, plus several clinical studies to back up the claims that it’s effective, safe and comfortable.

As the official website of the Phallosan Forte shares, folks will receive the whole system kit in a completely unmarked plain box with no content appearance for the privacy of all of us as users. So, therefore, no one will know what we have actually ordered.

Yes, credit card transaction should also be discreet as not appear the product’s name, but the company’s name!

View Manual


Closing Review

If you don’t know, I have done a number of reviews on all traction extenders to penis pumps, weights, other devices, etc.

A penis extender is known to wear in the daily basis for a period of time by stretching the penis ONLY, but as many users till this day who actually have used it know that it’s not that easy and comfortable with a penis extender device.

Since unlike the Phallosan Forte system, extenders can cause pain, discomfort and several other issues (especially slippage and the bulky appearance) were to make it work, it has to hold the penis tight for hours.


Ain’t I right!?

In fact, most “professional” penis extender carries a 2000g spring and this unique system mentions 3000g for maximum full pressure, being completely comfortable and of course discreet under clothing, plus it won’t cause slippage since it holds on to the penis firmly.

Now the penis pumps are a vacuum system / manual pump to only use it for 20-30 minutes on a daily basis, which are very known to increase girth gains.

My point here is that this Phallosan Forte system is a unique, smart approach of both stretching and suction (vacuum) process, where with the belt, no slippage should occur or loosen up and that leads to faster, and better results of penis size growth.


Common sense, right!?

In fact, users are saying that they actually wear it at night without a problem and can we do that with an extender?

Not in real life, for those of us who actually have personal experience with those “bulky” traction extender devices.

This Phallosan Forte system makes it more discreet (much smaller) and If you want to see more videos, proof of evidence of the documented data, plus more, Phallosan Forte official and primary manufacturer website ( will show you everything for you to see if it’s really your best choice for penis enlargement growth of gains

In my personal opinion, this completely unique system wins over any other penis enlargement device/method out there because it’s the most advanced (2-step approach) technology to wear it with comfort, safety, discreetly and the main one, being effective.

Which with its belt causes no slippage and nobody will notice you wearing it, plus it comes with 4 extra sleeve condoms. See my point here!? 

In fact, see the results here of the time frame of usage and how many days real men have used the Phallosan Forte system and got inches of growth in penis size. Who knows, maybe you can be the next guy to grow your penis size their by inches as well..!.



  1. Cassandra says:

    Is it necessary to use the Bathmate with Phallosan for faster result? or Does the Phallosan pump does the work of the Bathmate, therefore no need to buy it?

    • Hey Cassandra,

      Yes, even though the Phallosan Forte does use a pumping suction procedure and you will achieve size results within 6 months, by adding a penis pump such as Bathmate, I personally believe it will actually cause faster growth and better results when used as instructed.

      Therefore, you don’t need it, but it if you do get the penis pump, it will accelerate your results.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi Julio.
    I am a 58yr old male. My wife is 15yrs my junior. Will this Phallosan system increase my penis in lenght and girth at my age?
    I still have the drive but I think the lenght would drive her really crazy 🙂

    One other thing is, I am from South Africa and want to buy the system, but our weak Rand to Dollar exchange rate is really going to knock me out cold.
    Will this Phallosan system ever be sold at a discounted price.
    Waieing to hear from you.

    Cape Town.
    South Africa

    • Hey Thomas,

      Sure, so at the age of 58 years old and you mentioned you still have the sexual drive, great! Therefore, yes the Phallosan Forte device is intended to increase the size of the penis by length and girth within 6 months of using it, which is actually ranked #1 best for penis enlargement growth size.

      And in regards to your question there, no it is not available at any other places/stores elsewhere which to ensure you do get the real, original and official Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system is ONLY at their official primary website at ;

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. tony says:

    Using the phallosan along with the pro-enhance patches. Would you also recommend an hgh spray? If so which one.


    • Hey Tony,

      Sure, you can use those as well which will actually help maximize your results since the Phallosan Forte system is a device to wear it and the ProEnhance patches will boost up more blood flow to the penis chambers and the HGH spray will help accelerate the multiplication of the cells in the penis tissues, which all of that results in much faster penis growth and overall results.

      Julio – Alpha Male

  4. Julio thank you so much bro, here my update:

    Started using phallosanforte on Jan 12, I was 4 1/8 in length and 4″ in girth

    April : I reached 5 1/2 length and 4 1/8 girth

    July 29th: today i measure and I’m fully a bit over 6″ in length and 4″ 1/2 in girth…!!!

    Im so excited man!! This life changing to me I have confident now and im going to go after the girl of my dream! Than you so much bro

    • Hey Tony,

      Awesome to hear! Thank you for sharing your results as this will help many other users out there as well on what to expect.

      I Believe You,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  5. maxim says:

    Hey julio

    Are the measurements and gains i would make accurate? how much can i expect if i wear this lets say 9-10 hours a day (during sleep and some waking) for 6-8 months? did people on your site report good gains?

    for reference im 19, and im 6.3×5 in

    and will it increase the size of the head to a noticeable degree?

    • Hey Maxim,

      Yes, the gains you’ll get will be permanently and if you use it 9-10 hours a day for 6-8 months, you can assure to expect at least 2.5″ inches in length and over 1″ full inch in girth. Yes, I have got many emails, comments, and even before and after photos from real users who got incredible results of inches in penis size growth. Most of them were around 2″ inches longer or more when using it for at least 6 months.

      Now regards to the head (glans) of the penis, it sure will increase the size as well because Phallosan Forte system uses a suction procedure that holds the blood flow up to the penis head, and therefore will increase the capacity of the penis head to allow more blood flow and have a bigger size head.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  6. damien says:

    Will this increase flaccid penis size too?

    im a grower and I want to become a shower, or something close

    • Hey Damien,

      YES, it works by stretching/pulling the flaccid penis and therefore, multiplies the penis cells which leads to longer and bigger penis size in both flaccid and erect state.

      For Your Results,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  7. khaybulla says:

    Hi how can I find this product and is there any original one and fake one? How I identify ? I really needed this product after reading all positive comments

    • Hey Khaybulla,

      Well, for any product out there that actually works and are giving people results, people are most likely to make counterfeit and fake ones or similar to it. So to ensure you get the real original and official Phallosan Forte penis enlargement device, you’ll need to order it from the its official website at ;

      Julio – Alpha Male

  8. Bhargav says:

    Hey Julio,

    I’m 17 and 6 in length and 5 in girth. I plan on buying this when I’m 18 or so

    My goal is 7.5 in length and 5.5-6 in girth.

    My concern is this will damage my penis or lower the quality of erections.

    Is this actually safe? And how long do you have to do this to keep the gains permanent? And will it increase your flaccid size?

    • Hey Bhargav,

      No, of course it WILL NOT damage the penis at all, but actually give you benefits and results by growing the size of it for a longer, bigger and large penis size and you’ll actually gain much stronger erections. Yes, 100% safe when you visit the Phallosan Forte official website at ( , they show us several proof of evidence from data, research, studies, tests, etc to prove us that it is 100% safe and completely natural process with no negative side effects,

      And you asked how long, it will be best to use it constantly for at least the full 6 months. Yet, the longer you wear the device as directed from its instructions, the better and bigger the gains will be. Correct, permanent results since the penis cells multiply leading to a longer and bigger penis size. Yes, will most likely first increase the flaccid size since the device system works while on flaccid state for the pulling/stretching it, but you’ll actually see the penis gains of growth in both flaccid and erections. To find out more, visit their official website and go from there;

      Hope This Clears Up,
      Julio – Alpha Male

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