PHGH Rx Pills – Before and After Complaints Reviews Here! – Does PHGH Work?

PHGH Rx Pills – Before and After Complaints Reviews Here! – Does PHGH Work?

PHGH Rx was created by an adult film star who goes by the name of John Lawrence.

The home page on the official website shows that this formula of pills carries a few sexual ingredients, which they are recognized in the male enhancement industry.

However, this review should show you what customer users are saying about using this popular sexual enhancer.

Keep reading to see the complaints of reviews!PHGH-Rx-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-reviews-amazon-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: PHGH Rx

Official Website:

Minimum Price: 1 Bottle – $39.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 3 Months

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is PHGH Rx Pills?

As we all know, they are numerous male enhancements in today’s market and some are a complete scam (fraud) to just take your money.

This PHGH Rx does promise that folks who use this formula will experience bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections with increasing sexual performance.

Yes, it has an official website to make it more of a “professional” product, especially with the “creator” so-called John Lawrence.

Perhaps, the company’s brand is also named after his last name (Lawrence Supplements), and they’re based in Chatsworth, CA.PHGH-Rx-John-Lawrence-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-reviews-amazon-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male

However, just because the formula is endorsed by an adult film star, doesn’t mean it’s the “real deal” since it’s the consumer’s results and science behind the product that takes it over.

Read on!


The official webpage of PHGH Rx enhancement does state to have tests and studies from the manufacturer’s lab, but no data or anything to show for us as customer users to have more faith in the product’s effectiveness and safety.

The ingredients may have a background for sexual improvements, but we need to know if PHGH Rx combination of the compounds together can back up the promises.

No doctor recommendation was found to approve the pills for the safety of all users.

In fact, they do have a “success stories” section, but we don’t really rely on these fabricated testimonies from the manufacturer.

We tried to find some information about the company’s background and we noticed that they sell a few other health products for both men and women at their sales page, but no brief bio details on who they are.

What Are The Ingredients?

We found several third-party websites (Amazon, eBay, retailers, etc) to highly promote that this PHGH Rx contains only 5 ingredients.

But looking at PHGH Rx primary website, it claims to have a proprietary blend with several sexual herbs known from ancient years ago and amino acids.PHGH-Rx-ingredients-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-reviews-amazon-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male


The chief compound would be the L-Arginine (amino acid) with an amount of 250mg. Tribulus Terrestris included 100mg and Tongkat Ali (50mg) refers as Eurycoma longifoli.

The other sexual aphrodisiacs are such as L-Carnitine (25mg), DHEA (25mg), Catuaba Bark (10mg), Epimedium is known as Horny Goat Weed (10mg), Ginkgo Biloba (10mg), Maca (10mg), Muira Puama (10mg) and Bioperine (10mg).


PHGH Rx company’s state to have the exact “quantity” for maximum sexual potential but again, no structure or studies have been conducted to back up the claims.

If they are the “actual” ingredients then no harmful chemicals should be included to give negative side effects.

How Should It Work? – Dosage

Taking this formula of pills every day as a daily supplementation, the recommendation is for you to take 2 pills twice a day for a 14-days regime and after, drop it to 1 tablet twice a day with a full glass of water and best with a food, as they explain.

A tablet can be taken 1-2 hours before sexual relate for an extra “boost” after the 14 days.

According to the creator of PHGH Rx, the formula was designed to keep taking the pills “forever” to maintain sexual experience. Big NO-NO in my opinion!

After 3 days, they said that users should notice some results from taking the pills.

So this is how it should work!

As the manufacturer of this male enhancement explain, the ingredients are to target maximum blood flow to the erectile (corpora cavernosa) chambers.

Similar to other sexual enhancers. Some of the components added in the PHGH Rx complex are known to increase the production of testosterone levels.

Other than knowing what each ingredient does, they failed to get in specific details on how it really works, meaning the L-Arginine to enhance nitric oxide levels, Tongkat Ali and Tribulus Terrestris to boost up testosterone levels or none of that was clearly explained.PHGH-Rx-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-reviews-amazon-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-tablets-becoming-alpha-male

Here are The Promises

Are you suffering from any sexual dysfunction, such as lack of libido function, poor erections or low sexual performance? Than this PHGH Rx claims that it’s for you.

Yes, longer-lasting with harder, bigger erections on demand as they promote.

States to increase sexual arousal to want more sex and of course, heighten up libido levels and improve sex drive for a better performance function.

Should experience stronger ejaculation for powerful orgasms and they do mention to boost up faster recovery between sex sessions.

Complaints of User’s Results

Yes, there are a few positive reviews from customer users on Amazon website, but only 5 of these folks said it works without getting in details of what exact results they got.

Other than that, we found a lot more negative statements than good.

Many of them actually state that “this product does absolutely nothing” and one of them said to have taken it for the 3 full months as recommended, where he mention that he “never felt any difference“. 


Some of these consumers added that it was a complete “waste of money“, but one of them with a 2-star review states that it took 3-4 weeks to finally see some improvements on libido function, but nothing as what he expected.

However, the recommendation of dosage was not enough for one user, where he shares to take extra pills for it to actually work.PHGH-Rx-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-amazon-reviews-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male


The Good:

  • Claims to Enhance Erections PotencyPHGH-Rx-John-Lawrence-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-reviews-amazon-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-bottle-becoming-alpha-male
  • Promotes to Increase Sexual Drive
  • Should be Completely Natural
  • States to boost up Libido Levels
  • No Prescription is Required
  • Creator – John Lawrence
  • Causes No Side Effects – Safe
  • Enhances Stronger Sexual Orgasms
  • We Found a Few Positive Reviews
  • Added to Increase Sexual Arousal
  • Available in Several Retailers
  • Faster Recovery between Sessions
  • Claims a 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. According to our sources, this so-called “John Lawrence” have other sexual “products” with a whole different name. – Sketchy
  2. This Mr. John Lawrence is not a professional “healthcare” or doesn’t mention to have a team of experts to have created the formula.
  3. PHGH Rx website failed to show proof of studies or any scientific data to back up the formula’s effectiveness.
  4. There is no doctor endorsement to actually recommend the pills and approve its safety.
  5. Even though we found the company’s sales page, doesn’t say anything about its background.
  6. Have to keep taking it “forever” to keep the improvements, as they explain.
  7. Many negative reviews from not only in Amazon retailer, but Yahoo Answers as well, where they said it did not work at all as they expected.
  8. Some mention that it was a “waste of money“, meaning no refund!?
  9. We found resources that PHGH Rx is an online scam. Is it really a scam though?



Folks who would at least give PHGH Rx pills a shot and order from the main website can expect to receive the package in a plain brown envelope and billing transaction will appear as the product’s name.

Claims a 60-day money back guarantee with a 100% refund, as according to the webpage.

Since this PHGH Rx formula is available in a variety of retail third-party websites, I would rather take a look at the official sales page and believe it or not, Amazon sells it for more money.


At the last ordering page, we came across a doctor so-called “Dr. Joseph Levine“, where the official website shows his statement as results for a “testimonial“, but not as an endorsement and by the way it’s written, you can tell that it’s not a real doctor.

In fact, I wouldn’t trust any of those testimonies because usually, the company writes it down to make it seem it’s from real folks who gave it a 5-stars when it’s completely not.

This is exactly what the product’s page says; “(Quite honestly, I hope you’ll be ordering PHGH from me forever and taking this supplement every day.) Oh, take it for a lifetime?

Review Summary + Opinion

With so many red flags, the positive features cannot cover up the disadvantages overview that we were able to find so far.PHGH-Rx-John-Lawrence-matt-freeman-pills-review-before-after-results-complaints-reviews-amazon-consumers-users-scam-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male

First let me tell you that this Mr. “John Lawrence” is not who claims to be because we found another sexual “guide” (product) with the same exact picture but this time, his name is Matt Freeman.

Perhaps, as soon as I saw his endorsement, It reminded me of a product we reviewed a few weeks ago where it’s also a sexual penis guide with the same picture as an endorsement.

So is he really the “creator” of PHGH Rx formula? Do a domain check on the official website and you will see that it’s under a different name as Josh Golder.

It’s a complete scam..!


But I won’t leave you disappointed since you found out the exposed truth of this PHGH Rx scam item.

From my personal experience with all types of male supplements, the VigRX Plus who have been around for over a decade, the company states that millions of pills have been sold to cure sexual dysfunction in all men.

In fact, it’s the only one who actually has real medical community proof.

Doctors endorsements for approval, plus they mention to highly recommend to all patients, meaning it’s approved from professional experts.

Yes, clinical studies and scientific data provided on their official website.

The testimonies are from “real” users who actually took their time to write on a piece of paper and send it over to them.

I would take a quick second and check out my review for your sexual needs and safety.



  1. RALPH says:


    • Hey Ralph,

      Sure and thanks for your feedback, as it will help me to keep continuing doing great work to search and review all the male products out there. Yes, to help us as users out!

      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. Lucas Lopez jr. says:

    i have been taking the pills for over a week now with no results and now when im trying to receive a refund i cant get in touch with an operator and was also giving a bogus number to call i demand a refund i cant speak for others but this product is garbage and if i dont get my money back then i also know it’s a scam

    • Hey Lucas,

      Sure, I completely believe you on your situation there because that is the reason why I ranked to a big 0 points, after I was done researching and writing up this review. Yes, it’s a complete scam, now good luck with your money back there my friend.

      Your best option here would be to check out the VigRx Plus for male sexual enhancement, where its from a high reputation and respected company, with a real money back guarantee, plus there are doctors recommendation, proof of evidence from clinical trials that VigRx Plus pills really work as its intended and its completely safe.

      For Your Success,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. AndyM says:

    I ordered PHGH and when the pills came they were discolored like there was mildew on the inside of the caps and I called and emailed about it and got nothing so I mailed them back and still nothing. Learn from my mistake and just buy the individual ingredients elsewhere and see if they help. Try citrulline, arginine, maca, horny goat weed taken with pineapple and watermelon, carnitine and yohimbe. That’s all less than $40 a month.

    • Hey Andy,

      Well, from my searchings and findings, this “PHGH” have been found to be a complete scam, which is why they won’t reply to any of your mails. Now you do mention about buying individual ingredients, yet if you take all of that, it can be too powerful for your body chemistry.

      What I would do is go for something known to be effective and safe, which would be the VigRX Plus pills. There are doctors approval and scientific studies done, plus clinical trials from real people tested with the VigRX Plus. You can click here to visit my review !

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  4. Lance Holmes says:

    What’s the best male enhancements pill to take? Which one really works?

    • Hey Lance,

      Your best choice would be the VigRX Plus, since there is several evidence from doctors, scientific studies, clinical trials, etc for proof to back up the pills. I would personally check out my review for you to see if it’s really what you’re looking for.

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  5. Felani says:

    What about something for height there are so many products claiming to increase height could u maybe check some out I was looking to buy Growth flex

    • Hey Felani,

      You know, you read my mind ! I will probably make reviews on Height Growth on my next website. I figured that there are millions of men and women looking for this type of product’s category. Give me a few days to get everything started.

      Julio Owner/Editor

  6. Omrelliug001 says:

    Julio, have u heard about the BIB hanger? Can u comment on that cause im wondering if ill use it. Big thanks for all the info

    • Yes, I actually have heard of it before but I can’t give you any value info on exactly this particular product. I’ll make sure to do a review on it ASAP.

      For your Needs,

  7. Yondaime says:

    Thanks for the info bro u the best

    • No problem, Yondaime. You ask for it and I did the review the next day.


      • Yondaime says:

        if I combine the vigrx plus and the penis enlargement bible think would have better results?

        • Yes, because Pe Enlargement Bible suggest to take some of the sexual herbs which VigRx Plus contains several natural sexual-aphrodisiacs where it boosts up more blood flow to the erectile chambers so it can help gain faster results.

          For Your Sexual,

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