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PotenCX Review – Scam Product? – Find Out Here !


PotenCX Review – Scam Product? – Find Out Here !

PotenCX claims to be a product where this free trial sample will power up overall sexual performance as well with enlargement growth when using these pills.

Official website state that it’s a doctors approved formula, which it has been clinically studied.

Perhaps, being a trial basis, I’m little concerned on how the manufacturer invested money on a free trial sample, as what they present.

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Name of Product: PotenCX

Website: www.PotenCX.org

Minimum Price: Free Trial Sample

Overall Rank (out of 100): 51 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 30 Day Free Trial 


What Is PotenCX?

A male enhancement product that claims to help us (men) increase penis size just by taking the PotenCX pills.

Not only that, they added to intensify orgasms where they state that 95% rate in customer satisfaction have been achieved.

Sex drive should also boost and erections should become stronger and harder than ever.

With the one month supply, users should gain dramatically improvements from these “get-bigger-pills“, which they mention that it’s very effective to work immediately.

They do promote that it’s a free trial product, but a shipping and handling fee is required to process the order.

This formula mention to be “#1 in the male enlargement pills“.

PotenCX formula is conducted by the manufacturer called (PureMeds) and they actually state that it’s an FDA-approved formula, plus doctors also approved it.

However, I can’t find anywhere none of this information on the official website for proof to back up any of their claims.

The company adds that they “recently conducted a study with over 3000 customers” for 90 days by taking this typical formula.

Now the results was that it increased sexual performance in all men. No chart or any proof of evidence are shown.

How Does PotenCX Works?

The male penis carries 3 blood chambers !

Two chambers are the Corpora Cavernosa and when we men feel sexual aroused, the body leads more blood circulation to these chambers to create an erection.potencx-enlargement-pills-formula-product-supplement-free-trial-sample-basis-scam-auto-official-website-billing-increase-size-puremeds-website-free-male-enhancement-becoming-alpha-male

PotenCX contains a mixture of all the natural ingredients and they claim that it should create a new production of blood cells in the penis tissues to stimulate more blood flow to the chambers, as they explain.

This formula’s website states to stretch and expand the penis chambers for more blood to enter, which should cause harder erections for penis growth.


The PotenCX company does fail to show the actual ingredient profile on the product’s official website.

But, we have found promoting websites that added effective compounds, which are all natural herbs and amino acids.

So now they are such as Damiana, Suma Root, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, Passion Flower, Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed, Catuaba Bark, Dutch Cocoa, Ashwagandha and L-Arginine.

Some of these ingredients are actually known from thousands of years ago for sexual response to function better in a sexual intercourse.


In fact, they do mention that this mixture was “clinically tested” for the effectiveness and safety of all customer users.

For Who Is PotenCX For?

This formula claims big promises on enhancing penis size, which with only these few ingredients will cause penis to expand and grow.

Really? Well, keep reading !

The substances are known to increase libido and sexual arousal.

PotenCX should boost endurance levels and stamina for a higher level on sexual performance.

L-Arginine and Horny Goat Weed will stimulate more blood flow to the penis chambers for erections to become harder.

Now Tribulus Terrestris is recognized to increase the production of testosterone for more intense and stronger orgasms.

However, the company state that users are able to last a longer in a sexual activity.


The manufacturer of these male pills does say that each monthly bottles comes with 60 capsules for the 30 day trial-sample.

Yes, the directions are for users to take 2 pills per day, one with breakfast and one pill at dinner time.

As I said previously, they mention that by taking 1 of these pills, you will notice a sign that its working immediately.

Yet, since they don’t offer to show the formula’s components on the PotenCX primary website, no quantity of each ingredient aren’t present.

But, PotenCX does claim that it’s completely safe for no negative side effects.potencx-enlargement-pills-formula-product-supplement-free-trial-sample-basis-scam-auto-official-website-billing-increase-size-puremeds-website-male-enhancement-results-becoming-alpha-male


The Good:

  • Claims to Increase Penis Size
  • Enhances Sexual Performance
  • Stimulates Intense orgasms
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Boosts Libido Levels
  • Promotes to be a Free-Trial
  • Erections becomes Stronger

The Bad:

  1. Official website is not a well-professional site, where they failed lack of many information.
  2. No proof for back up from any clinically studies or doctors approval that it’s really safe.
  3. It is not a free trial since a ($5.95) for payment fee is required, which credit card becomes in “risk” mode.
  4. Did not provide proof from the “3000 clients test with over 95% rate of effectiveness“.
  5. Many promoting websites have broken links, which PotenCX.org is not their official website, but its the only one that is available.  potencx-enlargement-pills-formula-product-supplement-free-trial-sample-basis-scam-auto-official-website-billing-increase-size-puremeds-website-male-enhancement-results-scam-becoming-alpha-male


According to our sources, the PotenCX’s company’s (PureMeds) headquarter is located in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where this male formula was created at a different country and not in the USA.

There are many unavailable links, so it does make it seem that all of the broken links have been completely shut down.

We have found no proof to back up none of PotenCx claims.

Closing Thoughts

PotenCX does not provide enough information about their “Free-Trial” 30 day sample.

I have found actual customer user reviews stating that this formula comes with a “membership program“, and what that means is that buyers will most likely be charged before the 30 days expired with an unknown monthly fee of $59.99 for every month.

Users mention to actually call the PotenCX’s company and couldn’t get a hold of them because of where they’re located.

Now the next option that these users would have to do, is cancel their credit card and get a new number, or else the membership auto-billing program will continue to keep charging.

I have come to a conclusion that this product is a scam due to many links that is broken.

However, I’m sorry to break it up to you that no type of “get-bigger-pills” will enlarge penis size of inches.

How do I know?

I know because I have used many of them and all of them completely failed on me plus many men out there !

However, a male enhancement like the VigRx Plus may help increase size, but don’t expect 2-3″ inches.

In fact, If you check out my penis enlargement review, where out of so many “get-bigger-pills“, I have finally gained more than two inches by restarting the puberty stage all over again and caused growth on my member here to occur in a natural way.


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