Pro Male Penis Extender – Can We See Results With This? Yes or No! Find Out Here.

Pro Male Penis Extender – Can We See Results With This? Yes or No! Find Out Here

The high demand for non surgical methoda for penis enlargement and/or enhancement by several U.S population and others have led to the development of several penis enlargement/enhancement devices.

Evidently, most of these devices are abused by marketers in that they now lure desperate folks into buying fakes, which will end up solving little or none of their problems.

This honest review should guide us from falling victim to such fake products.

Searching for some male penis enlargement devices on the internet, I came across the Pro Male Penis Extender and according to the manufacturers, it is a non-surgical approach designed to safely increase our penis size by employing some clinically proven methods.

This review should give us all the details about the Pro Male Penis Extender and from there, we would know if it is a good option for us.Pro-Male-Penis-Extender-Can-We-See-Results-With-This-review-results-penis-enlargement-traction-reviews-ebay-becoming-alpha-male

Grab some refreshments and roll with us!

Name of Product: Pro Male Penis Extender

Website: Found It Available at eBay

Overall Rank (out of 100): 28 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: At Least 6 Months

Refund Policy: eBay Does Have a Policy

What Is Pro Male Penis Extender ?

Pro Male Penis Extender is known to be a non surgical approach to enlarging our penis.

It promotes to make us gain more size, length and girth in a non harmful and safe way.

According to its manufacturers and from other sources, the Pro Male Penis Extender offers other benefits which may include strengthening of our penis curvature (Peyronie’s disease), makes our penis stronger and healthier.

This extender also comes together with a CD plate, which according to them includes comprehensive information about penis enlargement, questions and answers as well as 8 penis exercise videos that will help us enhance our penis faster compared to using only the device.

The device, according to its makers, will increase our penis up to 30% in length and 20% in girth and will also augment our erection power.

As stated in one of the third party web pages, the Pro Male Penis Extender is clinically approved.

But is this statement really from medical professionals? Because I couldn’t find any proof.

Undoubtedly, we could achieve stronger, bigger and healthier penis with Pro Male Penis Extender, but the evidence should look more professional not just mere statements.

In any case, some other person can market similar penis enlargement product having same statement of proof of safety and efficacy. This is why a more reliable proof is needed from a doctor or from any other healthcare professional.

Maybe the Pro Male penis Extender makers will have further details to make us understand more.

Continue reading to find out more about this product.

How Does FastSize Extender Work ?

With reference to the manufacturer’s description and from other sources, the Pro Male Penis Extender works by the principle of traction.

That is, it triggers a continuous gentle pull and by so doing should induce the renewal of cells, creation of new tissues and subsequent increase in our penis size, length and girth.

According to them, the device traction principle lengthens and thickens the penis naturally and permanently without any unwanted effects.

Furthermore, the manufacturer of the Pro Male Penis Extender mentioned the determinants of how fast the penile tissue will grow to include the amount of tension applied and the time spent doing that.

This implies that we will achieve better results with this traction device by using it maximally say daily for about 3 months .


The Positives:

  • Claims 30% Growth in Penis LengthPro-Male-Penis-Extender-Can-We-See-Results-With-This-review-result-penis-enlargement-traction-reviews-ebay-becoming-alpha-male
  • Increase Girth by up to 20%
  • Permanent Penis Enlargement
  • Bigger, Stronger and Healthier Penis
  • It’s Completely Natural
  • Increase Self Confidence
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Treats Peyronie’s Problems
  • Claims its Clinically Proven
  • High Quality and Effective
  • Comes with other Helpful Packages
  • Result significant in 3 to 6 Months

The Negatives:

  1. No picture to show for users’ state before use and results after.
  2. Though the traction method of penis enlargement has been proven to some extent as an effective approach to penis enlargement, more proofs are needed as regards using the Pro Male Penis Extender if it really does the same as its counterparts.
  3. Does not have a primary website to make it more professional.
  4. No testimonial was found from previous customer users.
  5. Too cheap to even make us believe it would work.
  6. No doctors’ endorsement was found at any of the promoting websites.
  7. Nothing from clinical or scientific evidence to prove that it works.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Undoubtedly, the makers of the Pro Penis Extender promote to offer good support to its customers.

Firstly, they state to offer 24 hours shipping from the time of payment confirmation but at times may vary in peak period according to them.

They offer several shipping plans depending on the country.

The company usually provides a tracking code for any product shipped so we can easily know the progress of our product when shipped.

About the returns and refund policy?

The company promises to offer a 60 days warranty. That is, if am not satisfied with the Pro Male Penis Extender result after purchase, I can return it and get a full refund.

Additionally, we can contact them with the eBay messaging system in case of further assistance.

Conclusion/ Final Consideration

We have done a review about this type of male penis enlargement product in the past and I believe it’s all the same modes of effect and action.

That is, the Pro Male Penis Extender is also in the same family, “traction devices

Evidently, there are many of them on the internet, but there are more effective ones to use.

The manufacturer of the Pro Male Penis Extender did not have enough facts as to evidence to back up the several claims and promises of this device.

Also, I could not find testimonials/reviews from previous users of this product at least to convince us some more.

There is no primary website for this product. It is only found on third party websites such as eBay.

I have a better alternative for us as regards penis enlargement and this will really achieve the result we have been looking for.X4-Labs-Male-enlargement-extender-review-results-how-to-use-x4-labs-extender-method-world-trusted-brand-becoming-alpha-male

The  X4 Labs system is something we all as customer users would consider using because its the most advanced penis enlargement traction device in today’s industry.

Yes, I have done a review on it and it really caught my attention. For a fact, It is known to be amongst the best penis enlargement extender out there.

Proceed and check the honest review about the X4 Labs penis enlargement extender and It will surpass your penis enlargement expectations.


This is a detailed review about the Pro Male Penis Extender and I believe it will be of great help to us. Always drop your comments below with your opinions or any questions !

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