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Pro Plus Pills Review – Male Enlargement Up 3-5″ Inches? Must See


Pro Plus Pills Review – Male Enlargement Up 3-5″ Inches? Must See

Users who take the Pro+ Plus male supplement of pills, they claim that consumers can expect penis enlargement up to 5″ inches and gain 50% width for fullness within 60 days or less.

Really? Is this a scam item?

Well, it’s from the same company as the EnlargeQuick PowerLube cream and the EnlargeQuick liquid formula.

Yes, we actually reviewed both of them, so now it’s time to learn more on all about this Pro+ Plus male enlargement product.

In fact, there are many questions that needs to be answered, for example !

Is there any proof to backup the claims? This review should show you if it works or not.

Follow down to read more!



Name of Product: Pro+ Plus Pills

Website: Available in a Few Websites

Minimum Price: 60 Days Supply – $80.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 12 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Within 60 Days For Results

Money Back Guarantee: Have to Check With Websites

What Are Pro+ Plus Pills?

According to Pro+ Plus label, they designed this male product for all men who faces the “Hypospadias” condition.

Now what’s that?

It’s a form of a small penis and there are many men facing this condition since they were young.

The company of this male supplement states that this formula is not just for men with this penis size form, but all men worldwide can achieve a bigger tool because it maximizes the acceleration for penis enlargement, as they explain.

Okay, so how does it work?

They share to enlarge the size of the tissues to allow the erectile chambers (Corpora Cavernosa) to pump more blood in, which results for a bigger, larger and fuller penis when we men reach an erection.

This process should make it “longer and thicker“, as they claim.

But that’s not all, follow down !

What Are The Results?

The Pro+ Plus Pills claims to not only enlarge your manhood size by 3-5″ inches in length and 50% in girth, but with the blood rushing to the penis tissues of chambers, they mention that users can expect stronger, firmer and steel-hard erections.

By taking the pills, it should treat the erectile dysfunction issue known as when men gets sexual excitement but don’t have the potential to create a hard erection.

You familiar with this condition?


Moreover, the company shares to reduce the premature ejaculation issue and that’s when you join a sexual activity and fails, where you ejaculate within a few seconds and is usually about the first 30 seconds.

Now the recommendation is for we men to take 2 pills per day, either together or separate.

Therefore, users should experience a higher performance level for enjoyment, improvements on overall sexual health and function.

They mention longer lasting sex with reaching strongPro-Plus-formulas-pills-review-ultimate-advanced-orignial-formula-male-enlargement-enhancement-capsules-does-pro-plus-pills-work-becoming-alpha-maleer and intense sexual orgasms.

Yes, sexual desire, pleasure and satisfaction as well.

However, the Pro+ Plus pills are available in 3 types of formulas, which the first one is the (Original) and it’s only $10 bucks cheaper than the (Advanced) formula.

Yet, the most powerful formula would be the (Ultimate) one, and the company mentions that it’s the “triple action formula“, known as a “modern miracle of science“.

Of course, each product contains different and extra compounds.


The (Original) formula of the Pro+ Plus pills carries the ingredients such as Yohimbe, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, Ginseng, and Epemedium Sagitum refers as Horny Goat Weed.

And for the (Advanced formula), the company shares that it contains “extra strength components” by optimized the dosing and added the extra ingredients, and they are L-arginine, Smilax Officianalis, Maca Bark, Pygeum Africanum, and Catuaba.

However, the (Ultimate) formula’s complex included all of these substances I listed above, plus Pine Bark Extract and Avena Sativa.

With all these ingredients together, consumers can expect 3-5″ inches of growth size for penis enlargement as they claim.


The Claims:

  • Increase Length Size up to 3-5″ InchesPro-Plus-pills-review-ultimate-advanced-orignial-formula-male-enlargement-enhancement-capsules-does-pro-plus-pills-work-scam-size-becoming-alpha-male
  • Enlarge Girth Gains by 50% – Fullness
  • Create Stronger, Hardness Erections
  • Cures the Erectile Dysfunction Issue
  • Recommendation as to Take 2 Pills Daily
  • Intensify Powerful Sexual Orgasms
  • Stimulates Sexual Desire & Satisfaction
  • Increases Sexual Stamina plus Performance

The Downfalls:

  1. We found several websites such as “Potent Labs, Bonded Labs, Crest Labs, and Avid Medical” pages, which now we don’t know who the exact company is.
  2. Contains the ingredient called (Yohimbe). If an excessive dosing, it can cause side effects as rapidly heartbeat, sleeping problems, etc.
  3. We found nothing as no proof of any results data to back up the claims of up to 3-5″ inches and 50% in width.
  4. Failed to have a doctor approval because if it’s as powerful as it claims, it might not be safe at all.
  5. Folks would have to check if the website carries a money back guarantee, which some of them does not cover it up.
  6. They failed to get in clear details information on how the Pro+ Plus pills works.
  7. Within 60 days to gain “dramatically” growth size from some pills, is just some hyped-up and wild claims. – Unreal
  8. We found on Ripoff Report website, real complaints of users claiming that they charged them 3 times without their permission.Is it a scam?Enlarge-Quick-Bonded-Labs-Potent-Labs-Bonded-Labs-Crest-Labs-company-manufacturer-scam-lube-liquid-penis-enlargement-size-becoming-alpha-male


According to our sources, we don’t know who’s the exact company because each website who promotes the Pro Plus formula, are under a different manufacturer’s name.

However, one of them mention “Dr. Bross” as if is the creator and endorser of the product, but no background found of this so-called “Dr. Bross”.

The (Ultimate) formula is $30 bucks more than the (Original) formula, since the strength is much higher.

In the meantime, many questions pops up in my mind because of several “companies/brands” supporting the product.

Review Summary

So, where is the proof?

There is none, but we do have negative resources that they are a scam.

As I mention earlier, we have reviewed the EnlargeQuick PowerLube and the EnlargeQuick liquid formula, where it actually have the same claims to enlarge penis size in full inches.

I won’t hesitate to call this product a scam from my personal opinion and experience.


First of all, there is no proof of nothing, such as doctor’s approval, no scientific studies or any clinical trials done on the formula. In fact, we haven’t found any “real” users to mention their experience.

So what makes we (as customer users) think that these type of “get-bigger-pills” will increase penis size with only taking the pills.

It’s impossible, which there is no such thing.

Perhaps, I used several types of the “get-bigger-pills” category before, and I haven’t grown a bit from taking any of them.

All it did, was make me “hornnier” throughout the day and no growth results at all. Again, “get-bigger-pills” doesn’t work, if you’re looking to add inches in your member there.


Two weeks ago, I have come to a conclusion that I finally gained the size I’ve always wanted and I will no longer take nothing, where I went from an average size to over 8″ inches.

Yes, it took me more than 6 months though and not “60 days” as these Pro+ Plus pills claims.

How did I do it?

No, I did not have to use a traction device known as a penis extender, pumping method, penis weights, and of course no penile surgery, which would be the last option.

What I did was take a few vitamins/supplements that were cheap to me and the same process that made your penis grow in puberty stage, YES I followed a program, and I achieved real and permanent gains.

Heres my review of my success story !


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