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Promescent Review – Do This Male Enhancement Spray Really Work? Find Out Here.


Promescent Review – Do This Male Enhancement Spray Really Work? Find Out Here.

Over the decades, statistics had recorded a significant number of sexual disability and/or dysfunction amongst men.

These may include but not limited to premature ejaculation, impotence, and others.

As a result of this, my quest to find out the male enhancement formula that works was triggered.

Searching through several internet directories, I was captivated by a topical male enhancement spray formula called Promescent.

According to the manufacturers of this product, Promescent is an Over-The-Counter topical medical spray formula applied to the penis few minutes before sex to regulate and manage premature ejaculation and other sex related disability.

The manufacturers promote Promescent as a unique U.S based formula for men to control ejaculation latency, manage penile sensitivity, maintain optimal sexual satisfaction and therefore circumvent problem of the premature ejaculation.

Promescent also claims to work for us men who want to last longer in bed irrespective of our penis sensitivity or ejaculation efficiency.

So does Promescent really work as claimed? Continue reading to find out !Promescent-Review-Do-This-Male-Enhancement-Spray-Really-Work-reviews-results-formula-amazon-bottle-absorption-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Promescent

Official Website: www.Promescent.com – No Policy

Amazon W/ Refund Policy: (www.Amazon.com/Promescent)

Minimum Price: One Full Bottle – $74.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Usage: Ready Within 5-10 Minutes

Refund Policy: Only At Amazon Retailer

What Is Promescent ?

The official website of this topical spray described this product as the best solution as regards management of premature ejaculation for we men.

They promote that Promescent has a special and/or patented absorption mechanism and that is what gives us the ejaculation control we need to satisfy our partners during sexual activities.

According to them, Promescent is applied through a metered dose bottle on the penis before sex and we will be ready for sex in less than 10 minutes.

Promescent’s manufacturer also promotes this male enhancement formula as being easy and safe to use, Food and Drug Administration compliant, backed up/endorsed by urologists and offers adjustable dosing for maximum control and ultimately for best results.

The claims and promises of this formula from its manufacturers also explain that Promescent is different from other topical and desensitizing sprays and creams available for use by men.

They went on to state the several reasons for its portrayed uniqueness; some of which are how well it works, its fast rate and onset of effect, extent of sexual satisfaction derived from its use and others.

We will see more of them in the benefits of Promescent ! So stay tight and learn more about this item !

How Does Promescent Work?

According to the manufacturer’s and other healthcare professionals’ perspective, Promescent is said to have been endorsed/accepted in the medical community as a safe, effective, easy-to-use solution for premature ejaculation, penile hypersensitivity and to achieve an overall ejaculation control in male subjects.

As they explain, Promescent is absorbed below the surface of the skin where the various nerve endings that regulate male ejaculation are located.

It is known to achieve this unique absorption with its eutectic mixture of ingredients, which enable penetration of topical anesthetic (lidocaine).

To further make its mechanism of action more explicit, the manufacturers promote that the topical eutectically mixed ingredients in Promescent enable lidocaine (one of its constituents) to penetrate the skin’s outer layer (stratum corneum) and reach the underlying dermal papilla, where the nerves are seen.Promescent-Review-Do-This-Male-Enhancement-Spray-Really-Work-reviews-results-formula-amazon-bottle-absorption-user-doctor-website-ingredients-becoming-alpha-male

From here, according to them, the expected result is achieved.

They explain that the lidocaine component in this formula has a very low side effect profile; hence the male enhancement product is safe to use.

Who Is  Promescent For?

According to its manufacturers and several other health professionals, Promescent is known to be a great line therapy for men, who are embarrassed by premature ejaculation and other related sexual dysfunction syndrome and/or disability.

It is recommended by professionals not to be used with condoms.

Research has shown that this spray is effective and do not decrease the man’s sensation, which in turn transfers to his partner like other traditional topical and sprays do.

In fact, this U.S based patented topical male enhancement spray promotes to achieve a whole lot of benefits as regards male sexual dysfunction and others.

Therefore, here’s what real customers users’ reviews found are saying about using this spray !



The Good:

  • Maximum Control of Premature Ejaculation
  • Safe, Effective and Easy-to-use
  • Greater Sexual Sensation
  • Promotes as a Fast Action Spray
  • FDA Compliant for Approval
  • Backed up by Urologists
  • No Prescription is Necessary
  • No Prescription Required
  • Ready within 5-10 Minutes
  • Claims to Have Longer Sex
  • More Intense Sexual Experience
  • Engage her in her Favorite Sexual Position
  • Testimonial Reviews Abound in Amazon Retailer
  • No Side Effects Was Found from Real Users

The Bad:

  1. This Promescent is slightly expensive and the primary website does not offer a return policy, even though it seems like it might really be worth the money, from users’ experience on Amazon website (best choice).

Guarantee/Customer Support

The manufacturers of this male enhancement formula do not offer refund policy from its official website.

Which, if I were to order a bottle, Amazon does have a money back policy for the safety of each user.

On the other hand, they promise to change the product that is defective or that do not spray well with a condition of early pre-information.

According to them, the product can be shipped to our door-step with our permission.

Promescent manufacturers promote that the product is widely accepted into the medical field by experts and other healthcare professional.

See what medical experts and others say about the product:


Closing Thoughts

I have done several researches before putting up this unbiased and honest review about this male enhancement formula, called Promescent.

At this juncture, I will support the various promises and claims from the manufacturers of the product.

Where from my point of view, I actually think the formula will work for us as regard sexual issues, in my opinion and experience with such products.

Where, I have done a number of sprays formulas for male enhancement and most of them fails to make me believe that it could work from the sources I found.

Now Promescent is backed up from real professionals and real consumers, where they claim to really work within 5-10 minutes from spraying this formula to the penis surface.

Fortunately, it can be used without prescription and also safe to use.

Plus, when you visit Amazon retailer at (www.Amazon.com/Promescent), you would see it yourself on what real customer users are saying about the product.


Hey, show me your alive and please feel free to share your comments or leave your own reviews regards Promescent spray formula. What can you say about this product?

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