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Semenex Liquid Formula – Semen Volumizer Overview Here


Semenex Liquid Formula – Semen Volumizer Overview Here

How would it feel to shoot a large load of cum flying everywhere?

Well, it would be impressive for both yourself plus your partner, right!?

Instead of having to swallow pills or tablets, this Semenex liquid formula claims that by taking it, you can expect up to 500% more volume of semen.

Yes, you’re going to find out right now everything regarding this product.



Name of Product: Semenex

Website: www.TechRxLabs. com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Bottle – $29.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 43 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: 30 Days to Return *Unopened Items

What Is Semenex ?

No.. It’s not the “Semenex” powder where it does have the same name of this Semenex liquid formula. We’ve reviewed it and found it not that great of a “semen sweetener” item.

This Semenex is a liquid formula to load up the sperm production to be able to shoot a massive amount of sperm.

As I mention previously, by 500% more volume!

However, this item does not have an official website but only available at the company’s (TechRXLabs) sales page.

Means, we were unable to find it at any retail third-party website or anywhere else.


Matter of fact, let me tell you !

If somehow you haven’t been following us in the daily basis, I used one of their products before to enlarge my penis size but failed to give me the expectation results.

Maybe this semen volumizer might be different!?

Moreover, the company/manufacturer called TechRX Labs, LLC is based in the USA and the only thing they mention that is “value info” from my eyes would be at their “About” section.

Since, they claim to conduct “advanced” and quality products.


Yet, there really is no background whatsoever such as how many years they’ve worked together, where in the USA is this company located, etc.

How Should Semenex Work?

According to Semenex’s company, they share that all liquid formulas work faster than any other method of pills/capsules or tablets.

Semenex liquid formula should absorb 80% of the ingredients in the digestive system.

In most cases, pills/tablets absorb about 10-20% or maybe even less.

This product works by taking the liquid drops which the substances should increase the sperm production to cause stronger and powerful ejaculations.

But not only to shoot bigger loads, they claim to enhance the quality and mobility for we men to be more “manly”.


Semenex liquid formula carries a proprietary selection of special herbs which are highly recognized in the male enhancement industry.

Each substance in this complex have been used for thousands of years to cure sexual impotency and they are such as :

  • L-Arginine – An amino acid to increase blood circulation, helps release HGH.
  • Epimedium – Refers as Horny Goat Weed, boosts libido + Testosterone.
  • Pumpkin Seed – Improves prostate health from enlargement & penis health.
  • Zinc – Increases the sperm production for quantity and sperm quality.
  • L-Lysine – Stimulates the semen production as well to produce more.
  • Maca – Boosts up libido and fertility. Enhances sexuality + energy.
  • L-Carnitine – Helps blood vasodilation, alleviate intermittent claudication.
  • Catuaba Bark – Stimulates the nervous system, good for sexual impotence.

Ingredients in Focus

With all of these ingredients, this combination is supposed to increase men’s ejaculation by up to 500%, as what they promote.

Fertility plays a big role when having sex to get a woman pregnant and believe it or not, they are several men who fails to release enough sperm to cause the female to become pregnant.

Semenex page states to give men more confidence and happiness in their sexual life for both him plus his partner.

Thereby, If I were to use this product, I should experience stronger quality orgasms.


The company’s website where they have this Semenex liquid formula only mentions to take it once a day but failed to say for how many drops to add-on either a spoon, tongue or in a beverage drink since each bottle contains 60ml.

I’m assuming it should say on the bottle’s label.

Yes, it’s a non-prescription product meaning there is no need to see a doctor to order it.

They also shared that it’s a “pharmaceutically approved semen volumizer” but failed to have any sort of form that we as visitors would like to see to have more trust on their products.Semenex-techrx-labs-Liquid-formula-semen-sperm-volume-enhancer-climax-intensity-increase-semen-volume-by-500-becoming-Enhancement-alpha-male


The Good:

  • Increases Sperm Volume
  • Enhances Semen Quality
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Boosts up Confidence
  • Should Increase Fertility
  • Have a Happier Sex Life
  • Stronger Orgasms up to 500%
  • No Prescription is Required
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. First let me tell you that the refund policy is only to return “Unopened” bottles.
  2. Failed to have any form of scientific or clinical studies/trials.
  3. No doctor recommendation or approval is provided.
  4. The company does not share an exact background of who they are.
  5. Doesn’t say anything about under FDA requirements for all user’s safety.
  6. It’s only available at the company’s page since we found this item nowhere else.
  7. No consumers were able to locate for any “real” results or anything about this product.
  8. I personally used one of their products before and it failed to give me results.
  9. We found another similar item to this product, called (VolutreX) in Amazon site.


Yes, the company does guarantee to “boost in load release, fertility, and confidence” but no actual money back guarantee after using the product which makes it risky in my opinion.

Refund policy is for only “unopened” bottles!?

So basically they want me to grab more than one bottle of supplies and test/open a bottle and if it fails to give me results, I would only get the money back refund from the other bottles that I send it back being unopened.

I guess, so if I were to buy one bottle, I’ll lose money, time and effort.

Perhaps, they do mention to ship discreetly, meaning the delivery man or household/neighbors should not know Intensisize-xl-extreme-intensize-liquid-formula-results-review-enlarge-size-increase-Enlargement-penis-permanently-becoming-alpha-malewhat’s inside the package when it gets dropped off at the door or in the mail box.

No proof of any structure is provided for we men to see a better view on their products.

Closing Thoughts

I noticed that each bottle carries a full amount of 60ml.

Since I have mentioned that I used one of their products (Intensisize XL 60ml liquid formula) where they promised me to gain inches in my penis size, I literally had to squeeze 20 drops and swallow it completely.

Which I bet it’s the same process and not only once a day, but twice daily in the am and at evening. P.s. lucky me, I found the Intensisize XL taste very “sweet”.

With more drawbacks of red signs than the advantages on this Semenex liquid formula’s overview, I wouldn’t give this item a shot at all.

You know, we need something that provides proof of everything to have more trust and faith in the formula’s effectiveness.

In the meantime, I’m going to send you directly to the volume enhance who gained the most points which the claims are the same of 500% and up to 5 times more volume plus they offer proof of evidence.

It’s the official “Semenax” where it’s not only a sperm volumizer but enhances erections and overall sexual function to perform better.

You might want to check that out before anything.


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