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Semenex Powder – Semen Sweetener To Have a Better Taste? Must See Results


Semenex Powder – Semen Sweetener To Have a Better Taste? Must See Results

Are you looking to change the taste of your semen?

Well, Semenex claims it’s the solution to give men’s cum a sweet taste.

However, it’s a little different because instead of taking pills, it comes in a powder container to just add and mix the recommendation scoops into a liquid beverage.

Yes, so enjoy this review to know more about Semenex results.Semenex-semen-sweetener-sweet-review-results-does-semenex-really-work-ingredients-clinically-proven-sperm-enhancer-oral-sex-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Semenex Powder

Official Website: www.Semenex.com

Minimum Price: 10 Servings – $45.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 12 Points

Recommended Usage: Two Servings

Money-Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Excatly Is Semenex?

No, it’s not the “Semenax” where it’s a volume enhancer to ejaculate over 5 times stronger and up to 500% more volume of semen.

Because, what Semenex powder should do is to stimulate the taste of sperm/semen. Yet, this product does label to help increase some volume as well.

This Semenex powder is an oral sex enhancer to give semen a “delicious” flavour as what a variety of websites explained since the official webpage is shutdown.

However, it might still be available in some retail third-party sites.

We actually found resources stating that Semenex has been “clinically proven” to work by giving a great “tasting” results.

Keep reading!


This vegetarian formula is made up of an ideal blend of fruits, minerals and essential vitamins to give it a sweet taste.

Semenex proprietary blend carries the ingredients such as Vitamin C, Pineapple, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium, Broccoli, Fructose, Calcium, Selenium, Ginger, Vitamin E, Nutmeg, Citric Acid, Bananas, Creatine, Celery, Vitamin A, Strawberry, and Cinnamon.

Not only it should give tasteful benefits but improvements on general health for a healthier body plus improve user’s sperm count.Semenex-ingredients-semen-sweetener-sweet-review-results-does-semenex-really-work-ingredients-clinically-proven-sperm-enhancer-oral-sex-becoming-alpha-male

How Does It Work?

According to product’s label, they want us men to clear out the old semen by ejaculating.

And how do you that? You know by either having sex or masturbate.

Than after, I would take 2 scoops and mix it with a beverage drink such as water or juice.

They do want we as customer users to drink it for 2 nights in a row then by the following morning, the male reproductive system should be loaded with nutrients and vitamins since the ingredients are all completely natural.

Semenex mentions that the compounds helps replenishment the process of vitamins and nutrients lost during the ejaculation.

For Who Is Semenex For?

How would your partner react to experience a sweet taste of your semen?

I mean, I know for a fact that my partner loves my sperm quality since every time they want more and more.

When having oral sex, instead of a “bitter and salty” cum, this semen sweetener product should give a “delicious” taste of pumpkin pie flavour as what customers users described.

According to a web-based sources, they have free-trial packs of 5 servings.

In fact, consumers said that it does have a “strong smell” where its a green-brownish color mixture.

Semenex label does state to recommend not eating certain foods but to have a specific diet.


Let me help you real quick.

Did you know that drinking 2 cups of pineapple juice in the daily basis can really sweeten up your semen being 100% naturally and safe?

However, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Yellow fruits like mangoes, papaya, melons and pineapple will most definitely enhance the taste of your semen and the smell as according to proven research testes.

Green leafy vegetables also works.

As the ingredients list in this Semenex powder, the combination of cinnamon and celery could really help give it a “delicious” taste.

Yet, drinking coffee, smoking or drinking alcohol makes the taste of cum be bitter and salty so I would avoid that if you’re really looking to sweeten up the taste and smell by food/drinks.Semenex-banner-semen-sweetener-sweet-review-results-does-semenex-really-work-ingredients-clinically-proven-sperm-enhancer-oral-sex-becoming-alpha-male

Semenex Overview


  • Gives Semen a Sweet Taste
  • Promotes to be 100% Safe
  • Contains All Natural Substances
  • Free-Samples Available for Trials
  • Users described as Pumpkin Pie Taste
  • Vitamins & Nutrients helps with General Health
  • Product has been Around for over a Decade
  • Makes Oral Sex more Enjoyable & Fun
  • Sexual Desire for Both Man plus your Partner
  • Claims to help Increase Ejaculation Volume
  • Available in a Few Third-Party Websites


  1. The official website is completely shutdown and several retailers does not have it in-stock anymore. – Discontinued Item
  2. We have not found enough information regarding this product’s label.
  3. I find it Expensive. – 10 Servings for $45.00
  4. Some consumers claims to actually work but others mention that it does not work plus stated that it’s a “waste of money“.
  5. Zinc is the only compound to help increase the volume of ejaculation but they probably contained a very low dosing of it where users might not really shoot a good amount of cum.
  6. That promoting retailers that we found might not to have any money back guarantee for user’s safety.
  7. Customer users on forums reviews said that when drinking the mixture, the taste is awful which they gave it a “yack” reaction.
  8. They shared for in order for the sweet semen to occur, only happens when taking the servings a day after for a single ejaculation of the “sweet” cum. Needs to take another servings for addition results.
  9. Product labels as “clinically proven” but no form of proof was found from the product’s effectiveness.


Since there is no official website, Semenex sweetener powder failed to have any support information.

If I were to buy this product, I would have to check with certain retailers for any shipping discreet, return policy, etc if I can even find Semenex available to purchase it.

Again, there is no form of evidence that it actually works for all men to gain the “sweet semenresults.

Bottom Line Facts

You know, when a product is no longer available or as I may say, seems to be out of stock, it’s usually not a good sign.

Perhaps, I wouldn’t be surprise that they took this supplement out of the market with all the red flags we were able to find about Semenex product.

I’m going to show a semen sweetener enhacer called YummyCum because we reviewed this product and found that it carries only fruit extracts and antioxidants that are highly known to sweeten up the sperm count.

YummyCum seems to be a “professional” product because not only there is an official website but they cover the supplies of bottles with a 60 money back guarantee. 


Maybe you want a volume enhancer to ejaculate massive loads of semen?

Let me help you out as well and point you in the right direction where the company of Semenax (Leading Edge Health,LLC) provided proof of structure from evidence that their natural volume supplement can make we as men climax 5 times more sperm of volume.

No, I am not throwing numbers out.

I would head over to my review to check it.


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