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Shoot Fresh – The Semen Flavor Enhancer – Newest and Recently Formula !


Shoot Fresh – The Semen Flavor Enhancer – Newest and Recently Formula !

While searching for semen sweeteners, I stumble upon the Shoot Fresh formula, who is a semen flavor enhancer.

For a fact, they actually have a YouTube video for a trailer/commercial video, which makes the product slightly more “professional”.

This seminal flavour enhancement supplement claims to sweeten up the taste of all men’s cum/sperm, plus it does seem like they recently introduced it to the market.

But that’s not all, because It’s some affordable and cheap Shoot Fresh bottles ! At this review, we’re going to take a quick look on how it works, what to expect, and every other aspect about this male product.Shoot-Fresh-The-Semen-Flavor-Enhancer-Newest-Recently-Formula-results-review-users-2014-semen-sweetener-booster-becoming-alpha-male

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Name of Product: Shoot Fresh

Official Website: www.ShootFresh.com

Minimum Price: 1 Bottle – $23.00 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 85 Points

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is Shoot Fresh ?

Shoot Fresh formula was found in a third-party website, but they do have an official main webpage and as I’m reading the “About Us” section, they claim that it’s the “ultimate seminal fluid enhancement supplement“.

Now for the company’s name, they mention that they are also called (Shoot Fresh) as well, and their mission is to improve user’s sexual life by enhancing a better semen taste.

According to them, it should boost up enjoyment, pleasure and a few other benefits !

However, it’s not only for men to gain the flavor results, because women can also use it, since it should only carry natural and safe compounds.

The product’s company also mention that they provided several tests and trials done on the formula before introducing to the market. Yet, I can’t find any data or structure on the Shoot Fresh primary website.

There is no proof of nothing found, but keep reading to see it’s worth giving the formula a shot !

Ingredient’s Profile

As Shoot Fresh official website states, it carries only “highly concentrated herbal and fruit extracts” in the formula’s complex.

These ingredients should cause no negative side effects, and only boost up the flavor of semen.

Which, we found that they are only 2 components such as (Cinnamon) and (Bromelain), who is a natural enzyme found in the stem and fruit of the pineapple.

Yes, both of them have been proven to sweeten up the taste of sperm.

Some folks out there would rather drink 2 cups of natural pineapple juice per day or eat several pineapples and experience the positive effects later on.

But from taking a capsule, it’s much easier !

Perhaps, Cinnamon helps with blood circulation as well, where it boost up more blood flow to the male organ to experience better sexual relate.

How To Take It?

All I would have to do is pop 2 single pills per day for the recommended time frame and I should experience the tasty benefits.

Now, according to Shoot Fresh company, they do mention that these capsules are not made from gelatine caps, but from “high quality veggie caps“.

Meaning, it’s not from animal-based capsules !

Each Shoot Fresh bottle comes with 60 caps for a month supply and to make it easy and simple, they want we as customer users to only intake 2 vegetarian pills at the same time in a daily basis.

They do promote from another website where the product’s official website sends visitors to, they claim that it was produced from GMP and pharmaceutical companies from a “media team” who have many years of experience.

What Are The Benefits?

This semen flavor enhancer claims that all users will shoot fresh and better tasting for 24-7 from taking a dose in a regular basis.

It should give a “lighter, fruiter and much less pungent” taste, as the product’s official website explains.

They claim to make sex more enjoyable, fun and pleasurable for both partners. Yes, both man and woman can use the formula from whatever age group.

Since they mention to combine maximum dosing of the Bromelain primary active-ingredient, it should decrease muscle soreness (known as DOMS) from exercises.

For the Cinnamon and as I said previously, it has an effect to warm up the body by increasing blood circulation all around and therefore, you should experience better sex.

That way, it should enhance and improve sexual lifestyle for a higher satisfaction rate.



  • Lighter, Fruiter, and Better TasteShoot-Fresh-The-Semen-Flavor-Enhancer-Newest-Recently-Formula-results-review-users-2014-semen-sweetener-booster-bottle-becoming-alpha-male
  • Should be Completely Safe
  • Very Cheap & Affordable Price
  • Combined Both Natural Substances
  • Enhances More Enjoyment & Fun
  • Produced From a GMP Laboratory
  • Made From Vegetarian Capsules
  • Brand New and Recently Introduced
  • Stimulates More Pleasure + Satisfaction
  • For Both Man or Woman To Gain Results


  1. Nothing for proof of evidence, such as a form of the “testing and trials”.
  2. Product’s official website does not mention anything about a money back guarantee.
  3. Not made in the USA, and even though they mention the ingredients, it does not show the quantity of each active ingredient.
  4. No compounds to increase ejaculation volume, but it’s just a sweeten flavor booster.


Even though this Shoot Fresh formula does mention the company/brand’s name, the product was produced from all the way in Australia country.

Yet, they do have it available for US dollars, as according to the them.

In fact, the official website redirects straight to a different third-party website to order the formula, and they actually have more information about the product’s label there.

Regards the shipping process and the money back guarantee?

For the shipping procedure, it says at the bottom of the website that “shipping times may vary” and nothing else about any discreet packages.

Now for the money back guarantee, we are unable to find anything at anywhere about any return or refund.

To contact them, they provide a form for via email.

Bottom Line Facts

Coming to the review summary, we noticed that this Shoot Fresh formula of pills have been recently around in social networks.

But since they just finished introducing it to the industry in July 2014, the bottles will not get delivered until October 2014, meaning we as customer users would have to pay for the bottle supply and get in a 2-3 months.

However, you’ll be surprise when I point you to a different direction, where the Yummy Cum formula contains the same compounds as this Shoot Fresh item, but 2 extra natural substances.

Plus, they offer to show the quantity of each active ingredient, such as Pineapple extract (250mg), Acai extract (150mg), Wheatgrass extract(100mg), and Cinnamon (40mg).

And they actually cover the pills with a 60 day money back guarantee, since this Shoot Fresh product does not say anything about any return/refund policy.

I would personally stop by my review and check it out for your tasty needs and safety.


Let me ask you ! What are your thoughts or opinion on this subject? I hope this review have highlighted all aspects regards the new Shoot Fresh flavor enhancement. Remember, if you have any concerns or questions, drop me a line below on the comment section !

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