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Single Herbs For Men – Review – Natural Male Function Enhancement Formula


Single Herbs For Men – Review – Natural Male Function Enhancement Formula

Every man would be pleased if he will be able to perform his sexual responsibility with a high sensation of satisfaction for both partners; yet there are still people who are deprived of that due to either sexual disability and/or dysfunction.

As a result of this, several male sexual function enhancement formulas abound on various internet directories stating so many claims and promises.

During my painstaking research for such male enhancement formula, I came across the Single Herbs for Men (a 4 ounce bottle), which promotes to be the most effective natural medicine for enhancing the male sexual function.

According to Greenbush Herbs International, the Single Herbs for men is known to be highly potent, pure and very effective compared to its counterparts.

In that case, does this approach really work as claimed? Continue reading to find out !Single-Herbs-For-Men-Review-Natural-Male-Function-Enhancement-Formula-greenbush-male-enlargement-liquid-bottle-website-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Single Herbs for Men

Official Website: www.GreenBush.com/Singleherbs

Minimum Price: Each Bottle (4oz)– $19.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 43 Points

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: 30 Day Return Policy

What Is Single Herbs For Men ?

Single Herbs for men are the Greenbush natural products which promotes to be some powerful sexual enhancement herb formula formulated in pure and potent form.

The Single Herbs for Men as portrayed in the manufacturers’ official website, is some well researched male enhancement formula and it’s recommended by herbal experts, as according to them.

As they do mention, this item is very effective in increasing endurance and strengthening erectile function for sexual activities.

Though much details were not found about this natural male enhancement formula, Greenbush Herbs International stated that they offer the Single Herbs for Men (a pure and powerful male enlargement liquid formula with 24 doses) in combination with a free Penis Enlargement Exercise guide at no extra cost.

To further explain more about the Single Herbs for men, the rightful owners of the product, promote that their penis enlargement/enhancement approach involves the use of a combination of exercises and a few herbs in the pure form which would effectively achieve an increase in size and performance as well as the strength of our erection.

From my research and findings obtained before putting up this honest and unbiased review, this Greenbush Herbs International product “Single Herbs for Men” combined nature and exercise techniques/guidelines to help us achieve our desired penile enlargement and/or enhancement.

The company states that they observe Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines compared to its counterparts.

Read on to find out more about this male enhancement formula.

How Does The Single Herbs For Men Work ?

The mechanisms of action of these herbs were stated based on the particular herb in question.

The manufacturers explain that these extracts are alcohol free, medicinally potent for the purpose they are meant for and holistically balanced.

These Single Herbs for men includes Vitality for Men, Yohimbine Extract, Muira Puama Extract, Wild Oats Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract and others by the Greenbush Herbs International.

Pure Yohimbine works for both sexual vigor and for toning/strengthening of the duration of erections.

Wild Oats stimulates libido and increases sexual strength as well as stamina.

Pure Saw Palmetto Extract gives higher sex drive by raising our testosterone level.

Pure Ginkgo Bilabo gives good sexual health and stamina.

Pure Muira Puama helps to achieve larger, longer and stronger erections.

According to them, we would combine any of these with their exercise techniques to achieve a significantly enhanced sexual function and strength.

Who Is Single Herbs For Men For?

The manufacturers of the Single Herbs for Men, in their official website, promote this formula as a well researched, potent and highly recommended male enhancement approach approved by herbal experts.

Now as they do mention, the Single Herbs are mainly for us men who want to last longer in bed, need penis enlargement, sexual function enhancement as well as for those who need vitality and more desire for sex.

The Greenbush Natural Products; Single Herbs for Men claims to offer to us several benefits as regards our sexual organ enhancement and/or enlargement.

Plus, gain more healthy improvements on overall sexual function and penis health as well.



  • Claims to Increases Penis Size
  • Promotes More Sex Drive
  • Enhances Sexual Function
  • Gain Longer Duration on Erections
  • Increase in Strength of Erection
  • Promotes Libido, Desire, Vigor
  • Mentions Discretely Packaged
  • Fair and Affordable Price for a Bottle
  • Gain Improvements on Sexual Health
  • Claims a 30 Day Return Policy


  1. Only recommended by herbal experts.
  2. Not endorsed by doctors or physicians.
  3. There is nothing for proof to back up the claims.
  4. Customer users video/ audio proofs are not seen.
  5. Testimonials are limited, where it shows none.
  6. Does not mention to have scientific evidence or clinical studies.


The manufacturers of the Single Herbs for Men do not offer much guarantee and/or support, in my opinion.

The male enhancement formula is only recommended by the “herbal experts” and not by doctors or other healthcare professionals to really make it safe for us as users.

On the other hand, the formula has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Furthermore, the safety of this Single Herbs for Men is not assured. So, we were instructed to watch for allergies during use.

Refund policy?

I was actually able to find where they do mention to have a 30 day return policy and you will either get a replacement or credit, as they explain.

International shipping is by priority mail international through the U.S. Post office.

Closing Thoughts/ My Personal Opinion  

From this honest and responsible review about the Single Herbs for men, I have no doubt that we are now fully enlightened about what the male enhancement formula really is and what it can and cannot do for us men.

From my research and findings, there are no proofs to back up all the claims and promises by this male enhancement formula.

Also, videos of results obtained by customer users before and after use of the product, were not documented. The adverse effect possibilities are not explicit.FURTHERLONG-Male-Enhancement-Enlargement-liquid-formula-supplement-penis-growth-size-review-techrx-labs-llc-becoming-alpha-male

From my own perspective, this product might not really be worth using it.

At this juncture, let me introduce you to the FurtherLong Male Enhancement, which is a highly effective and proven male enhancement product from real customer users found on Amazon retailer.

Yes, I actually did a review on it as well and saw that most users like us, would go for something more quality that has consumers’ reviews based on their personal experience.

FurtherLong carries all natural and effective herbs, for sexual ability and function. And for penis enlargement, I personally wouldn’t give such a product a shot for this particular reason.

Why? Well, you might be disappointed because no male enhancement in today’s market has the potential to increase penis size by 2-4″ inches. 

I actually have tried a similar liquid product for a few months and I gained no inches at all. But if you do want a penis enlargement progress, I would stop by my review regards the Penis Enlargement Bible.



I hope you found every solution to any of your issues, for needing a male enhancement or penis enlargement. And if you have different opinions than mines, I’d would to hear it ! Drop it below in the comment box.

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