Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump By Converter Lab – Review, Must See!

Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump By Converter Lab – Review, Must See!

Since penis pumps are the “specific” tools to increase blood circulation to the penis chambers, SizeDoctor Electric penis-pump should be able to help enlarge penis size.

In fact, we have stumbled across to be on the top row category for one of the best enlargement pumps in a website reviews.

Follow down to find out more about SizeDoctor Electric pump if can really help increase your manhood size.Size-doctor-electric-penis-pump-method-device-enhancer-stimulator-converter-lab-products-review-results-kit-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Size Doctor Electric Pump

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Complete Kit – $74.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 87 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Day Return Policy

What Is Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump?

According to the product’s official website, SizeDoctor Electric penis-pump features a penile tube in a vacuum cylinder to enhance and stimulate sexual arousal.

By doing that, it boosts up the erections potential for longer, harder and stronger erections.

In fact, they claim to be the safest and simplest method to cause no harmful or negative side effects.

Unlike some other penis pumps in today’s market who claims to gain other sexual benefits, SizeDoctor Electric pump device promotes to only be an erection enhancer.


This male product is from the manufacturer/company who goes by the name of (Converter Labs, LLC) and reading the about this company’s background, they mention that “customer service is our first priority“.

According to them, their team works hard to provide helpful information for any concerns or questions and they added that all of their products will be shipped out the door as quickly as possible to gain more customer users satisfaction.

Converter Lab, LLC states to have many years of experience in the male and female sexual enhancement category which they don’t only sell the penis pump method but other “Doctor Size” products as well.

How Does Size Doctor Electric Penis Pump Work?

Like every other penis pumps in the male enhancement market, by inserting penis into the tube cylinder, SizeDoctor Electric device should work by using an electrically powered vacuum process for “gentle” force the penis to create an erection.

Since it’s a vacuum device, the suction process will add pressure on the erectile chambers to pump up more blood-flow circulation for harder and stronger erections.Size-doctor-electric-penis-pump-method-device-enhancer-stimulator-converter-lab-products-review-results-kit-before-after-becoming-alpha-male

SizeDoctor Electric penis-pump is a battery operator but they don’t include the requirement of AA size batteries when buying the supplies.

This complete kit carries a few items such as the 3 tension rings, Flexible Silicon Sleeve, loading cone for tension ring, Adapter bushing and comes with Deluxe pouch.


This sexual stimulation device is not for everyone because it can not accommodate penis sizes of more than 8″ inches in length and 6″ 3/4 inches in girth.

Which, this certain penis size or bigger won’t fit inside the vacuum cylinder, as they explained.

SizeDoctor Electric pump promotes that it’s only for boosting harder, longer and stronger erections.

The company states that it’s safe, hygienic and easy-to-use and they also claim that it’s a comfortable device.

Moreover, since it’s an erections enhancer for erectile potential and size, sexual pleasure plus satisfaction should increase with the blood rushing in the penis chambers.Size-doctor-electric-penis-pump-method-device-enhancer-stimulator-converter-lab-products-review-results-device-becoming-alpha-male



  • Enhances Erections Potency
  • Fair Price – Affordable
  • Increases Erections Size
  • Claims to be 100% Safe
  • Should be a Comfortable Device
  • Stimulates Sexual Pleasure
  • Easy-To-Use Pumping Tool
  • Before-And-After Photos
  • Hygienic Method as Well


  1. SizeDoctor Electric penis-pump does not accommodate penis bigger than 8″ inches and 6″ 3/4 inches in width.
  2. According to product’s label, it’s only for strengthens erections when other penis pumps have several features such as to help with Peyronie’s Disease, etc.
  3. Failed to include “AA size” batteries where buyers would have to buy it somewhere else and later on batteries runs out.


We found on the Converter Labs, LLC official page where there is a section to mention about covering up with a 60-day money back guarantee.

So If it fails to give ideal erection results or if a consumer is not satisfied with the product, send it back for full refund.

Discreet shipping?

Does not mention anything about the shipping if it’s discreet or anything about payment appearance on credit card statements.

They do state to have a tracking code reference number when buyers create an account at their official website.

Also, they support to show a number of before-and-after results of photos where customer users have gained considerable gains from using their devices.

Review Summary

What can I say about this penis pump device?

Well, it’s an affordable price plus they included before and after pictures for all visitors to see, which is proof of evidence that it works.

But they failed to mention any other benefits such as to treat the erectile dysfunction which I’m assuming it should help with this particular problem that men all over the world are facing.

It does not say anything about the Peyronie’s Disease or any real “penis enlargement” statements to really enlarge the male organ size.

No proof from clinical or scientific data but again, the pictures is somewhat proof.

For the price, it might be worth giving it a shot so head over to the official website ( to find out more about the Size Doctor Electric penis pump.


Now if you want something that is more advanced and is really a penis enlargement pump then I’ll share with you my review on the Penomet Water-pump.Penomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-does-penomet-really-work-System-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, it’s a water device pump to use while taking a shower/bath.

Plus they claim to work without water on just pure air.

Penomet does have proof of evidence from the scientific structure but it’s more money and it works with water alone. No need to buy any batteries, etc.

The complete system comes with 5 gaiters meaning 5 different settings for pressure to add on the erectile chambers and that way treats (ED), Peyronie’s Disease plus ggrowsyour member in a completely natural way.


I really hope this Size Doctor Electric Pump review has helped you figure out if it’s the right choice for you. If you have any questions or concerns, remember to share with me a reply.


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