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SizeDoctor Penis Enlargement System – Before-and-After Results from Review – MUST SEE Unique System !


SizeDoctor Penis Enlargement System – Before-and-After Results from Review – MUST SEE Unique System !

A unique penis enlargement method who goes by the name of (SizeDoctor), claims to enlarge several aspect of the penis, such as length, girth, glans and erectility.

In fact, we have done a review on the “SizeDoctor” extender and penis-pump as devices, but this SizeDoctor Penis Enlargement System is from a different company and completely different.

I mean, as I scroll down at the product’s official website, they promote that SizeDoctor is “a result of 5 years of Research & Development“.

So let’s find out all about this male system, maybe it’s the “real deal” for penis enlargement.

This overall review should tell you how it works, the results and several other information.

Sit back, relax and scroll down to read !SizeDoctor-Penis-Enlargement-System-Before-and-After-Results-Review -Unique-System-Reviews-Increase-Size-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: SizeDoctor®

– Penis Enlargement System

Only At Official Website: www.SizeDoctor.us

Minimum Price: Complete Kit – $345.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 93 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is SizeDoctor® ?

As I mention previously, it’s a penis enlargement system for not only to increase penis overall size, but the primary website mentions several other benefits as well.

It should cure the premature ejaculation issue, correct curved penis, treat erectile dysfunction condition for stronger and harder erections, plus other features.

According to product’s company, they designed this innovative and unique system with much dedication and with medical quality materials for all men to use.

Yes, unlike some other “penis enlargement” devices, SizeDoctor official website do offer to show the company’s name (Meridian Co, Ltd) and a page-section about this company’s background.

They mention that they are a manufacturer who develops medical devices to treat several sexual aspect to restore men’s sexual life for “brighter and more joyful” lifestyle.

This medical penis enlargement method should be completely safe to gain natural growth on overall penis size.SizeDoctor-Penis-Enlargement-System-Before-and-After-Results-Review -Unique-System-Reviews-Increase-Glans-Size-how-it-works-becoming-alpha-male

No prescription portion is necessary and anyone can grab an order for the complete kit !

How Does SizeDoctor® Works?

As the product’s company explains, SizeDoctor system works with “excellent performances without making side-effects“, where they do mention that it have been proven to work effectively on a number of consumers.

In fact, they have a special page for just the (Certificates) and Medical Studies from BJU International for proof of evidence.

SizeDoctor is a vacuum technology to apply suction pressure on the penis glans and cause stretching and expand the erectile tissues with gently force for length, girth and increase the penis glans as well, from the suction vacuum.

Looking through the videos on how to use it, first thing I would have to do is apply a soluble gel to flaccid penis, then adjust the vacuum-tube device on to the penis and press penis retention base on the pubic.

Then with the right hand, I would insert the air vacuum-pump and now pump the air suction until the penis glans are fully engorged with blood.

Last but least, remove the air suction pump by pressing the safety valve to lock the suction process and finally, wear it upwards underneath clothing being discreet.

Seems very simple and easy as what it shows on the “How To Use It” videos !

SizeDoctor-Penis-Enlargement-System-Before-and-After-Results-Review -Unique-System-Reviews-Increase-Size-how-it-works-becoming-alpha-male

Expected Results?

The SizeDoctor official website mentions for all users to wear it for 3-5 hours only and unlike other extender methods, most of them says for 8 hours daily.

Yes, this penis enlargement system will increase length and girth size by the gentle force from traction to divide and multiply the cells for more growth.

In fact, at the primary main website, they do show before-and-after pictures, where it dramatically increased size for a longer, thicker and larger tool.

Now for the penis glans (head), they claim to enlarge the size up to 50% within 3-6 months.

Yet, they offered to show exactly how that could happen, since the vacuum tube pumps maximum blood to the penis glans to make it look like a “mushroom” head.

And for the premature ejaculation, they highly promote a 97% success rate.

According to them, SizeDoctor system stimulates certain nerve while stretching and that way, it prevents from quick ejaculation known as (premature ejaculation).

Now for a curved penis recognized as Peyronie’s Disease, it should straighten up the penis in the long-run and they do mention to heal and treat this condition.

Erectile dysfunction, it should strengthen the erectile tissues and causes to create stronger, harder and bigger erections.

Overview Structure


  • Unique Penis Enlargement SystemSizeDoctor-Penis-Enlargement-System-Before-and-After-Results-Review -Unique-System-Reviews-Increase-Size-how-it-works-video-becoming-alpha-male
  • Increases Length Size for Growth
  • Enlarges Girth Gains for Thickness
  • Promotes that It’s Completely Safe
  • Gain Natural Growth – Permanent
  • Enlarges Penis Glans (Penis Head)
  • Cures The Premature Ejaculation
  • Shows The Company’s Background
  • Treats Erectile Dysfunction Issue
  • Shows Before-and-After Results
  • Helps Straighten Up the Curvature
  • Mentions to Strengthen “BC muscle”
  • Offers to Show Medical Studies for Proof
  • WorldWide Shipping in Plain Bax – Discreet
  • Claims a 100% Money Back Guarantee


  1. Even though the product’s name (SizeDoctor) says it all, there is no doctor endorsement found.
  2. They mention a money back guarantee for 3 months, but then we found that they will only refund within 10 days only.

Customer Support/Guarantee

SizeDoctor official website is a well-organized webpage for each section regards the product’s label.

The company (Meridian Co, Ltd) is based in the United States and as I mention earlier, they do have a page about this manufacturer’s background.

As they explain, all orders are shipped within 48 hours and should come in a plain box with no content or nothing written for the privacy of all users.

Depending on your local area, it can take up to 3-10 business days, and they state to ship via EMS GLOBAL EXPRESS MAIL.SizeDoctor-Penis-Enlargement-System-Before-and-After-Results-Review -Unique-System-Reviews-Increase-Size-company-becoming-alpha-male

Now the money back guarantee?

Well, the official website does have a front banner statement saying that “If after 3 months you do not get any results, we offer you 100% money back“.

However, when I click on the (Shipping Delivery) tab where it has information regards the discreet shipping, it does say that they will refund the package within 10 days and that’s only if it’s not opened or damage.

Other than that, it does not mention anything about the “3 months” money back guarantee.

Final Facts

From my personal point of view, this SizeDoctor is more of a “extender” device.

Even though it does seem that it might be slightly effective, we found no customer user to mention any experience with this unique traction method.

Furthermore, I would take a quick look at a complete different process for penis enlargement.

The Phallosan Forte system is more a “condom-belt” technology to apply to hold on to the penis without causing slippage and more comfort.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-complete-system-coming-alpha-male

Yes, they do have a several proof that it works effectively, safe for penis enlargement growth gains, plus a many benefits from using the Phallosan Forte complete system.

In fact, it’s cheaper than the SizeDoctor method so therefore, it wins from my personal opinion after reviewing both penis enlargement system.


I hope you enjoyed reading this complete review from before-and-after results on what to expect and if you have any questions or concerns, feel completely free to throw me a line below. It’s my pleasure to answer you as soon as possible !

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