SizeDVD Review – The Real Deal or Not?! Does SizeDVD Really Work? Find Out in this Review

SizeDVD Review – The Real Deal or Not?! Does SizeDVD Really Work? Find Out in this Review

Research has shown that a bigger penis size makes one’s partner feel more satisfied during sexual intercourse and that majority of women prefer that.

Therefore, a good number of men out there are not satisfied with their penis size; hence seek strategies to acquire a bigger member.

Surfing the internet to investigate the several penis enlargement programs available on the internet, I came across a penis enlargement program called the SizeDVD.

It claims to be the solution to small penis size with the effects achieved in a safe and effective manner.

Obviously, the SizeDVD website does not look professional considering the claims and promises the program portrays. Let us hope the initiators have some strong proofs to back up and support their claims.

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Name of Product: SizeDVD

Official Website:

Minimum Price: Buy DVD For– $29.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 41 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 2 Months

Refund Policy: 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is SizeDVD?

SizeDVD promotes to be a new penis enlargement exercise program, which comes in form of an interactive video.

It states to contain eighteen (18) different penis enlargement exercises ranging from mild routines to more advanced ones.

According to them, SizeDVD can be used alone or in combination with the Jelq Device, Enlargel lube, Penismaster for greater outcomes.

Evidently, the fact that the SizeDVD is practically visual sounds good, but in the aspect of clinical and/or scientific approval, I doubt if it meets up. Why?

Nothing was stated about the company and we could not find real reviews on third-party website as well as doctor’s endorsement.

Additionally, the owners of this program mention that it is a complete workout that will achieve the penis size we want without causing any side effects.

Yet, they do have a refund policy and promises to offer fast shipping discretely (nobody will know what is packaged).

More details ahead.

How Does SizeDVD Work?

SizeDVD, according to the information seen on the program’s official website, are compilations of majorly exercise routine, claiming to cause the increase of our member size.

Evidently, the program initiators do not explain any specific mechanism by which it elicits its enhancement/enlargement effects.

Generally, most penis enlargement programs seen on the internet shares to increase the blood holding capacity of the penile blood holding chambers and/or increase the penile blood flow.

Unfortunately, it did not mention any of such effect.

Could this be a sign of ineffectiveness? In my opinion, the right answer is yes, because adequate program details could have made the SizeDVD more credible.

Get more facts about the SizeDVD as you read down the review!


Who Can Use SizeDVD?

In line with the description seen on the program’s official website, SizeDVD is meant for men who desire to achieve a bigger penis size for enhanced sexual pleasure and/or satisfaction.

Similarly, it is not for under-aged individuals. It should be for folks who are eighteen years and above.

Nothing was mentioned about SizeDVD having negative effects on people with certain medical condition.

But it will be wise, we consult a healthcare professional if at all we should use the program.

Irrespective of the poor details about SizeDVD, it claims a reasonable number of benefits, which I think a summarized preview of these facts will give a clearer perspective of the program.

Follow down!

Customer Support/Guarantee

Going through the program’s official website, I found out that the refund policy was clearly stated.

That is, a user’s who are not satisfied with the result they got can complain within 30 days of purchase to get a refund.

Making the program practically visual, I think it’s also supportive. The program initiators also promise to make the shipping discreet and fast for their clients.

They did well by providing answers to the commonly asked questions, by customers, on their website.

Additionally, they can be only contacted by filling a form displayed on their official website.

SizeDVD Overview

The Positives:SizeDVD-Review-The-Real-Deal-or-Not-Does-SizeDVD-Really-Work-Find-Out-in-this-Review-reviews-before-and-after-results-penis-enlargement-program-screenshots-website-becoming-alpha-male

  • Claims to Increase Penis Size
  • It’s an All Natural Method
  • Easy to do Exercise Routines
  • Interactive Videos
  • Claims no Side Effects
  • Completely Fair Price
  • Mentions Fast Shipping
  • Offers Discreet Shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Negatives:

  1. Though videos were shown, nothing found for before-and-after videos or pictures were seen;
  2. The website is poorly designed, failing the lack of information and program’s description lacks facts;
  3. No information was mentioned about the company or its background;
  4. Nothing from a doctor endorsement or recommendation for approval;
  5. Unable to find any data from clinical trials done to really increase penis size;
  6. Have not found any reviews/comments on other third-party websites to mention anything about this program.

Review Summary

SizeDVD is undoubtedly a good idea in that the techniques of penis enlargement are now in the visual form.

But the inadequacy of information makes it questionable!

Such a program with profound benefits should state strong proofs that it actually works, not just showing the video and pictures of naked men showing on how to exercise.

Agreeably, the price is affordable with an accompanying refund policy; that isn’t the case as we need to make sure that what we will be given will achieve our intended expectations.

At this juncture, I will have to say that SizeDVD may add some size combining it with the previously mentioned methods, such as the Jelq Machine/Device and together by using the Enlargel lubricant formula.

However, if you would like to use the same procedure that I personally used to gain my growth gains in penis size, let me introduce a more effective penis enlargement program, called The Penis Enlargement Bible, click here to visit my review!


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