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SizeTrac Extender Review – Is SizeTrac Really The Best Choice? Does It Work?


SizeTrac Extender Review – Is SizeTrac Really The Best Choice? Does It Work?

The official website of the SizeTrac extender promises that by using their penis enlargement system, we as users can expect up to 3″ permanent inches.

Yes, product’s website does seem like a profession well-designed webpage.

SizeTrac also promotes for the Peyronie’s Disease as well, known as a curved penis and that way, it should make it straighter and gain more size.

For a fact, as I’m scrolling down at the main webpage, it seems like they got some evidence to back it up !

We will investigate and provide you with as much valuable information based on all about this SizeTrac extender.

Follow down at this review !



Name of Product: SizeTrac

Official Website: www.SizeTrac.com

Minimum Price: Basic Package – $199.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 75 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 3-6 Months

Refund Policy: 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

What Is SizeTrac ?

SizeTrac is a penis enlargement extender to add more length and girth to your male member there, plus they mention a few other benefits as well.

Now, according to the company behind this form of method, they mention that extender devices are the only clinically proven material to guarantee results of growth.

Thereby, SizeTrac shares it’s proven by medical healthcare and real doctors, which they offer to show an endorsement from (Dr. Eduardo A. Gomez de Diego).SizeTrac-Extender-Review-Does-Size-Trac-Really-work-before-and-after-results-reviews-traction-extender-method-device-penis-enlargement-doctor-becoming-alpha-male

It also shows that it’s a medical registered device from the FDA and CE !

Even though they are many extender devices out there, what matters the most is the comfort, and evidence for proof of results.

Is should be completely safe, effective and naturally gain inches of growth being permanent as well.

That means, they claim that no side effects will occur, unless you fail to use it properly.

According to the FAQ section on the webpage, this SizeTrac device has been “tested by thousands of people and standards organizations“.

It does show a logo from the Spike Tv channel and when I clicked it to see what would happen, it took me to YouTube to check out the video and it only states “penile extender” and not “SizeTrac extender”.

Follow down !

How Does SizeTrac Work?

Extenders are known as a penis stretcher, and as they explain, SizeTrac include the Androcomfort band to spread the pressure of the glans (penis head) in a comfortable way.

That way, it allows us as customer users to wear it for a longer period of time.

The product’s official website mentions its easy-to-use and all I would have to do is slide the traction device to the penis and grab the flexible silicone ring and wrap it around the penis head and let it gently pull.

And for those who don’t know, by applying an amount of pressure and constant traction to the male organ, it begins to separate the tissues for new growth of tissue cells.

So within a period of time, you can expect additional growth in the pens size.

Principle traction have been used for centuries to increase more length and enlarge certain body parts, such as neck, lips, ears and African Tribes attached weights to elongate the male organ.SizeTrac-Extender-Review-Does-Size-Trac-Really-work-before-and-after-results-reviews-traction-extender-method-device-penis-enlargement-doctor-guarantee-titanium-basic-becoming-alpha-male

SizeTrac primary website does provide clinical studies to view in a PDF format/file, plus the doctor’s approval and recommendation.


SizeTrac penis enlargement mentions to fit all penis sizes and to gain the permanent growth, it is required to wear it throughout the day for at least 2-8 hours per day.

What counts the most is the time worn and not the amount of traction tension added.

That way, It’s designed to use it under clothing while at work (office), home or sleeping, as according to them.

How many gains to expect?

As the product’s company claims, they are promoting to expect up to 3″ full inches in length from using this device and for the girth, it states that it recommends to follow with some penile exercise routines.

Yes, at the (Testimonial) page, they offer to show before-and-after pictures for proof of results, where consumers have really gained inches.

Once we have grown to the size we want, you can stop using the device and still remain the new growth of inches, and again, it matters on how long you wear it.

And for the Peyronie’s Disease, they promote to correct the curvature of the penis by up to 40-70%.

Instead of going under a knife for penile surgery, this SizeTrac claims it’s for you, if you have a smaller than average penis size or a curved penis.

They state that even if you use this SizeTrac extender to only straighten the penis, you will gain more growth on your manhood’s size.

Customer Support/Guarantee

No, there is no assistance needed from doctors because they promote as already approved from a real medical doctor’s endorsement.

SizeTrac official website states to ship worldwide to anywhere at whatever country and it could take up to 10 business days to receive the system.

It does not mention anything about discreet shipping for the privacy of each user.SizeTrac-Extender-Review-Does-Size-Trac-Really-work-before-and-after-results-reviews-traction-extender-method-device-penis-enlargement-doctor-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

Now for the money back guarantee?

It comes with a 6 month refund policy and they recommend to give the traction device a “fair chance” and use it for at least 6 months.

And if we as customer users does not see any growth gains after 180 days, you will be entitled to the full refund, as they explain.

The SizeTrac comes in 4 different packages, which the cheapest version is the Basic package and the most complete one, would be the Titanium package for $349 USD.


The Green Flags:SizeTrac-Extender-Review-Does-Size-Trac-Really-work-before-and-after-results-reviews-traction-extender-method-device-penis-enlargement-doctor-guarantee-titanium-becoming-alpha-male

  • Claims Up to 3″ Inches in Length
  • Increase Girth by 30% More
  • Shares That It’s 100% Natural
  • Approved By Medical Doctors
  • Corrects Curvature – Peyronie’s
  • Shows Before-and-After Pictures
  • FDA Registered & CE Standards
  • Promotes to Gain Permanent Growth
  • Does Provide Clinical Studies as Well
  • Carries a 6 Month Money Back Guarantee

The Red Flags:

  1. As I clicked on the “Clinical Studies“, it seems to me that they are just data from overall extenders and not from this SizeTrac traction method.
  2. On the Spike TV video that I personally watched, it points out as just an “extender” as well. Reused data? I think so.
  3. They require all consumers to use it for at least 6 months to process the refund.

My Opinion and Advice

Even though this SizeTrac penis enlargement system is recognized as an effective material, due to the evidence they provide from before-and-after images, doctor’s endorsement, etc, It’s just a basic traction extender.

Yes, believe it or not, there are a few other extender devices out there that are much more advanced than this SizeTrac one.

Plus, this product’s company will only refund the money back if it does work, after the 6 months have passed.

Therefore, I will point you to a better path for something more “professional” and advanced.X4-Labs-Male-enlargement-extender-review-results-how-to-use-x4-labs-extender-method-world-trusted-brand-becoming-alpha-male

The X4 Labs complete system not only share other benefits, it’s a 4-in-1 comfort system. That means, there is more ways to add and grip the penis to hold it without causing slippage.

They offer to show several ways for proof of evidence, its designed as in 24K Gold medical material, it’s completely comfortable to wear it for a longer period of time and other features.

Now for the money back guarantee, X4 Labs will refund the money back within 6 months, which you won’t have to wait for the 6 month time frame to return the traction device like this SizeTrac method.

I would check out my review to see if it’s really for you, since the price is somewhere same, but it’s much more advanced in my opinion.


I hope this review has assisted you to resolve any concerns by providing a neutral standpoint with this product. And if you find something unclear, all you have to do is fire me a line below this review in the comment section. Don’t hesitate to share your experience !

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