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Somatrol Homeopathic HGH – Review Of Results!


Somatrol Homeopathic HGH – Review Of Results!

HGH are known in the bodybuilder industry, especially the injection kind, which is expensive and dangerous.

However, in the recent decades, scientists and researchers have been creating Homeopathic HGH for folks who rather go natural and gain improvements on overall looks with a better muscle tone.

Somatrol seems to give positive benefits on youthful appearance.Somatrol-hgh-formula-product-supplement-results-review-side-effects-muscle-growth-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Somatrol

Website: www.SomatrolDirect.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $59.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 60 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 4-6 Weeks

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Day Return Policy

What Is Somatrol HGH?

It’s a supplement who presents to be a homeopathic HGH booster claiming to stimulate growth factor levels in muscle development when using this professional grade formula.

Yes, It’s an all natural product which no prescription portion necessary and can be ordered online.

The manufacturer of this supplement state that this formulation was conducted in a FDA approved laboratory in the USA under cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Procedures) Certified.

Somatrol have been known for the recent years and according to product’s label, it was designed to improve overall appearance to make you feel completely better by boosting muscle growth.

This formula states that it’s the best supplement in the HGH market.

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How Does It Work?

Somatrol HGH formula works by producing Growth Hormone levels in a natural way.

For folks who don’t know what HGH is, it’s the healthy hormones responsible for the growth factor in the younger age, but after reaching the early 20’s, HGH levels decreases by every year.

Producing natural HGH are known for the “fountain of youth” supplement, where it reduces aging effects.

Somatrol’s manufacturer also added that this formula should also increase IGF levels.Somatrol-hgh-ingredients-formula-product-supplement-results-review-side-effects-muscle-growth-becoming-alpha-male


According to product’s official website, Somatrol formula is a “pharmaceutical grade” of the same active ingredients in the original “HGH” that professionals doctors and physician would provide to patients.

Really, it’s a steroid-supplement?

No, I don’t think so at all because it’s legal.

They do mention that this formula carries a “unique and proprietary homeopathic blend” to boost HGH levels in an effective natural way.

For Who Is Somatrol HGH For?

Many men worldwide are suffering from poor HGH production, which energy level are low, poor sexual performance, etc.

Therefore, Somatrol promotes that it’s the treatment for gaining youthful results.

It’s for all men who exercises in a daily basis and are planning to enhance lean muscle tone.

However, not only it should increase muscle definition, but reduce body fat as well.

The ingredients should target to boost libido levels for a higher ability to function better in a sexual activity.

How To Use It?

Somatrol’s company wants we as customer users to take 6 full drops right under the tongue every day for the expectation results.

Meanwhile, the official website does not mention if it’s all at the same time or throughout the day.

Of course, bottle’s label should have it clearly on what to do when using this Homeopathic HGH supplement.Somatrol-hgh-formula-product-supplement-results-review-side-effects-muscle-growth-label-becoming-alpha-male



  • Boosts Muscle Development
  • Decreases Body Fat Reduction
  • States to be Completely Natural
  • Stimulates Sexual Function
  • Increases Muscle Strength
  • Approved from FDA Facility
  • Enhances Energy + Libido
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. No doctor recommendation provided.
  2. Does not offer to show the clinically studies or testes.
  3. Return policy for the full refund is only available for 30 days.
  4. Official website needs more information about their formula.
  5. Testimonials from “consumers” claims they got positive benefits, but no one clearly said to gain incredible results such as a high percentage of muscle tone.



The manufacturer (Somatrol Direct) is located at Clearfield, Utah in the United States and they do offer to contact them by a 1866 phone number or through email.

This Homeopathic HGH supplement was created in a qualified FDA approved facility which is also under the cGMPs standards for client’s safety to cause no side effects.

Somatrol official website does say to have a 30 day money back guarantee.

However, they did not provide enough information for all visitors to see in the sales page.

Conclusion + Closing Thoughts

According to our sources, we found online retailers that mentions about Somatrol where they added that “due to manufacturer packaging changes, product packaging may vary from image shown“.

Which means, Somatrol is no longer available and we also found a review stating that Somatrol is the older generation of the Sytropin HGH spray.

Yet, we have done a review on the Sytropin HGH formula and found that it’s a reliable product with many benefits.

In fact, they carry a 90 day money back guarantee for if it fails to give you the expected results, then I would simply send it back for the full refund.

So even though Somatrol is no longer available and if you’re still looking for a muscle tone developer, than Sytropin should be the one to give you the improvements you need.

Yes, it’s safe with no harmful chemical in the ingredients list.



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