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Stiff Nights Male Sexual Stimulant – Does This Really Work as Claimed? – Side Effects? Maybe


Stiff Nights Male Sexual Stimulant – Does This Really Work as Claimed? – Side Effects? Maybe

A large number of men have lost confidence due to one sexual disability and/or malfunction or the other.

Not until now, several male enhancement formulas are available in many online stores that claim to help curb this issue.

But still, we need to know the ones that work in order to make the right option to avoid being misled due to desperation.

This is why we need a responsible and honest review of this kind.

Searching the several internet directories for such product, I came across this male sexual stimulant called the Stiff Nights.

The official website of this product was found where the manufacturers promote that the Stiff Nights will offer we men options and alternatives for sexual enhancement.

The primary website of this product looks captivating and they seem to have some proofs to support their claims and promises. We will find out at the end of this responsible and unbiased review.Stiff-Nights-Male-Sexual-Stimulant-Does-this-Really-Work-Side-Effects-pill-pills-before-and-after-results-reviews-review-viagra-becoming-alpha-male

So follow on to find out !

Name of Product: Stiff Nights

Website: Found in a Few Promoting Sites

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Usage: Claims To Work Within Few Hours

Money Back Guarantee: Check With the Website

What Is Stiff Nights ?

According to the rightful owners of this product and from other sources where the product is being retailed, the Stiff Nights was described as “all natural” nutritional supplements that will help us increase our sexual libido, sexual desire, and sexual.

Plus, it promotes to enhance power, stamina, erection time as well as erection firmness !

The Stiff Nights Company mentions that the product begins working within 30 minutes after administration, according to results from several users.

Furthermore, this product contains 1 pill per pack of 24 and the recommendation is to take 1 capsule 30 minutes prior to sexual activities.

We are told to take Stiff Nights on empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal to achieve best results.

Furthermore, they mentioned that a second capsule of the Stiff Nights taken after 24 hours of taking the first one will achieve better results and will last up to 60 hours as explained.

Stiff Nights manufacturer claims that these male enhancement pills works much faster than other male enhancement pills now on the market, and that the sexual benefits should continue for up to 72 hours.

However, this male sexual stimulant was marketed as a “100% all-natural formula“, and according to documented facts in several internet directories, it did not require a prescription and was available over the counter in many local drug stores.

Keep reading !

How Does Stiff Nights Work?

According to the manufacturers’ description and information found in several other third party websites, the Stiff Nights will increase our penile and/or genital blood flow, which in turn will make us achieve a stronger, longer lasting erections and sexual stamina.

Also, information sources share that Stiff Nights work exactly like Zyrexin, another fast-acting supplement that contains an ingredient called Yohimbe, which is also a dangerous substance found in male enhancement formulas.

They explain that the finest ingredients of natural origin have been combined in this formula to stimulate our blood vessels which in turn increase the blood flow to our genitals thereby making us feel sexually excited.

Additionally, Stiff Night manufacturers claim that the recovery time between climaxes is said to shorten to just 5 minutes for most people while it provided intense stamina and recovery for many users.

Now from the manufacturers’ perspective and from information gotten from other sources, it was explained that precaution should be taken in using the Stiff Nights for people with heart disease, myocardial infarction, liver disease, kidney disease and in pregnant women.

Is It Really Safe To Use?Stiff-Nights-Male-Sexual-Stimulant-Does-this-Really-Work-Side-Effects-pill-pills-before-and-after-results-reviews-review-viagra-drug-becoming-alpha-male

In a course to find out more about this male sexual stimulant, I came across some third party websites where Stiff Nights were disregarded because of the (sulfoaildenafil) content.

According to these sources, it was stated that the chemical compound; sulfoaildenafil is similar to sildenafil which is found in some of the leading pharmaceutical products (like Viagra) in the market.

These sources went ahead to emphasize that this chemical compound is an ingredient regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and for that, Stiff Nights is no longer available to sell their supplement because of the potentially harmful side effects associated with its use.

From several other findings as regards the Stiff Nights male enhancement pill, I discovered that customer users complained of side effects which the company claims they are minimal.

The manufacturers actually offered a free sample of the product for a limited time.

But several sources have shown that the Stiff Nights male sexual stimulant has been withdrawn from the market, so the sample offer did not continue according to them.

With all these documented facts found out so far about the Stiff Nights male sexual stimulant, the yet to be answered, but almost answered question will be; is Stiff Nights still safe to use?


The Good:Stiff-Nights-Male-Sexual-Stimulant-Does-this-Really-Work-Side-Effects-pill-pills-before-and-after-results-reviews-review-viagra-capsules-becoming-alpha-male

  • Claims Longer Ejaculation Control
  • Mentions Stronger Erection Potency
  • Long Lasting Erection even after Orgasm
  • Promotes to Increase Penis Length and Girth
  • Increase Sexual Strength and Stamina
  • Comes 9 Products in 1 Pack
  • Shares to Experience Intense pleasure
  • Mentions Faster Recovery Sessions
  • Claims Its Fast Onset of Effects
  • Increase Self-Confidence
  • Enhances Sexual Performance
  • 1 capsule Last for up to 72 hours
  • Mentions Money Back Guarantee

The Bad:

  1. No clinical and scientific proofs to support claims.
  2. Nothing found from a professional doctor to recommend it.
  3. Some retail websites promote it as a harmful product and withdrawn.
  4. No before and after videos/pictures to make it more professional.
  5. Active ingredient; sulfoaildenafil is regulated by the FDA. – Similar to Viagra
  6. Users have experienced side effects from using it.
  7. The makers offer 365 days refund policy, yet claim fast onset of effects. Isn’t that contradictory?
  8. They discontinued selling the product. – Very Bad Sign

Customer Support/Guarantee

For the customer users’ support, it seems the manufacturer’s provided them.

They offer 365 days refund policy, though too long.

Also, they promise to offer free sample for the first 99 people that will buy their product and coupon codes for discounts as well.

Additionally, they promise to offer to us free first class shipping when we buy the Stiff Nights male sexual stimulants from them.

Now there were no clinical proofs provided in either websites to back up the various claims and promises of Stiff Nights male sexual stimulant.

Review Summary

Naturally, with the rise in the incidence of male sexual dysfunction, every male enhancement pill maker and marketer will like to be patronized; whether they display fake or good products.

The Stiff Nights male enhancement formula claims several benefits, yet no clinical or scientific proof to back up these claims.

On the other hand, several third party websites are not in support of the Stiff Nights claims mainly because of its (sulfoaildenafil) content, which is known to be an FDA regulated ingredient that cause some serious side effects.

In that case, there is nothing that would make me ever go for this so called male sexual stimulant; Stiff Nights, since it’s similar to Viagra and will most likely experience negative side effects.Vigrx-plus-formula-pills-capsules-results-review-becoming-alpha-male

Perhaps, I have a better alternative for us !

With this novel formula (VigRX Plus); we can achieve all will want as regards our sexual performance, erections potency, and cure all types of sexual dysfunction.

Yes, It is a proven formula that will give us a more satisfying sexual experience, plus there are real evidence on why VigRX Plus is the truly best male enhancement in today’s industry, with such as doctor’s recommendation, scientific evidence and others.

Vigrx-plus-doctor-endorsements-recommendation-safe-effective-becoming-alpha-maleIn this matter, I would rather go for something that will cure my sexual impotence, premature ejauclation issue or whatever problem you may have by taking a complete natural male enhancement pills, such as this VigRX Plus and that way, you’ll come to a point where you don’t have to take anymore pills to perform like a normal sexual alpha male.


In case you have any problem, you can beep me on the line below. Kindly leave your comments to help us give you more value you deserve.

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