Still-On-Systems / Penis Stretching Extender – Does It Really Increase Penis Size? Review HERE!

Still-On-Systems / Penis Stretching Extender – Does It Really Increase Penis Size? Review HERE!

Still On Systems is a penis enlargement device that I found online searching for a new penis extender.

Looking at the product official website, it shows the exact way how their device works and it seems like it’s a bit different than any other penis enlargement system out there.

In fact, it does seem like it might work!

But we don’t know that yet, we would have to find out by me gathering all the details about such product and go from there.

So don’t leave just yet, read this complete review until the end!

I’ll try my best to make it fun, interested and provide the most unbiased honest information that you would want to know.Still-On-Systems-Penis-Stretching-Extender-Does-It-Really-Increase-Penis-Size-Review-HERE-Device-Extender-Enlargement-System-How-To-Use-Does-It-Work-Reviews-Results-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Name of Product: Still-On-Systems

Official Website:

Buy Cheaper Here

Minimum Price: Depends on What Kit You Get

Overall Rank (out of 100): 76 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: 6 Months

Refund Policy: Not Found from Website

What Are Still-On-Systems?

This new penis stretching device is an extender system that works by pulling the penis on a daily basis to achieve a longer, bigger, and stronger size.

But that’s not all, you can expect other sexual benefits as well such as fix up a curve penis, achiever stronger erections, etc.

Now the Still-On-Systems is very unique and it’s something completely different than the old traditional traction extenders and weight hanging out there.

According to the product’s primary official website, users can expect inches when using as directed within a couple months.

The Still-On-Systems, LLC company is a USA based manufacturer located in Chicago, Illinois and they do mention to have all of the products made out of high-quality FDA certified and approved medical grade materials, which the parts are free of latex and “best quality silicones”.

That way, to ensure we as users do not get any negative side effects or uncomfortable experiences if you were to use it the device itself, but only achieve results as claims.

So how does it really work?

Just follow down!

How Does Still-On-Systems Work?

If you don’t know, many men in today’s world especially obese heavyweight folks and men who don’t use their penis very often, they most likely will either have excessive fat on the pubic area which starts covering the penis or the penis shrinks in.

In fact, we all as men actually have half of the size of the penis inside our body!

So with this Still-On-Systems extender, it works by attaching the device on the lower part of your leg to the flaccid penis behind the glans, you’ll then adjust the cord locks for the desired tension and it will comfortably start pulling the penis outwards to stretch it out.

Therefore, over time the penis will hang longer, bigger and heavier than ever before.

Sounds incredible, right!? 

How To Use Still-On-Systems?

Still-On-Systems works by wearing it discreetly and comfortable under clothing to achieve a longer, stronger and straighter penis size.

That’s right, nobody will notice or see your “secret” hidden tool that is making you pack a bigger manhood there.

As I’m reading through the device’s official website, it states that it takes only a couple seconds (about less than 30 seconds) to put it on and remove it when necessary.

Which should be very simple and instantly start wearing it again through your day.

To me, that’s a huge benefit because with the old bulky traction devices was completely difficult when going to the bathroom to remove it and put it back on. See video here;

What Are the Still-On-Systems Results?

According to the sources I have found, it claims that by using this penis enlargement system, we as users can expect up to 2″ full inches of growth in penis length in both erect and flaccid size!

Oh, and what about girth gains?

Yes, users can achieve half an inch in fullness as well! Imagine having a longer, bigger and stronger penis size, how much more confident would you feel?

I do know that ever since I have grown my penis size by up to 3″ full inches, I have been felt much more manly, masculine and confident than ever. I mean, I feel like I have all the power to pick up any women of my choice.

Back to Still On Systems!

If you were to wear this extender device, the good part is that it should make your penis straighter and therefore, it will help men who have a curvature penis known as Peyronie’s disease fix this issue over time.

This penis enlargement system will improve the blood circulation for stronger, harder and bigger erections, plus other sexual benefits.

So is these really the results previous users have achieved? You’re about to find out now!


The Good:

  • Increases Penis Size OvertimeStill-On-Systems-Penis-Stretching-Extender-Does-It-Really-Increase-Penis-Size-Review-HERE-Device-Extender-Enlargement-System-How-To-Use-Does-It-Work-Reviews-Result-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  • Achieve Gains in Both Erect & Flaccid
  • Helps Improve Blood Flow
  • Straighten Up the Penis Curvature
  • Seems Easy-to-Use Device
  • Does Have an Official Website
  • Company’s Background was Found
  • Increases Sexual Confidence
  • Claims it’s 100% Safe to Use
  • Mentions Doctors Recommend
  • Helps Prevent Any Future Shrinkage
  • Can Choose The Color for The Device
  • Have Free Shipping for All Packages

The Bad:

  1. It mentions “doctors recommend” and “case studies” by a number of participants, but no actual data or proof of this to show us that it is really effective.
  2. The testimonials on its primary website are only statements about the product itself, which nobody actually mentioned any results. However, I found it on eBay and on Amazon, in where there are actually mixed reviews and most are negative comments.


Customer Support/Guarantee

As I’m looking over the Still-On-Systems official website, I’m not able to find anything in regards to a money back guarantee or any refund information.

Which I’m assuming they may not refund any money back, right!?

Yet, users who purchased from retail websites such as eBay and on Amazon, I’m sure Amazon does have a 30 money back guarantee and will accept returns for refunds.

Now to contact them, Still-On-Systems webpage shows their contact email address, plus there is a blank fill-out form at the product’s homepage.

And the company’s information?

Yes, I found all of it where they are located and some details about them.

As I have mentioned, they offer different colors for the device itself, and 2 different sizes depending on the current size of a user’s penis.


Shipping? According to them, Still On Systems extender will be shipped out as fast as within 24-48 hours and they offer worldwide as well.


We have every single detail we needed about this penis enlargement and curvature solution, so now we can come up with a good conclusion if it’s really the best one out there or not!

As honest as I am, at first I did think that this might be some incredible revolution penis growth device…

Yet, after all of the information I found, Still-On-Systems does have a few drawbacks that were found.

The company mentions “high-quality materials“, but previous users on Amazon and on eBay have said that it is poor quality, so and so.

Another drawback I have not found any before and after photos or anyone sharing their positive results of inches when used the device itself.

I did notice that several folks out there were complaining about the device “not staying attached“, “hard to get it on”, etc.

Therefore, it answers our question and let me point you to the real #1 best penis enlargement system that works as a 2-in-1 procedure by pulling (length) and suction (girth) process for the best growth of gains.Phallosan-forte-review-results-gains-does-phallosan-forte-work-real-results-reviews-penis-enlargement-complete-PE-system-coming-alpha-male

Yes, the Phallosan Forte penis growth system is the one!

When you click here, you’re not only going to see information, but proven results by scientific data of participants who have got inches in growth, plus a number of reviews from comments about results and much more!

You’ll be happy that I showed you it!

Remember, if somehow you may have any additional questions, please provide them below! It is my pleasure to throw you a hand here and give you helpful information.

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