Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray – Review – Is It Really Worth It? Side Effects

Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray – Review – Is It Really Worth It? Side Effects

This male item claims it’s “the world-famous delay spray for men” and basically, it’s a male genital desensitizer spray.

I noticed that it’s very cheap in today’s market and they promote that it should help in many aspects when bringing sexual relate.

However, we actually found many consumers to mention their personal use with the product.

Seems like most of them are claiming positive improvements. Therefore, this review will demonstrate and show you what customer users are saying, how it works and what to expect. Follow down!

Name of Product: Stud 100®Stud-100-Desensitizing-Spray-Review-Side-Effects-reviews-before-and-after-results-complaints-male-spray-becoming-alpha-male

Website: Available In Many Retailers

Minimum Price: Package of 4 Spray – $8.99/Each 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Recommended Usage: 5-15 Minutes Before

Refund Policy: Must Check With Retailers

What Is Stud 100®?

As I mentioned previously, this Stud 100 formula is a male genital desensitizer spray.

The product’s company shares that it’s a “non-toxic, odorless and ozone-friendly” for all men specify.

It should be easy and simple to use, where all I would need to do is spray a few times to the head and shaft of the penis.

As they explain, it’s best to spray between 5-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Each Stud 100 liquid formula contains 120 metered doses and it should really be effective and safe.

They mention to work instantly, plus retailers are claiming to have clinical trials performed on the product for a quick-acting solution.

According to them, it’s a 3″ inch high (75mm) to easily slip into your pocket or purse and it stands with 120 sprays for usage.Stud-100-Desensitizing-Spray-Review-Side-Effects-reviews-before-and-after-results-complaints-male-spray-fake-false-becoming-alpha-male

Read on!


This Stud 100 delay spray for men, added to boost up our confidence and self-esteem to actually be more confident when bringing sexual relate.

Retail third-party websites are saying that it’s mostly to decrease the premature ejaculation issue, known as to release it real quick within seconds without gaining satisfaction.

They mention improving sexual activity by stimulating pleasure for both partners and improve extra power for the user.

It should make sex more enjoyable, where retailers state that it reduces the sensitivity of the penis to last much longer than usual.

According to them, sexual orgasms could become more intense and give your partner a sensual and romantic experience.

E-commerce website claims it’s been helping “millions of couples” to experience better, longer-lasting sex for more than 30 years. “Wow !”

Now they are several customer users to mention their personal use with the product, and most of them do say it really works.

Yet, it also has mixed reviews from the negative statements, such as a “burning feeling, doesn’t work, pointless” and your partner will know that you used something because of the “strong odor“.



But keep reading!

How Does Stud 100® Work?

Well, first let’s get into the ingredient profile!

Stud 100 spray formula carries one chief active-ingredient called Lidocaine Base (USP 9.6%w/w).

Now it does have other inactive compounds, such as Fragrance, Isopropyl Myristate, Solvent, and Stearic Acid.

Third-party websites are promoting that it should really be safe. But is it really? Especially, how one customer user claims a “burning feeling” and in that case, I would probably run over to the bathroom to wash it off as quickly as possible.

However, retailers state a mild anesthetic, and as directed, they want all users to spray 3 or more sprays as needed to the head and shaft (skin) of the penis before activity.

It should not be more than a total of 10 sprays, where it would intent as over-dosing, plus they have a warning section to not use it within 24 hours after the first usage.

It says that if you’re sensitive or allergic to local anesthetics or have/had any kidney or liver problems, then you should not use it.

Yet, as I keep reading on the Warning section, it does say that if “you or your partner develop a rash or irritation, such as burning or itching“, then you should stop using it and consult a doctor.

Same with unwell and unpleasant effects. Should not use it with a pregnant woman.


Somehow, we are unable to find any company’s name on who supports this Stud 100 item.

We did find that it was made in the United Kingdom under a “licensed pharmaceutical lab” and it meets under the FDA requirements and standards.

According to them, it’s the one male spray formula to use it without visiting a doctor for a prescription portion and it’s available online for most men to use. You can find in drug stores as well, such as pharmacies, Walgreen, etc.

The retailer also mentions that it can be used with both latex and non-latex condoms, which they claim that it has been tested to work with condoms.

Yet, none of these third-party websites provides to show any of these “testes” to back up the claims.

Even though they mention that it’s approved by health authorities, there is no professional expertise to really recommend and approve the formula.

Now if you’re somehow out there who are looking to buy this cheap item, then you would have to make sure and check with the retailer about any money back guarantee.

Same with the shipping process for any discreet package.


The Good:

  • Reduces Premature EjaculationStud-100-Desensitizing-Spray-Review-Side-Effects-reviews-before-and-after-results-complaints-male-spray-fake-false-scam-becoming-alpha-male
  • Claims Fast-Acting Formula
  • Confidence Levels Rises Up
  • Promotes that It’s Safe & Natural
  • No Prescription Portion Necessary
  • Small Bottle – Carry to Anywhere
  • Mentions Non-odor, Non-toxic
  • Low-Cost – Very Cheap Item
  • Talks about Clinical Approved
  • Improves Extra Power on User
  • Found Positive Reviews – Well-Known
  • Under FDA Requirements – Standards
  • Use without or with a Condom

The Bad:

  1. There are both mixed reviews since it’s a popular well-known spray formula.
  2. Product’s company claims it’s been ‘clinically tested‘, but we found nothing for evidence.
  3. No medical doctor endorsement for approval on most users out there.
  4. It was made in the United Kingdom and not in the USA region for more quality.
  5. There are way too many warnings on the product’s label. Is it really safe?
  6. Some customer users are saying that it takes out the “pleasure effect“, which leads to a poor erection.
  7. Others are saying that it leaves the penis “numb”, and do not transfer to your partner, it requires to use it 5-15 minutes before sexual relate for absorption.
  8. We found consumers to mention other side effects, such as “burning” reaction, etc.
  9. Might not be worth it, especially since some retailers are selling fake and false “non-original” supply.


Final Thoughts

Even though there are many users (Some at Amazon) to mention their personal experience with the product and are claiming improvements, the question, for now, would be, is it really worth it?

Let’s gather up every resource we found about this Stud 100 male genital desensitizer spray item and come up with a conclusion.

The active-ingredient called Lidocaine 9.6% is what healthcare dentists use to numb the mouth area, and therefore, users are saying that their penis gets really numb.

Depending on how much you use it, which seems that it might really work and it’s a powerful effective spray item.

However, they really suggest to use it 5-15 minutes before sexual intercourse, that way it won’t risk penetrating your partner by making your partner’s sexual area numb as well or its mouth.

Basically, what I’m trying to say here, I personally would not risk myself because your erections will definitely not be as strong since it takes away some of the pleasure, which leads to weak erections.

Yet, it’s a very cheap price and we usually “get for what we pay”. Other than that, I will most likely need my strong, hard erection, instead of making me numb and reduce my overall pleasure, as what customer users are saying.VigRX-Delay-Spray-Does-It-Really-Work-A-Complete-Review-from-Results-Only-HERE-Reviews-Result-Leading-Edge-Health-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Now there is an all-new spray male sexual enhancement called VigRx Delay Spray which they have several evidence that using the formula, you can expect to control premature ejaculation, increase sexual power and performance, which treats erectile dysfunction for harder, stronger erections, and many other sexual improvements.

You can click here to visit the brand new and effective VigRx Delay Spray here!

And if you have any concerns or questions, I would be glad to help you with anything. All you have to do is throw me a line underneath this review. Oh maybe, you’re an actual user to have some personal experience with this spray item? Then share with all of us!

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  1. Jawad says:

    Hi, what are the side effects of stud 100 if used for longer time.. Will it effect erection or damage the penis.. Please advice because I have premature ejaculation problem since very long now and get ejaculated in few seconds. I have some time used antidepressant tablets which also prolong sexual intercourse but I do not want to use them any more.. Please advice about side effects of stud 100.

    • Hey Jawad,

      Ye, there are plenty of side effects with Stud100, such as poor sensitivity when used for a long time which may make it harder for you to get a harder erection, folks have complained of headaches, burning sensation, etc. I personally would not recommend this, but check out the VigRX Delay spray. It is much much safer and effective.

      For Your Best,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  2. floyd evans says:

    hi wen spray on the studd 100 how long does it last on your penis or how much hours its still effective

    • Hey Floyd,

      Well, according to my findings about this item, it could last a long time that will make the penis completely “numb”, as I seen negative reviews about this.

      I would check out the VigRx Delay Spray as it’s much safer and definitely don’t make the penis numb, but will sure leave you to last longer in bed and stop premature ejaculation, plus gain harder and stronger erections. Check out my review here!

      Julio – Alpha Male

  3. Ciprian says:

    Hello. I use Stud 100 for a few years and I have great sex with it. But notice that: premature ejaculation (PE) is the most bad effect of masturbation. I was masturbating too much years and I gained a “beautiful” PE. Stud 100 makes your penis numb. It’s what it does. Becouse of lidocaine. So u need good erection to use it. From my opinion, masturbation affects really bad the erection, but nobody tells you that. I was never able to have good erection after masturbation, even it was a day before having sex. So, if you masturbate, don’t use Stud 100 with your girlfriend becouse it is not an hard erection product. It just makes your penis numb. But it’s great, becouse you can enjoy the intercourse, you can feel the whole pleasure, without ejaculate in 3 minutes. I succeded to quit masturbating. To do that, I used Stud 100 and herbal pills for hard erection. You can make sex in so many exciting position about 40 minutes. If you want to try Stud 100, first u should make tests before making sex. So that u will learn how many puffs of spray you will need. I use maximum of 3. Without erection pills, just 1 puff is enaugh. And it takes a shower time to make the effect. Don’t forget to wash your penis, not to numb your sex partner. The effect won’t dissapear after washing. I never had headaches or someother bad side effect. I think Stud 100 it’s great for the purpose it was designed for. I will always vote yes for this product but, as I said, take care of how good your erection is. Like somebody said before…if you use Stud 100 (3-4 puffs) you won’t be able to have an erection or your penis will “die” after a few moments of intercoursing.

    • Hey Ciprian,

      Awesome! I appreciate very much you taking your time to share your own experience with the Stud100. Thanks for sharing

      Sharing is Caring,
      Julio – Alpha Male

  4. vikky says:

    i used it yesterday it really numb the penis, but depending on how much of strong erections you do have before usage. to me it worked because i was able to last longer. i only noticed that the numbing stayed on for a long while after the sex something i was not comfortable with.
    however there are instruction as to how one should use it in the first place.
    well a trial will convince whoever that may be desperate to solve quick release stuff in the bed room

  5. Clarke says:

    Hey I used stud 100 a few days ago. In the middle of intercourse i started to have a headache. Is this something I should be worried about. Because 1 of the side effects is headache.

  6. Jhon says:

    Hey, I have been having premature ejaculation for the last one year. Approximately 1\2 minutes of masturbation! I wanna know! Will using the spray increase the sex time, or is my premature ejaculatoon just temporarily as my body is developing?

    • Hey Jhon,

      Well, this “stud 100” spray does claim to help fix this problem, but I personally wouldn’t use it. In the recent days, I have come across that this “stud 100” item carries a chemical similar to Viagra prescription pills, which it won’t go far for the FDA to ban this product out the market.

      Now for your premature ejaculation issue, in my opinion, your best choice would be to go with ProSolution pills, where it should cure this sexual problem and make you last much longer, plus other benefits. You can click here to visit my review and go from there.

      Hope This Helps,
      Julio Deus

  7. Sam Johnson says:

    I cancle my order before the trial was over and you all still billed me for a nothet order that I fid not want.

    • Hey Sam Johnson,

      I’m sorry to hear that, but I did not recommend to nobody to order the product, or I am not a retailer/company who sells products. All I do here is write down reviews, so in that case, you will have to contact the website that you purchased the item. Again, I’m sorry to hear that.

      Julio – Editor/Founder

  8. Rido says:

    Hi,i just using the stud to my wife,she pregnant 3 month,what wuld happen?is that can harm the baby?

    • Hey Rido,

      I personally don’t think it would have any effects with pregnancy, but it’s always best to consult a medical doctor and check with them for the safety.

      Julio – Editor/Founder

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