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Sweet Release Hard Apple – Masculine Supplement Review Here !


Sweet Release Hard Apple – Masculine Supplement Review Here !

A “semen sweetener” promoting to sweetening up the sperm production to give it an apple flavor taste and smell.


According to our sources, the manufacturer of this product does not only have Sweet Release as a masculine formula but for feminine with a different flavor as well.

Sweet Release Hard-Apple item sounds like an attractive option if it really does what it states.

Read on!Sweet-release-hard-apple-for-men-masculine-supplement-formula-capsules-pills-semen-taste-smell-becoming-alpha-male

Name of Product: Sweet Release™ Hard Apple

Website: www.SweetRelease.com

Minimum Price: 30 Day Supply – $19.98 USD

Overall Rank (out of 100): 77  Points

Recommended Period Usage: 7-28 Days For Results

Money-Back Guarantee: Must Check With Retail Sites

What Is Sweet Release™ Formula?

The commercial websites and promoters  claims that using this product will actually enhance the smell and the taste for a “delicious apple flavor“.

They also mention that this natural supplement should change the scent of the partner’s body secretion by stimulating sexual intimacy plus improve overall general health such as supporting the immune system.

Basically, it should be no different from a multi-vitamin supplement but it stimulates the taste of semen.

We do find this item slightly affordable and if it really does what it promotes than it might be worth taking a few bucks out of my pocket. Maybe!


The manufacturer who designed the ‘SweetRelease for men‘ formula is the (Blue Mountain Nutraceuticals, LLC) and we found resources stating that this company have been selling several sexual “nutraceuticals” supplements since the year of 2001.

They conducted all of their products in the state of Minnesota in the USA.

As they explain, all of their products are made from high-quality of pure ingredients to gain the best improvements.

SweetRelease masculine formula should naturally decrease acidic levels in semen to replace Sweet-release-hard-apple-for-men-bottle-masculine-supplement-formula-capsules-pills-semen-taste-smell-becoming-alpha-malethe production with fruit flavours.

Since it’s completely natural and safe, there is no need to obtain any prescription.


This semen sweetener is made up of an ideal blend of fruit-extracts and the formula’s main key would be the proprietary blend to create Crandextrin of several fruit powders.

So here are the compounds, Cranberry powder, Apple powder, Cherry powder, Mango powder, Blueberry powder, and cellulose vegetable material.

So how does It should work, you ask me?

All I would have to do is simply swallow the recommendation capsules where the combination of fruit blend absorbs in the digestive system by supplying high amounts of antioxidants plus omega fatty acids to provide short and long-term results to give salty flavor a “delicious apple flavor“.

For Who Is It For?

SweetRelease Hard Apple formula is to spice up sexual foreplay and oral sex for both men plus his partner.

It actually sounds to good to be true about the “apple flavor” statement when climaxing to have a delicious smell and taste, as what the product labels.

With the natural vegetarian ingredients, this supplement promotes to control Omega 6 and Omega 3 oil with supporting overall general health.

Promotes to balance cholesterol levels and improve user’s body immune system.

Since it provides with anti-bacterial substances to give semen function, it transfers to the male reproductive system to produce the healthy tasty benefits.

However, they mention to help with hair and nail growth plus improvements on skin.

Overview Benefits


  • Taste like Apple FlavourSweet-release-hard-apple-for-men-masculine-supplement-formula-capsules-pills-semen-taste-smell-becoming-oral-sex-alpha-male
  • Improves Male Production
  • Natural Vegetarian Capsules
  • Should be completely Safe
  • Supports Immune System
  • Helps with Hair + Nail Growth
  • Have a “Delicious” Smell
  • Promotes Cholesterol Levels
  • Very Affordable Price
  • Should cause No side Effects
  • Balance Omega 6 & 3 oil
  • Improves General Health
  • Benefits for User + Partner
  • Spicy up Oral Sex & Foreplay
  • Positive Customer Reviews


  1. We have not found an official website of this SweetRelease masculine formula since the sweetrelease.com domain name is completely shutdown. Neither the company’s page.
  2. The money back guarantee, we would have to check with retail third-party websites if they even have it.
  3. Seems to be only available in UK country with the only £ money symbol in most promoting websites.
  4. If having personal allergies to any of the fruit ingredients, user should not use it for your safety.
  5. Unlike other semen enhancers, this formula does nothing to increases the potential to have stronger and more volume ejaculation or firmer erections.

How To Take It?

SweetRelease unique formulation carries 60 vegetarian capsules in each monthly-supply bottle.

If I as a customer user were to take it as a dietary supplement, they recommend to take 1 pill twice in the daily basis.

Once in the morning and once at evening which they prefer to take it with water to remove toxins and support the potent fruit ingredients in the digestive system.

According to product’s label, by 7 to 28 days, I should experience the “delicious” results where my partner would taste the benefits of apple flavoured semen.


Since the manufacturer (Blue Mountain Nutraceuticals, LLC) have not fixed the broken links of SweetRelease official website, we are unable to tell you any support information such as the money back guarantee or discreet shipping appearance.

Perhaps, we did find a webpage to mention that this company has over “25 years of formulation experience” and is located in the U.K.

Which, kind of makes sense because most of all promoting websites that we found, have the U.K. money symbol to purchase the product.

As I stated earlier, SweetRelease comes in the feminine version as well such as the “Soft Citrus” capsules to have the same effects from tasting and smelling but different flavour.

Bottom Line Conclusion

As according to our sources, we only found customer reviews or testimonials from the commercial promoting pages that this sweetener supplement really works to give the body’s sexual juice a flavoured scent and taste from natural unpleasant salty flavor to a “delicious apple flavor.

Yet, how do we know that these positive reviews are not fabricated from the promoting sites?


So If you’re actually concerned on taking this vegetarian supplement, the only place we were able to find it that it ships to the United States area, would be at the eBay retail site.

However, I may point you to that direction but from my personal experience, it’s not a “trustful” third-party website where I’m just giving you a heads up.


Wanna know a little about me? Well, I do have a strict diet of dietary food such as cotton cheese, protein, fruits/vegetables, nuts, etc since I have been following a guide from the Penis Enlargement Bible to reach my growth size in a natural way where the research leader (John Collins) recommends to have this type of diet to really help a lot with my gains.


Yes, I have a basket of all sort of fruits that I eat in the daily basis and my partner have always been loving the taste of my cum which I’ll give you some tips.

Eating lots of yellow/orange fruits such as mangoes, papayas, and melons, you can enhance taste of your semen. A glass of pineapple juice per day is an excellent semen enhancer to give sweeten up the taste and good smell. The green leafy vegetables helps as well.

In fact, there is semen flavour enhancer so-called YummyCum and the ingredients are only fruit extracts and antioxidants plus the official website carries a 60 day money back guarantee.

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