Target Extreme Cream and Lotion Review- Can This Give Us The Size? Follow Review!

Target Extreme Cream and Lotion Review – Can This Give Us The Size? Follow Review!

We have not done really much review on enhancement creams, lubes and/or lotions.

Here is one about the Target Extreme Cream and Lotion.

These products seem to promote to work as male penis enhancers that would achieve an increase in penis size especially girth.

In the official website, I actually noticed that the products are cheap in the market.

The manufacturer promotes that they should give many sexual benefits naturally when we use them.

Customer users’ feedbacks were seen on retail websites and it is like most are claiming to have seen positive results., but that’s not all!

We will find out the details from this review. Carefully read through the review!


Name of Product: Target Extreme Cream & Lotion

Primary Website:

Minimum Price: Different Price Range

Overall Rank (out of 100): 69 Points

Recommended Period of Usage: Claims Within a Few Weeks

Money Back Guarantee: Only At Amazon Retailer Website

What Are Target Extreme CreamLotion?

The Target Extreme penis cream and lotion are topical formulations used externally on the male sexual organ and states to increase penis girth as well as length.

The products’ company implied that they are good alternatives to painful surgery to get bigger member and that we customer users will achieve permanent penis size without having effects like sores, swelling, burning sensation and/or rashes.

The Target Extreme Cream and Lotion, according to them, contain the correct amount of the natural growth facilitating ingredients compared to its counterparts in the market.

These formulas should be easy to use as what we need to do is to apply externally on the penis as often as we can and see the result (thicker and wider penis) in a few weeks.

As they explain by the manufacturer, a jar of the Target Extreme Cream will be enough for us to achieve a permanent penis size (width); 1 to 2 inches and will last for up to six months.

Both the Target Extreme Cream and Lotion should be applied externally and according to them are very effective and safe.

They mention that the products are easily absorbed into the penis and also some feedbacks from customer users stated that they are fast acting and achieve results.

Read on!

Target Extreme CreamLotion Indications

These formulas, in line with the manufacturer’s description, improve sexual performance because of the penis width-increasing ability.

However, some other third party websites where these products were found explains that they improve self-confidence by achieving the most important aspect of male penis enhancement; that is, girth (desired by most women).

Additionally, the Target Extreme Lotion is indicated, according to the description in some retail website, in improving the hardness of male erection conferring a tingling sensation that brings about enhanced sexual pleasure during sexual intercourse.Target-Extreme-Cream-and-Lotion-Review-Can-This-Give-Us-The-Size-Follow-Review-lubricant-lube-reviews-results-before-and-after-lotions-becoming-alpha-male

Plus other benefits as well!

Ingredient’s Profile

The company of these both products, they claim to contain natural ingredients in these enhancement products.

Which for the lotion one, they added a proprietary blend of Emu oil, Alanine, Arginine, Aspartate, Cystine, Glutamic Acid, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Proline, Serine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Valine salt, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Calcium, Iron, Protein and Sodium.

Now for the cream one, it seems to me that they are same compounds as the lotion enhancement formula, yet it should feel different since one is label as a cream and the other one as a lotion method.

Keep reading!

How Do the Target Extreme Achieve the Stated Results?

With reference to the product manufacturer description, the formula’s ingredients are absorbed directly into the shaft of the penis, where they stimulate the penile blood circulation, cause tissue growth and subsequent increase in the size of the penis.

These formulas are also said to increase the blood holding capacity of the penis chambers, hence the ability to cause an increase in penis size and/or girth.

They added that the products can also be used immediately after penis exercises.

According to them, the products were manufactured after several years of research for the best form in which male enhancement products can be administered and have satisfied the sexual needs of thousands of customer users.

Majority of the feedbacks from e-commerce websites claims that the formulas work, hence achieve the expected results.

Conversely, some negative reviews were seen, some saying that the lotion only improves sexual pleasure with no increase in size and others saying they didn’t see the desired result.

Not minding the above statements, continue reading for more explanations!

Who Can Use the Target Extreme Cream & Lotion?Target-Extreme-Cream-and-Lotion-Review-Can-This-Give-Us-The-Size-Follow-Review-lubricant-lube-reviews-results-before-and-after-lotions-creams-becoming-alpha-male

The manufacturers of these male enlargement cream and lotion explain that the formulas are for people who want to achieve a thicker and a wider penis size.

So, if I am not comfortable with the penis size I have; perhaps feel non-confident during sexual activity with my partner, they claim the formula is for me.

Though was not mentioned, I assume that this formula is for individuals who have reached a certain age, up to 18 years.

As also implied, the product is for folks who do not want surgery, the use of pills or other strenuous exercises for gaining a larger penis size.


The Pros:

  • 1 to 2 Inches Increase in Penis Width
  • Claims to Achieve Increase in Length
  • Should Cause Harder Erections
  • Official Website was Found
  • Promotes to Gain Permanent Results
  • Claims it’s All Natural Ingredients
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Does Say Fast Delivery
  • Safe and Effective to Use
  • Positive Reviews Abound
  • No Harmful Side Effects
  • Company’s Profile Found
  • Mentions a Refund Policy

The Cons:

  1. For the refund policy, it’s only for unopened/used supplies within 30 days;
  2. No clinical or scientific data was found that backs up the products claims and promises;
  3. Unable to find any doctor’s endorsement/recommendation to shows that the products are approved;
  4. Negative customer users’ feedbacks were seen. Products might not work in line with claims since some customers say they didn’t work.

Customer Support/Guarantee

Firstly, the male enhancement product manufacturers stated that only unused products can be returned within thirty days of receipt for a refund; some re-stocking fees applicable according to them.

Yet, at the Amazon retailer, they do carry a money back guarantee, just in case.

The products come with instructions as to usage unless objected to by the buyer.

This also means that they do discrete shipping of the products depending on how we want it.

On the other hand, they promise to offer 24 hour customer service to customers and they can be contacted through sending e-mails or phone calls.

Additionally, they claim to offer fast product delivery; customer reviews also confirmed that.

Final Facts

Obviously, there are a good number of customer users on a third-party website like Amazon who shared their experience with the products claiming they work.

Good, but the yet unanswered question is, do these products worth these positive feedbacks or are they paid for?

Hopefully, from information gathered so far, we would probably come up with a good conclusion.

Yes, one may get better sexual sensation and/or improved blood flow, but not the so claimed larger penis size without a scientifically proven active constituent incorporated.

Here is my conclusion about these products.

Not minding the mixed reviews seen (Positive and negative), reviews can be paid for; hence most at times are not considered as the determinant of products’ safety and/or efficacy.

I would personally only use a product if I can see proofs from medical/clinical research as well as from healthcare professionals to recommend it.ProSolution-Gel-Review-side-effects-results-reviews-does-prosolution-gel-really-work-ingredients-lube-lubricant-becoming-just-40-seconds-alpha-Easy-male

Otherwise, there are a lot of better male penis enlargement formulas out there that will give us the results we desire.

And that would be ProSolution Gel l who does a carry several enhancement herbs to boost up the blood flow of the penis capacity to hold more blood rushing.

Yes, there is a real doctor to recommend and approve this male enhancement lubricant formula, called ProSolution Gel.


In case you have any comments, I will be pleased to hear them and assist you wherever possible. You can as well through in a call with the line below this review.

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