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The Penis Professor – 6 Minutes Only For Exercises and Reach up To 1-4″ Inches!?

The Penis Professor – 6 Minutes Only For Exercises and Reach up To 1-4″ Inches!?

An online penis exercise program, who claims to not only enlarge your member size by 1-4″ inches within the first month, but the enlargement of your testicles as well, plus several other features.

The official webpage states to have been clinically tested and proven that this program will help we men achieve real and permanent gains.

However, let’s see how ThePenisProfessor works right here !The-Penis-Professor-review-size-thepenisprofessor-results-excercise-program-how-does-it-work-penis-penile-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: ThePenisProfessor

Website: www.ThePenisProfessor.com

Minimum Price: LifeTime Access – $67.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 71 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 1 Month For Results

Refund Policy: 8 Week Money Back Guarantee

What Is ThePenisProfessor Program?

According to ThePenisProfessor website, they promote that no type of penis enlargement method is needed to actually gain size results naturally, but only use your own hands to do simple exercises “for just 6 minutes a day“.

Where, performers can expect significant gains of 1-4″ inches.

Can that really happen?

We don’t know but follow down to find out more!

With a 96% success rate, they mention to have helped thousands of men to gain permanent results by using their penis enlargement techniques.

It should be completely natural and safe.

What Are The Results They Claim?

Folks who perform the exercises from ThePenisProfessor program, the creators states to experience rock-hard” erections at whatever age you’re at.

As they explain, it teaches how to thicken an erect state penis, plus make it longer and bigger.

Men who suffers from the premature ejaculation issue known for rapid climax, the program should reduce this condition and actually end it by just some easy and simple steps.

Several men do have a minor curvature penis (naturally), which this program claims to correct the curvature and straighten up your member.

Here comes the enlargement promises !

This exercise program mentions to help you enlarge the penis heads making it bigger, thicker and give it solid “mushroom looking-head.

With the gains of up to 4″ inches in one single month, they promote to enlarge the fullness of the testicles, which till this day, no scientist and researches have discovered a proven way to actually grow someThe-Penis-Professor-review-size-thepenisprofessor-results-excercise-program-how-does-it-work-penis-penile-enlargement-atomy-becoming-alpha-male bigger “balls”.

Within as soon as 2 weeks, ThePenisProffesor program should allow performers to notice permanent results by only and I mean only doing 6 minutes of exercises.

Read on !

How Does It Work?

Since it’s an online exercise program, folks who were to buy the program, should have instant access right away.

Now according to ThePenisProfessor website, what the program does is, show you how to do the penile exercise with 32 different HQ videos to increase the blood traveling to the erectile chambers.

Every male’s penis is made up of 3 chambers and 2 of them are the Corpora Cavernosa, which are the largest ones and when we men create an erection, both of the erectile chambers fills up with maximum blood.

So as the program explain, the exercises alone will help the chambers allow to hold in more blood, which results for a bigger, larger penis.

Perhaps, ThePenisProfessor will not only show you how to perform each exercise of techniques, but they mention “modern medicine, and proven supplements” included to actually improve the amount of blood running in these penis chambers.

But reading through the page and later on, they mention that they can’t promise you to actually gain permanent growth gains.

Yes, seems like they’re not that confident in their own program in my opinion.

They share that consumers reported improved in sexual stamina and performance, intense orgasms, plus stronger, harder erections.


The Upsides Claims:

  • Enlarge Penis Size by 1-4″ inchesThe-Penis-Professor-review-size-thepenisprofessor-results-excercise-program-how-does-it-work-penis-penile-enlargement-kit-becoming-alpha-male
  • Enhances the Fullness of Penis Head
  • Claims to Improve Sexual Performance
  • Should be All Natural, Safe & Permanent
  • Promotes to Gain Instant Results – 1 Month
  • Shares to Correct Minor Curvature on Penis
  • Boosts up Self-Esteem + Confidence
  • Intensify and reach Stronger Orgasms
  • Claims to Gain “Rock-Solid” Hard Erection
  • Highly Promote to Enlarge Testicles Size
  • Should help fix the Premature Ejaculation
  • About 32 Exercise HQ Videos for Results
  • All of these Promises are within 1 Full Month
  • Claims to have a 24/7 Email Support Team
  • Promotes to Cover 2 Month with a Refund Policy

The Downsides:

  1. They added a statement saying “clinically tested & proven“, but no professional expert’s background provided at the main website.
  2. Even though at the Testimonial page, they offered to show folks speaking from their own mouth claiming results, but no proof of any before-&-after pictures or videos.
  3. They show a penile exercise video at the homepage and we noticed to have some issues “playing” the video at first, which in the FAQ section, they explain to make sure the video on the homepage plays to ensure you can watch the videos as a member. – Might not work for some.
  4. For only “6 minutes” a day for exercises, sounds impossible to actually grow the penis size by 1-4″ inches. – Misleading claims.

Customer Support/Guarantee

ThePenisProfessor website mentions to have a “24-Hour 365 days a year email support” for all members to ask any questions, concerns or basically, anything about the program, where the team claims to get back as soon as possible.

However, from my personal experience, several companies states to help folks by exchanging emails, but in reality not all of them will actually answer back.

So in order to apply for the refund guarantee, they would have to send an email and wait for them to get back.

Yes, the money back guarantee is for 8 weeks as they explain.

No products or nothing should be delivered to your door, since the program promotes to only be 100% online access.

No doctor or any supervisor’s background is public at their official website to back up the “clinically tested and proven” statement.

Testimonies that they provide, only show half of their “member’s” body, but no facial or any proof of before-and-after results.

Final Opinions

I actually emailed them to test them out and see how reliable they are, and believe it or not, it’s been 3 hours that no response was returned.

I’m assuming within “24 hours“, they should get back to me regards my question or if still no answer, than I’ll make sure to update this review, since I’ll find it a bit skeptical.

The promises of 1-4″ inches within 4 weeks and by only doing a “6 minutes exercise”, in my personal opinion, there no such thing as gaining significant size growth with this amount of performance.

Or else, every men would be walking around with larger penis if it was that easy and simple.

I followed the Penis Enlargement Bible in the past and I used the program for 6 full months and 2 weeks until I stop my penis enlargement growth.

Yes, I had to take some vitamins/supplements to trick my body into restarting growth all over again by the same way in puberty.

And the researcher leader recommended to do penile exercises, but for only to hold the biochemicals and nutrients in the penis for faster growth.

Maybe you would like to check out my results on my review, plus how it works before going for ThePenisProfessor, which The Penis Enlargement Bible is $20 cheaper and guarantee results.

Yes, a 60 day money back guarantee as well.


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