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Throb Master By California Exotic Novelties – Does This Pleasure Penis Pump Work?


Throb Master By California Exotic Novelties – Does This Pleasure Penis Pump Work?

Not only Throb Master is a pump-device for erections enhancement but it should stimulate sexual pleasure, desire and other features.

Seems that there is no official website for this exotic device but it’s available in many retail online websites.

This penis pump comes in 2 different colors but how does Throb Master device really work?

Does it even work to enhance an erection like others pumps out there?

Here at this review, we should demonstrate every aspect regarding it.Throb-Master-Pleasure-pump-review-stimulator-intense-Throbmaster-California-exotic-novelties-sex-toy-results-consumers-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Throb Master

Websites: eBay, Amazon, & Other Sites


Minimum Price: eBay Has it For US $24.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 0 Points

Usage: Should Work Right Away

Money Back Guarantee: Check with Retailer

What Is Throb Master?

California Exotic Novelties, LLC is the manufacturer who designed and introduced ThrobMaster to the male enhancement industry.

According to several third-party websites, this method has a combination of a penis pump and a “simple masturbator” technology.

The pumping system should be used to make erections stronger, harder and bigger like every other penis pump device out there.

Now the “masturbator” technology is a comfy sleeve inside the device that carries a few rows of jelly sticks and it should add intensity, pleasure plus satisfaction.

Can it make your penis bigger, larger and thicker as a penis enlargement pump?

We don’t know yet but keep reading to find out!Throb-Master-Pleasure-pump-review-stimulator-intense-red-Throbmaster-California-exotic-novaties-sex-toy-results-consumers-becoming-alpha-male

How Does Throb Master Works?

As one promoting website explains, ThrobMaster has a “flexible cup” inside where it’s the soft jelly masturbator with tons of long pleasure ticklers.

By simply placing your penis inside the device and get started by squeezing the bulb for pumping pressure, this iinflatable sleeve gives a gentle and tight squeeze session for stimulation.

Does not say anything about drawing maximum blood to the erectile chambers but I’m assuming that now you can expect a stronger potency on erection.

They also mention that it’s completely comfortable and safe to use

ThrobMaster was designed with a quick release valve to loosen up the pressure.

So when you’re done, all you have to do is push the valve where it sets you free.

However, the product labels to include a water-based lubricant to increase more pleasure and for safety.Throb-Master-Pleasure-pump-review-stimulator-intense-Throbmaster-California-exotic-novaties-sex-toy-results-consumers-red-color-becoming-alpha-male

What Are The Features?

Yes, they all mention that this ThrobMaster device should increase erections potential for stronger, firmer and harder erect state penis.

You do know that this customized unique method stimulates pleasure, intensity and sexual desire.

Perhaps, none of the online retail sites mentions any penis enlargement for at least girth gains which is what vacuum suction pump are mostly known for.

Neither, if it will help treat the erectile dysfunction issue due to the pumping process.

ThrobMaster pump only comes in either (Smoke) or Red color.

One of the website does state that it’s a great device for beginners so if you have no experience with any type of penis pump whatsoever, than they claim it’s for you.

It should be an easy-to-use sex toy for enjoyment and also easy-to-clean.



  • Stimulates Pleasure
  • Enhances Erections
  • Easy-To-Use Device
  • Should be 100% Safe
  • Increases Satisfaction
  • Comfortable Method
  • Heightens Up Enjoyment
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Cheap Affordable Price
  • Creates Intensity
  • Easy-to-Clean Pump
  • Promotes Sexual Desire


  1. It’s not a “penis enlargement pump” but more of a pleasure stimulator in my opinion.
  2. There is no official main website to make the product more “professional”.
  3. Any proof of evidence? Shows nothing. – No studies or trials have done, no professional endorsement or nothing.
  4. Seems to be a cheaply made product because we usually pay for what we get. 
  5. Since it’s only available in retail sites, some of them discontinued selling this item.
  6. We found several consumers to mention their experience. One of them states that it’s a “poor quality” material, bad design, and other negative statements.
  7. A few users said that they are very “disappointed” because it does not offer much in stimulation.
  8. One website who does have several reviews, folks mention that they would not recommend the product.
  9. Is it really worth it?


Final Facts

First of all, we are unable to find any proof that this ThrobMaster Masturbator Penis Pump is the “real deal” for at least the stimulation process.

In fact, customer users provided us their experience where the device gives a low/poor pleasurable rate.

The (California Exotic Novelties, LLC) who is a retailer with a number of all types of sexual toys, pumps, devices, etc, we did a review on another product of theirs and it wasn’t that great of a penis enlargement method due to its quality.

Yet, some of the promoting third-party sites actually discontinued to have this product available where that’s usually not a good sign.

But we find it currently in-stock in Amazon retailer !

From my personal opinion, we found more negative features than good so is it really worth throwing out money at this ThrobMaster toy? Not from my pocket.


Heres a question for you.

Are you looking to enhance your erections potency by a “quality” penis pump that actually works with proof of evidence?

Well, than let you show you a water-based penis enlargement pump where it can used in shower/bath or plain air.

Plus you’re looking at something that’s much more money than this cheap-low-quality ThrobMaster toy.

The Penoment comes with a 60 day money back Penomet-penis-enlargement-pump-before-and-after-review-method-size-results-forum-does-penomet-really-work-Use-becoming-alpha-maleguarantee and when grabbing the complete kit, the company included 5 gaiters for 5 different settings all in one single water-pump.

Moreover, we found customer users who states that they experienced real gains from using the Penoment device.

The review that I’m about to show you will demonstrate every aspect on how to use it, what it does and what to expect plus more info.

Maybe it’s something that might be your best option since it’s a great tool for erectile dysfunction, pleasure and penis enlargement growth.

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