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Ultimate Stretcher System – Is It Really The Cheapest Extender? Maybe


Ultimate Stretcher System – Is It Really The Cheapest Extender? Maybe

Is the Ultimate Stretcher any different from other penis enlargement extender in today’s market?

Well, the claims that they advertised would be that they are the cheapest traction extender even though they promote to be a “certified medical device“.

Looking through the main page, they also mention that thousands of men have used this device system.

At this review, we’re going to see if it’s worth giving The Ultimate Stretcher a shot.UltimateStretcher-penis-enlargement-traction-extender-device-cheap-cheapest-lowest-price-the-ultimate-stretcher-becoming-alpha-male

Name of Product: The UltimateStretcher™

Official Website: www.UltimateStretcher.com

Minimum Price: System – $149.45

Overall Rank (out of 100): 63 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Refund Policy: Keep Reading To Find Out

What Is The UltimateStretcher™ ?

This product is a whole system to enlarge penis size and like every other traction extenders, by wearing this device for a period of time, users can achieve real gains being permanent.

UltimateStretcher system does say to have been medically backed up from professional experts such as (Dr. Rusian Petrovich and Dr. Stephen X. Giunta).UltimateStretcher-doctor-penis-enlargement-traction-extender-device-cheap-cheapest-lowest-price-the-ultimate-stretcher-becoming-alpha-male

Yes, it does show pictures of who these “professional doctors” really are and they provided a link to each one’s website. Yet, when clicking it, both pages are unavailable.


Any results data or proof from clinical studies?

Not at all but only a statement claiming to have been “clinically tested” but again, no real evidence.

The official website shows a one-page only with not enough information that we as a customer user would like to see.

Perhaps, they really promise that it’s one of the cheapest extender method in today’s industry.

Read on because it might not be!

How Does It Work?

The official website failed to mention or show how this UltimateStretcher extender works since no details of information is given.

Moreover, they do claim that it‘s a “qualified Type 1 Medical Device”, where I’m assuming it’s like every other traction extender device to wear it and will stretch out the male organ outward to expand the tissues of cells.UltimateStretcher-doctor-penis-enlargement-traction-extender-device-cheap-cheapest-lowest-price-the-ultimate-stretcher-results-reviews-becoming-alpha-male

CE standards?

It does not say anything about meeting the CE standards to provide extra safety and its effectiveness.

The UltimateStretcher system mentions an exercise program available called (PenisHealth) as well, but at the last ordering page, I would actually have to buy it and “add-on to ordering cart.

No, it’s not included in the complete system.

Expecting Results

According to product’s label, this UltimateStretcher will add “multiple inches” to every customer user’s member.

With “thousands” of men worldwide who have used this traction device, they failed to show any real review from success stories or any before-&-after photos which is better than many “false” fabricated testimonies, am I Right?!

Moreover, we did find several websites who promotes this extended method where a few of them states that UltimateStretcher will fix the curvature of the penis by 70%.

But at the primary website, does not mention anything to treat the penile curvature known as (Peyronie’s Disease).

Maybe it treats minor curvature? Who knows!

Other than that, when ordering this extender system and grabbing the PenisHealth program, it should teach on how to strengthen erections, improve sexual performance and especial exercises to increase more girth and length to your manhood there.UltimateStretcher-Penis-Health-Program-excecises-penis-erections-gains-review-results-how-it-works-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male

Of course improvements on overall sexual function and also on penis health.

Overall Overview

The Advantages:

  • Promotes to Increase Length Size
  • Should Add up Girth Gains as Well
  • Claims it’s the Cheapest Price Around
  • Backed up by Doctors Endorsements
  • Mentions Type 1 Medical Device Material
  • Found Company’s Name (Permenda Ltd)
  • States “Thousands” of Customer Users

The Disadvantages:

  1. Failed to have a money back guarantee at the official website.
  2. A 1-page site where there’s not enough information on how it works, product’s background, etc.
  3. Does mention “clinically tested” but no proof from any of the trials to show us as visitors.
  4. The main webpage has many links to order the product.
  5. It’s not the “cheapest” because they charge $20 bucks for the shipping/handling fee where now it’s $170 of total.

Customer Support

The UltimateStretcher webpage does say that charging this $20 fee for shipping/handling, it should come in within 3-5 business days.UltimateStretcher-doctor-penis-enlargement-traction-extender-device-cheap-cheapest-lowest-price-the-ultimate-stretcher-results-reviews-order-shipping-becoming-alpha-male

But since the primary website failed to have a FAQ section, where in most case does mention if its a discreet shipping process on a plain box or if the credit card transaction is discrete for user’s privacy.

Ordering online at (www.UltimateStretcher.com) is not the only way since they have a 1-800 phone dialing to contact them or I could order by mail as well.

Money back guarantee?

Surprisely, it failed to share any refund guarantee for the protection of your money but at a promoting site, the editor states that UltimateStretcher company will only refund within 7 days for unopened item.

Closing Thoughts

Is it really the cheapest?

Not at all. We have done many reviews on penis enlargement extender methods and there is one who is actually much cheaper than this UltimateStretcher system.vimax-extender-device-method-technique-gain-increase-size-product-review-results-how-does-it-work-becoming-alpha-male

The Vimax Extender device is for only $99.95 plus no shipping/handling fee. Boom there it goes !

Yet, the website is a lot more clear to view where they do have a section for the clinical studies of results plus they call themselves the “smallest and lightest” traction device.

Unlike the UltimateStretcher system, Vimax Extender system covers up a 6 month money-back guarantee and this brand (Vimax) is likely recognized in the male industry from thousands of users.


However, I won’t let you go without letting you the know about “The Most Advanced Penis Enlargement Extender“.

The X4 Labs who carries a 4-in-1 system with 58 ways to hold your member there for best comfort, where it leads to more time on wearing the device for faster size growth.

Yes, it will cost a few hundred bucks but they do have a starter edition system for only $114.95 which it comes with a 18 Way Hybrid Support System.

I mean it’s definitely cheaper than the UltimateStretcher extender and plus more advanced. Here I’ll send you to my review If you would like to find out more about X4 Labs.


Now you know why this UltimateStretcher is not the best option or the cheapest in my opinion plus since it seems to me like a “basic” extender. I am asking you to drop me a comment below if I have helped you figure out what’s best for you. I appreciate your time.

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