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Vaso Ultra Pills – My Results Here! Exposed the Truth of Vaso Ultra


Vaso Ultra Pills – My Results Here! Exposed the Truth of Vaso Ultra

Vaso Ultra Pills claims to make my penis longer and fuller.

I ordered this product and used it for exactly 3 months without skipping a day, and this is my results of what I got !

In fact, Protodexx is their main ingredient, which they claim to increase the production of testosterone by at least 40 times stronger than any other male enhancement out there.

Really? Well, read on and I’ll show you my results or if it’s a scam!  Vaso-Scam-Ultra-9-formulas-products-before-after-results-reviews-false-items-websites-sex-guru-get-bigger-pills-scammy-becoming-alpha-male


Name of Product: Vaso Ultra

Website: www.Vaso-Ultra.com

Amazon Also Carries The Bottles

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $39.99

Overall Rank (out of 100): 24% Success Rate

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 3 Months

Guarantee: Claims 100% Money Back Guaranteed


What Is Vaso Ultra?

Vaso Ultra promotes to be some all natural enlargement pills that will make my penis bigger with their next generation of the “precision vasogenic expansion technology”.

This male formula was conducted by the manufacturer called RAS, LLC (Research and Applied Science) made in the USA.

On the product’s official website, it claims that I will reach 2-5″ inches when taking the pills, but the question is, how many inches did I get?!

As you read on, I will tell you what happened to me when taking this enhancement product.

According Vaso Ultra sales page, they added that I should get rock-hard erections to gain a significant growth size.

Yes, the exclusive proprietary blend with Protodexx included, states to have all natural and safe compounds.

These ingredients labels to be such as L-Arginine, Tribulus Vaso-Scam-Ultra-9-ingredients-formulas-products-before-after-results-reviews-false-items-websites-sex-guru-get-bigger-pills-scammy-becoming-alpha-maleTerrestris, Protodexx Matix Complex, L-Citrulline (an amino acid), Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack), Maca Root, Avena Sativa, and Long Pepper.

Vaso Ultra did fail to mention the exact amount of each component.

No, it does not require a prescription to order this male enhancement formula.

Who Is Vaso Ultra For?

Vaso Ultra represents to be for us (men), especially myself who always had an average penis size of 6″ inch or less.

Yes, I believe that penis size does matter to most partners/lovers out there, so basically, this formula promotes that it’s for us who are not satisfied with our member size, where we want to heighten up inches of growth.

The company mentions to make my penis more sensitive and enhance the ability to gain “rock hard erections.

Being displayed on the top rows in many sex guru sites, it forced me to buy Vaso Ultra pills and try it out, for the fact that I have tried many other types of “get-bigger-pills“.

So, why not Vaso Ultra?

My main goal here was to increase the size of my tool by at least 2-3″ inches then I’ll be happy with my results.

Perhaps, Vaso Ultra website does not show any proven clinically studies or trials to backup the claims of inches.

It doesn’t mention anything about the product being scientifically tested for its effectiveness, or neither user’s safety.

The only thing the company added was references studies of L-Arginine, which everyone should know that it’s an amino acid to promote blood flow to the penis tissues and helps release HGH to boost the nitric oxide levels.

Vaso Ultra Overview

The Good:Vaso-Scam-Ultra-9-formulas-products-before-after-results-reviews-false-items-websites-sex-guru-get-bigger-pills-scammy-guarantee-becoming-alpha-male

  • Claims to Add 2-5″ Inches
  • Natural Ingredients Combined
  • Achieves “Rock Hard” Erections
  • Promotes Penis Thickness – Fuller
  • Intensify Orgasms Dramatically
  • Boosts 40 Times more Testosterone
  • Improves Sexual Function
  • Increases Confidence Levels
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

How To Use it?

This formula so-called Vaso Ultra, wanted me to take 2 capsules in the daily basis, which they do mention to take it on an empty stomach at least 2 hours after eaten.

Yet, they claim that it doesn’t matter what time I should take it, meaning there is no best time to pop a pill.

So I took it once about 2 hours after breakfast and once at night before bedtime.

Some days I would switch it up and take both in the morning or at night.

However as I did mention, I bought the full 3 months supplies taking it daily and expected growth results of “inches“.

The first month, these pills did fail to show me any improvements, where I thought maybe by the next month, I should gain at least 1″ inch or so.

Keep reading!

Support/Customer Services

The main website have a contact section for email or a calling 1800 phone-number, where it’s the best way to get in touch with them, but I don’t know how good they are with treating their consumers.

Perhaps, they failed to show the manufacturer or company’s address for if myself as a customer user were to send it back for the full refund.

Yes, they do claim to have a 60 day money back guarantee !

But Vaso Ultra sales page failed to provide enough value information for all visitors to see, but only added hyped up promises.

Even though they promote that it’s completely safe, I can’t find any real proof to actually know that I was not risking any side effects or on plenty of users out there.

In fact, Amazon also has the product available !

Conclusion + Results

Okay, so now you know every information that I know about this number #3 spot in the sex guru websites for the “get-bigger-pills” category.

At the time when taking these enlargement pills, I thought, okay now I finally found something that will actually increase my penis size.

I took it every single day for 3 months as the recommendation period of time without missing a daily intake.

Meanwhile, since I mention previously that the first month didn’t do much to me and by the 2nd month ended, my penis did not appear any bigger meaning no inches gained on my member size at all.



I did achieve harder erections though, but somehow by the 3rd month, my erections wasn’t as hard and I was unhappy with no growth gains.

If you’re suffering to get a rock-hard penis, my suggestion is sweeping by my review to take a look at the VigRx Plus where this male enhancer should really work because there is proof of everything.


Surprisely, Vaso Ultra is the next generation of Vaso 9. Yet, only me and few guys out there actually knows this because I have been looking at these type of “get-bigger-pills” for couple years trying, trying and going for the top male enlargement items in the sex guru market, thinking that one day I will finally enlarge my tool.


My closing thought is that this Vaso 9 or Ultra is a complete scam.

I looked all over the internet and found nobody to mention their results of 2-5″ inches as they promote.

All the “get-bigger-pills” failed to give me any growth results, which after a while, I have finally found the secret and gained 2″ full inches in growth size on my penis.

“Okay, so how did I do it?”, you ask me.

Well, I restarted the puberty stage all over again, and remember that we didn’t need any enhancement pills in puberty because it grew naturally?

Well, the Penis Enlargement Bible is the secret and I am going to point you in the right path, where now you can stop losing money as well and figure out if you really want penis enlargement to work.


Don’t believe me? Check out my review and I will tell you my whole story of how it works, plus my results. And the best part about this guide is that once I reach the size I want, shows me exactly how to stop the process or else it keeps going.

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