Viaman Review – Does Viaman Formulas Really Work? Find Out Here!

Viaman Review – Does Viaman Formulas Really Work? Find Out Here!

To improve and support one’s sexual life, it’s quite important to support the body system with relevant natural body enhancement supplements just like one would take food and/or vitamins to augment daily meals.

My painstaking research on different internet directories brought me across a formula called Viaman and according to its manufacturer will support several sexual functions in a natural fashion.

The product’s official website exists and it seems they have some other facts to prove their product’s authenticity.

We will see them, if any, as we further read this honest review about Viaman.

Get refreshed, relax, and read down the review to see things yourself.


Name of Product: Viaman Viaman-Review-Does-Viaman-Formulas-Really-Work-Find-Out-Here-Supplements-Pills-Gel-Spray-Results-Reviews-Becoming-Alpha-Male

Official Website:

Price: Depends On What Formula out of 4

Overall Rank (out of 100): 65 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Unknown

Money Back Guarantee: Unknown

What Is Viaman?

Viaman is marketed as a male enhancement herbal supplement and what is should do according to the manufacturer’s description is to increase sexual libido while support strong/longer lasting erection for prolonged performance.

The manufacturer of this product promote that the products, in addition to the above-mentioned benefits, will increase the proportion of our penis, maintain one’s sexual stamina and enhance the workability of our sex hormones while giving the desired natural and healthy sexual state.

The Viaman formulations are four.

That is, the company has four (4) different dosage forms of the formula. This is because of variability in individuals’ dosage form tolerability.

According to them, all the Viaman collections of formulas are produced with natural ingredients and are exceptionally potent and effective (Viaman Capsule, Viaman Delay Spray, Viaman Delay Gel, Viaman Delay Wipes).Viaman-Review-Does-Viaman-Formulas-Really-Work-Find-Out-Here-Supplements-Pills-Gel-Spray-Results-Reviews-Capsules-Becoming-Alpha-Male

The manufacturer’s recommendation is that we take one capsule of Viaman.

According to them, previous of the products state that they usually see results within 4 weeks or when they have finished one bottle of Viaman Capsule.

The manufacturer mentions that system reaction to the product’s herbs depends on age and lifestyle. Hence, results and its time of showing may vary between different users.

However, three (3) months regular use of Viaman capsules will show good results as they claimed.

Viaman Delay Spray as the name implies delays ejaculation and it should be sprayed 2-5 times over the penis.

The Viaman Delay Wipes and Delay Gel also delay ejaculation and they should be rubbed over the penis head/shaft and applied 3 to 4 drops respectively. These give more sexual pleasure and satisfaction as the manufacturer claim.

Actually, I could not find any clinical or scientific back up of these product claims.

Also, the doctor’s endorsement is lacking. Anyway, there are more details about these products.

Continue reading.  

Ingredient’s Profile

Viaman capsule, according to the manufacturer’s description in the product’s official website, contains potent herbal ingredients and these should include:

L-Arginine (100mg), L-lysine (100mg), Acetyl N-carnitine (100mg), Fenugreek (400mg), Maca root (200mg), Zinc (14mg), and L-citrulline maleate.

The ingredients in Viaman Delay Spray and the Viaman Delay Wipes are aqua, glycerin, laureth-9, Avena sativa extract, Hypericum perforatum extract, Menthyl lactate, caprylyl glycol, polysorbate 20 and alcohol denat.

The Viaman Delay Gel contains aqua, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Laureth-9, Acrylate/C10-30, Alkyl Acrylate Cross-polymer, Alcohol, Aminomethyl Propanol, Avena sativa Kernel extract, Carbomer, Glycerin, Humulus Lupulus Extract, Limonene, Mentha Piperita Oil, Propylene Glycol, Methylisothiazolinone, and Phenypropanol.Viaman-Spray-Review-Does-Viaman-Formulas-Really-Work-Find-Out-Here-Supplements-Pills-Gel-Spray-Results-Reviews-Capsules-Spray-Becoming-Alpha-Male

How Does Viaman Work?

Viaman, according to the manufacturer is a one daily enhancement formula that works by providing men with the desired sex life they cherish.

Being formulated with 100% natural ingredients as the product manufacturer claim, they promote that the Viaman formulations will work to boost sex libido (that is, increase the desire for sex in men), increase the size as well as the firmness of the penis for a more lasting erection, increase users’ stamina and boost/enhance sexual performance.

Most of the other male enhancement formulas we have reviewed in the past tend to have a specific and well-explained mechanism of action in that they affect one or more organ systems and/or receptors in the body to elicit an effect.

The description as to the mechanism of action of the Viaman formulations was not explained and this is out of the norm.

This is a sign of inconsistency in the products’ quality, I must say.

Let us get the rest of the details. So, read till the end of the review.

Who Can Use Viaman?

Viaman products, in line with the product’s details, are for men who desire to get the best out of their sex life as it claims it will increase our sexual function while achieving other sexual benefits.

That is, if I wish to optimize my sexual function (get stronger erections, achieve longer lasting erections, gain control over my ejaculation), the manufacturer of Viaman formulations claim that the product is for me.

On the other hand, the manufacturer’s idea of making the Viaman products in different dosage forms is a good one as this will take care of the variation in individuals’ tolerability as regards medications and /or enhancement supplements.

So, one can use the capsule, gel, wipe or the spray.

Individuals with major health condition will have to seek the consent of a healthcare professional (a physician) before taking any of the Viaman formulations.

Though not explained, under-aged folks should not take them. All these are what we expect to see about these formulations to clear one’s doubt in terms of product’s safety, efficacy, and authenticity.


The Pros:

  • Improve/Prolong Sexual Performance;Viaman-Capsules-Spray-Gel-Wipes-Review-Does-Viaman-Formulas-Really-Work-Find-Out-Here-Supplements-Pills-Gel-Spray-Results-Reviews-Capsules-Spray-Becoming-Alpha-Male
  •  Increase Sexual Libido;
  • More Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction;
  • Claims to Achieve Control Over Ejaculation;
  • Support Stronger Erections;
  • Won the Adult Product of the Year;
  • Claims it’s Safe and Effective;
  • Once Daily Dosing;
  • Contains Premium Ingredients;
  • No Side Effects Reported;
  • Completely Natural;
  • Primary Website Exists;
  • The Company Offers Discrete Shipping.

The Cons:

  1. Users’ reviews are restricted to the products’ primary website which we know could be falsified;
  2. No evidence of a doctor’s endorsement;
  3. Purchases might not be accompanied by a refund;
  4. The product is relatively expensive.

Customer Support/Guarantee

The manufacturer of Viaman enhancement formulas states that their products are 100% natural and as such should not cause any side effects.

Similarly, they promote that the products are of high quality with a proof that the Viaman formulas were nominated as the Adult Product of the Year at the 2013 Paul Raymond Publications Award.

This is a good achievement anyway.

But there should be a clinical study and/or a doctor’s endorsement to back up the products’ claim.

The company promotes to offer discreet shipping of purchased Viaman products.

That is, they will send the products packaged in such a way that our privacy is protected.

Additionally, they made available channels through which we can contact them (phone calls, emails, chats).

Final Thought/My Personal Opinion

Viaman formulations for male sexual enhancement as we have seen claim they will achieve several benefits as regards improving one’s sexual life and others.

But we cannot conclude the review here without putting together, comparing and contrasting the details we have obtained so far.

Firstly, the company has done well by making four different dosage forms of the male enhancement formula.

To actually clear users’ and potential users ‘doubt about these formulas, we would see good reviews about these products outside the Viaman’s primary website and some doctor’s approval.

On the other hand, I doubt if we can get our money back in a situation where we do not derive satisfaction from using the products.

Their refund terms and policy is not reasonable.

Here is my final opinion!prosolution-plus-pills-capsules-review-results-does-prosolution-work-doctor-evidence-how-it-works-formula-leading-edge-health-becoming-alpha-male

I will not completely condemn the Viaman products. One can try it out, but I think going for other enhancement products (such as the ProSolution Plus pills) that are clinically endorsed/proven to be safe and effective will be a better option.

Now with ProSolution Plus male enhancement, not only there are clinical and scientific studies done, they provided real doctor approval plus there are a 67 day money back guarantee.


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