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VigaMax Male Enhancement 10 Soft Gels – Is It The Best Choice? Only Here!


VigaMax Male Enhancement 10 Soft Gels – Is It The Best Choice? Only Here!

A sexual enhancement called VigaMax, claims big promises such as to cure erectile dysfunction within 30 minutes of swallowing a pill.

The webpage of VigaMax does promote that it’s a “clinically proven” product for customer user’s safety and formula’s effectiveness.

Since the effects should be like “Viagra” prescription from the “hard erections within minutes“, let’s get to know if it’s the best choice for all users.

Follow down !



Name of Product: VigaMax For Men

Website: Available in Retail Websites

Minimum Price: A Bottle Supply – $12.00

Overall Rank (out of 100): 23 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Before Sexual Related 

Money-Back Guarantee: Must Check With Retail Sites

What Are VigaMax SoftGels?

The VigaMax “soft gels” are some male enhancement pills available online at a few websites, which folks can grab an order without obtaining a prescription.

According to product’s label, they claim that it’s a natural supplement for all men to use.

And when swallowing a pill, we as customer users should have the ability to “get it up” every time, as they promote.

They mention to cause no negative side effects since it’s a safe formula to create hard erections.

Now the VigaMax company does claim other features as well, such as improving overall sexual health and function.

Yes, keep reading!

According to our sources, VigaMax is the herbal “medicine” to treat sexual impotence, so the company that’s behind and supports this male item, would be the (NutriFactor) brand.

It’s a United Kingdom-based company and all of their products are available in most areas around the world.

However, VigaMax labels that it’s made in the USA and the company does mention to have “clinically approved” studies that the pills works within 30 minutes.

The results they offered to show, claims to have “99% VigaMax-male-enhancement-10-soft-gels-nutrifactor-company-erections-clinically-proven-results-scam-review-works-within-30-minutes-results-graph-reviews-becoming-alpha-malesafety rate” on sexual action-mode.

Other than that, we could not find any doctor recommendation or approval for more backup of evidence for the effectiveness and for each customer user’s safety.


Since they claim that it’s a completely natural product, VigaMax carries all sexual herbs.

The manufacturer shares to have selected each herbal extract for more quality on the pills, which they are :

  • Tribulus Terrestris (100mg) – Increases the production of testosterone to improve sperm quality.
  • Epimedium (25mg) – Recognized as Horny Goat Weed and stimulates libido, plus erections potency.
  • Ginseng Extract (25mg) – Boosts up energy levels and overall sexual function.
  • Eurycoma Longifolia (15mg) – Refers as Tongkat Ali and helps with erectile dysfunction with producing testosterone.
  • Ginkgo Biloba (15mg) – Increases blood flow to the male genitals to improve sexual function and health.

So how does it work?

Well, like every other male enhancement on the market, it works by helping stimulate more blood to travel through the penis tissues, where it causes the erectile chambers to fill in with maximum blood, then leads to create stronger and harder erections.

With only these 5 sexual compounds, the company promotes to work immediately for sexual potential.


The benefits that VigaMax promises, are such as increasing erections potential, promotes sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Users using this male formula, should experience to cure the erectile dysfunction issue and heightening up sexual desire.

They claim to stimulate stamina, sex drive for overall sexual function.

VigaMax main goal is take action as soon as popping a pill and within 30 minutes, If myself as a customer user were to use it, I should experience a better sexual performance with my partner.

Basically, this sexual supplement claims to improve overall sexual health to get back on track to start having great sex again, plus they mention have intense orgasms.


As they explain about product’s label, all I would have to do is take one of the “soft gels” capsules and I should be in good hands for a period of time.

VigaMax male enhancement is more of some “sex-pills” to take right before sexual activity.

Unlike “Viagra” prescription where I mention previously, the company guarantee that it’s effective and gives no negative side effects for all users who were to take a pill.



  • Heightens Up Erections
  • Stimulates Sex DriveVigaMax-male-enhancement-10-soft-gels-nutrifactor-company-erections-clinically-proven-results-scam-review-works-within-30-minutes-results-reviews-becoming-alpha-male
  • Claims to be 100% Safe
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction
  • Available in Retail Websites
  • Promotes Sexual Desire
  • Affordable Price – Only $12.00
  • Increases Performance Levels
  • Sexual Pleasure should Rise
  • Intensify Sexual Orgasms
  • Should cause no Side Effects
  • Company shows a Graph of Results
  • Promotes It’s a Clinically Proven Formula
  • Enjoy Better Sex with these “Soft-Gels”
  • VigaMan.com Claims to have a Return Policy


  1. The results structure that they offered to show, needs a background from where it’s from.
  2. Failed to provide any doctor recommendation or approval.
  3. All promoting websites does fail lack of all sort of information.
  4. Very low amount of dosing with only 5 ingredients, when other male enhancements have many of high-quality compounds, which VigaMax doesn’t have “real” proof to actually be effective.
  5. We have not found any official website for this VigaMax product to make it seem more “professional”.
  6. The headquarter manufacturer is located in U.K, but they claim that the product was made in the USA ..? – “Sketchy”
  7. According to our sources, there is no real consumers or actual users to mention their experience when using the pills.
  8. We also found only a few websites to support this product, but somehow it seems that it’s a scam !?


Yes, they provided a form of “results” structure to make it reliable, therefore it does not state anything about where this graph is from.

Since it’s available in a few third-party retail websites, you would have to check with them about any discreet shipping or credit card statement appearance.

The money back guarantee, we was only able to find at the VigaMan.com, which is a sales webpage of several products for users to buy.

In fact, this VigaMax formula should be available in many areas around the world because (NutriFactor) is an international company.

Summary Review

As according to a number of web-based sources, we was unable to find any real proof evidence that this natural product is worth putting effort, time and money into it.

With so many red flags that we have found, VigaMax “soft-gels” is just another male enhancement in today’s market, meaning there is no difference from others in my opinion.

Meanwhile, If I were suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile disorder condition, premature ejaculation issue, etc, I would rather take a high-quality male enhancement.

Where, I’m going to show one male supplement that it does have an official website with several doctors recommendation, proof of evidence from real clinical studies, and many more that it’s an effective and safe enhancer formula.

Instead of you taking “sex-pills” before sexual intercourse just like “Viagra” prescription, VigRx Plus builds up the male system to cure overall sexual function and health, which after a period of time of using it, user won’t need to take nothing and should be able to perform better naturally.

It might be what you need and if so, head over to my review, where I explain why it gained the most points from our eyes in the male industry.


Have any questions about this review? Drop them below and I should get back to you anytime soon.

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