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VigFX Male Enhancement Review – NEW Free Trial Bottle Available – Must SEE !


VigFX Male Enhancement Review – NEW Free Trial Bottle Available – Must SEE !

A brand new formula that was recently introduced in the male enhancement industry, goes by the name of VigFX.

However, its a “free trial” bottle and just scrolling down the product’s official website, I do see clinical trial of results from a number of men who participated.

Which in that case, makes it unique because other “free trials” in today’s market are mostly a scam, plus they have no proof of evidence that it’s effective and safe.

Have a bigger-looking erection“? That does sound realistic in my opinion.

So let’s enjoy reading this complete review about this free trial male enhancement to find out how it works and if it’s really not a scam like others out there.VigFX-Male-Enhancement-Review-NEW-Free-Trial-Bottle-basis-reviews-before-and-after-results-sample-male-enlargement-becoming-alpha-male

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Name of Product: VigFX

Official Website: www.TryVigFX.com

Minimum Price: Free Trial Available

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period Usage: 15 Days Trial

Refund Policy: No Refunds for Free Trials

What Is VigFX Formula?

According to our sources, this VigFX formula is a sexual male enhancement of pills who is similar to the VigRX Plus enhancer but with extended release.

For those who don’t know, VigRX Plus is one of the top male enhancement in today’s market where not thousands, but millions of men have been using the pills because of its effectiveness and it’s completely safe.

Now with this VigFX formula, supposedly is the next generation where the company actually optimized and updated for much more sexual improvements.

The company would be the (Leading Edge Health, LLC).

Yet, they’re known as a reliable and respected manufacturer because of their products quality, customer support and several other features.

Since they recently introduced VigFX in today’s industry, they provided proof of evidence that this new formula really works as it should.

Yes, as I mention previously, they conducted real clinical trials for overall sexual results from a variety of men using it for 84 days, as explained.

The product’s official website also mentions that (Dr. Steven Lamm) actually saw the clinical studies for his approval, which is an approved formula from my point of view.

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How Do VigFX Pills Work?

As the product’s primary page explain, the company took it to a whole another level for a “maximum absorption technology“.

It should be completely natural, safe and effective plus no prescription portion is necessary for all men to use the pills and gain sexual improvements.

With the VigFX formula, the creators increased the absorption rate by 90%, plus they added the advantage of “extended release, allowing for a slower and steadier release of the nutrients into your system.

So this is how it works !

Each VigFX bottle comes with 30 tablets or what they call it (soft gel caps).

If I were to use this male enhancement product, I would only need to take 1 pill per day on the daily basis.

Yet, it’s not just a once-a-day supplement because you can swallow a pill 15-30 minutes before sexual activity and that way, your performance should be on fire for sexual ability and function.

The active ingredients will boost up blood rushing straight to the male organ and genitals for natural and sexual male power, as they explain.

VigFX Benefits of Results?

Since the company provided solid proof to back up the purported claims, VigFX formula shows real evidence that these sexual male pills increases the ability to gain and maintain a hard erection by a 62.82% percentage rate.VigFX-Male-Enhancement-Review-NEW-Free-Trial-Bottle-basis-reviews-before-and-after-results-sample-male-enlargement-website-clinically-studies-becoming-alpha-male

Which, leads to a bigger-looking erect state penis for harder, stronger, and larger erection potency.

Sex drive?

It does show improvements on sex drive and sexual desire from a percentage rate of 47.00%.

Quality orgasms by 22.49%, ability to penetrate your sexual partner is 58.97% for more enjoyment, sexual and intercourse satisfaction shows a high percentage of 71.43% desire for sex.

Basically, it spice up and improve your overall sexual lifestyle.

But that’s not at all !

My confidence levels (as self-esteem) builds up and enhances natural virility as well for a better sexual performance.

Overview Structure

The Benefits:

  • 1 Pill-Per-Day SupplementVigFX-Male-Enhancement-Review-NEW-Free-Trial-Bottle-basis-reviews-before-and-after-results-sample-male-enlargement-website-becoming-alpha-male
  • Increases Erections Appearance
  • Spice Up Sexual Satisfaction
  • Free Trial Bottle Available
  • Huge Boost on Sex Drive
  • Stimulates Sexual Desire
  • Maximum Absorption Pills
  • Better Quality on Orgasms
  • Improves Sexual Performance
  • Harder, Stronger & Larger Erections
  • Clinically Proven From Real Trials
  • Improvements on Natural Virility
  • Gain More Enjoyable + Pleasure
  • Does Have a Real Doctor Approval
  • From a Well-Respected Company
  • Newest Formula in Today’s Market

The Drawbacks:

  1. Even though the company provided solid proof from trials done on a number of men, the primary website does not show the full ingredient profile.

Customer Support

You do know that it’s a “free trial” bottle, so no return policy is available.

But they do mention a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning we as a customer user should gain noticeable improvements when using this VigFX new formula.

Moreover, the company (Leading Edge Health, LLC), have been known to provide reliable customer support since I have used one of their products before, so I do know how they treat all users.

Shipping process?

All of their products comes in a discreet no-content package for the privacy of all users and I also do know that the payment statements appear as the company’s name.

Bottom Line Facts

Yes, this whole new formula is really unique because we have done many reviews on “free trial” samples of bottles and none of them offers to show evidence from clinically or scientifically form of structure to back up the promises.

Another fact is that, it’s a doctor-approved formula and most companies out there who introduces a new product to the market, they don’t have a “professional endorsement” due to the expenses for studies from these healthcare experts.

Now let me be completely honest with you!

All claiming-to-be “free trial” products, they include a shipping/handling fee where VigFX company only charges $6.95 and you will get a bottle of pills for free.VigFX-Male-Enhancement-Review-NEW-Free-Trial-Bottle-basis-reviews-before-and-after-results-sample-male-enlargement-website-clinically-studies-newest-formula-try-it-now-becoming-alpha-male

Within 15 days, you should already notice improvements and they do mention at the last ordering page for the payment of the shipping fee, that you’ll be enrolled for the VigFX™ Home Delivery Program.

What happens next is, you will get a full complete bottle of pills for the next 30 days to gain maximum results on overall sexual experience.

And, if somehow you find that it’s not for you or maybe you no longer need to use the pills, all you will have to do is contact their customer service support and they should cancel your membership.

Remember, (Leading Edge Health, LLC) is a reliable company from over a decade in the male enhancement industry, so they won’t lose their reputation and provide you unsatisfied support from my personal experience.

Maybe you would like to visit the VigFX official website (www.TryVigFX.com).


If you have any questions or concerns, I’m here to answer you with helpful information. Don’t be afraid to throw me a reply below, especially if I have helped you in this review to choose your free trial bottle.

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