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Vigorgen Male Enlargement Patch – Maybe it Does Work!


Vigorgen Male Enlargement Patch – Maybe it Does Work!

A penis enlargement system who promotes that it’s the “world’s most powerful patch” ever created, they call it Vigorgen.

Therefore, this male method supposedly will add inches in length and girth.

But lets find out because I’m still concerned if it really does work or if it’s a scam.

Sit back, relax and read !



Name of Product: Vigorgen Patch

Official Website: www.VigorgenPatch.net

Minimum Price: 3 Month Supply – $79.95 

Overall Rank (out of 100): 93 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 3 Months

Refund Policy: 30 Day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee


What Is Vigorgen Patch?

Vigorgen formula is a penis enlargement patch system and what it should do is, make penis size gain inches as what the product claims.

They call it “Dermal Patch Technology” and the manufacturer also mentions that this male system is the newest advanced technique.

Patch system usually delivery the active-ingredients into the bloodstream without having to travel through the digestive system.

It claims that it’s effective to release the active-ingredients right away and start work immediately.

So how does Vigorgen Patch really work?

As the product’s company explains, it should simply stimulate blood to the erectile tissues and make the chambers of the penis expand to hold more blood.

Now we all know, the more blood gets in the chambers when erect state, the bigger the penis will be !

The company does not only claim the penis enlargement process, but they share that over 30,000 men got cured from erectile dysfunction.

Who’s the Vigorgen company?

Virodyne Research Ltd is who supports this male item with over 20 years of experience and they mention that they are a medical professionals team of researchers.


The formulated ingredients included in this penis enlargement method are all herbs, amino acids and nutrients blended together in a proprietary blend.

They are such as Horny Goat Weed, L-Arginine, Muira Puama, Tribulus Terrestris, Nettle Leaf,  Orchic Substance, Cayenne, Zinc, Oyster Meat, Astragalus Root, Maca, Sarsparilla, Pumpkin Seed, Oat Straw, Catauba, Licorice Root, Pygueum, and Boron.

As Vigorgen website mentions, it should be completely natural and safe.

No prescription portion is needed.

Vigorgen Patch Is For Who?Vigorgen-Male-Enlargement-Patch-Enhancement-Method-does-it-work-patches-review-before-after-results-safe-Becoming-AlphaMale

Many guys worldwide are afraid of using extenders, pumps, surgery and even using enhancement pills.

Of courses extenders, pumps, weights and surgery are dangerous.

So they go for a different formula, which Vigorgen Patch system is less risky being the safest type of formula comparing to any other method around.

This patch method is for all men who needs a couple of inches as according to them.

All I would have to do is leave it on for a few days, where it makes it the easiest penis enlargement method ever.

Are you having trouble getting your member there up or as I may say, suffering from the erectile dysfunction problem?

This advanced technology claims to have cured thousands of men worldwide and that way, it should treat your erections to reach harder, stronger and firmer.

You should be able to control climaxing which stops the premature ejaculation issue.

Energy and stamina increases for more sexual desire.

Basically, Vigorgen promotes to improve overall sexual health and function for a pleasurable sexual life.

How to Use it?

No, it does not go on your penis area !

The areas they recommend to put it on, would be on the chest or any other spot where no hair is involved because it needs to hold on firmly.

You will simply apply to your body and leave it there for 72 hours (3 full days), then renew the patch to new spot, as Vigorgen company explains.

This effective patch claims to start working right away !

They do mention that it should not go to anywhere near your penis area or around your face.

For best results, users should follow the directions.

As they share, Vigorgen fast-acting formula will depend on your body’s reaction, meaning if your healthy with no pre-existing health conditions, then your results should be incredible.

However, if your health is not too well, meaning you’re on medication or a smoker, drinker etc, than it may take longer than a healthier person, as with using any type of product.

Since, each person is unique and have a different body chemistry.

Keep reading !



  • Claims to Enlarge Penis in 4-8 weeks
  • Improves Erections for Harder and Longer
  • Say no more to Premature Ejaculation
  • Stamina Increases for Higher Performance
  • Sexual Pleasure improves for More Satisfaction
  • Easy-to-Use, just slap a Patch to your Body – Every 3 Days
  • Sexual Desire and Energy should Boost to Higher Levels
  • Cures Erectile Dysfunction for Hardness – No more Soft Penis
  • Improves Overall Sexual Health and Sexual Function
  • Manufacturer are all Professional Doctors – (Approved)
  • Confidence Increases to actually Feel more Masculine
  • 100 Money Back Guarantee for All Users to Give it a Shot


  1. Any health existing problems, they suggest to consult your physician or medical doctor. – Seems that it’s not really 100% Safe.
  2. Only 30 day money back Guarantee. – Might not be enough.


Vigorgen Patch is only available to order online at their official website, or by giving them a call at a 1-866 phone line.

Yes, we can email them and they should get back to you within few hours.

The company promotes that they are 100% secured for the privacy of each user, meaning they won’t sell your information to nobody.

According to them, your information is protected, plus from not showing the product’s label on credit-card transaction statement.

Yet, their money back guarantee is only for 30 days.

Bottom Line Conclusion

So, the question was, does it really work?

According to our online sources, it seems that this formula is really effective, but NO, it will not make you gain inches in penis size, meaning not 3-4″ inches.

How come?

It probably will give you a feeling of a longer and bigger penis because they claim that this patch system will give you the ability to create powerful erections.

Perhaps, remember in our teenage years when going through puberty?

Yes, our penis grew without any type of method !

In that case, after trying several ways for my member here to grow, one day I found a real complete natural way that actually worked to grow my penis and gain some decent size.

I restarted puberty process all over again by biochemicals and nutrients, where it made me gain real permanent growth size.

Yes, Find out more about it at my review. It might help you!


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