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VigRXtreme Liquid Formula By VitaTREX – Male Enlargement Permanent Growth


VigRXtreme Liquid Formula By VitaTREX – Male Enlargement Permanent Growth

A “Pharmaceutical approvedliquid formula, promotes to boost a high amount of blood flow to the penis chambers and causes increasing size of growth in length and girth, as reading through the VigRXtreme label.

Yet, I do find it very similar to a liquid male enlargement that I’ve tried before, but maybe, VigRXtreme really does what it claims.

However, we’ll only know after reviewing this item !

Read on !



Name of Product: VigRXtreme 

Website: Available in Retailers


Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply – $29.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 4 Points

Recommended Usage: Unknown

Money-Back Guarantee: Unknown 

What Is VigRXtreme ?

This male product as I mention previously, is a male enlargement formula, but instead of taking pills, the manufacturer introduced VigRXtreme to male enhancement market as a liquid formula.

The claims are big, such as enhancing permanent size of girth and length, with several other features.

According to them, this is the “right product” for the enlargement of penis size without putting much effort and can add up to 4″ full inches over time.

Since they mention that it’s an effective formula, it should work in a natural way to gain significant results of size growth.

They also guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate that this is the product for we as men to gain more size.

With the hyped up claims, VigRXtreme did fail to prove to us that this male formula really works, or as I may say, is it really effective?

So, how does it work?

This penis enlargement item shares that it’s the new “super concentrated formula”, where it should work by simply adding the recommended drops and swallow the liquid, which works faster than taking pills/capsules or tablets, as according to them.

They also mention that this liquid method absorbs about 80% of the active-ingredients in the body stream, when the absorption rate for pills are only 20% or less in most cases.

The company states that it’s the “proven enlargement formula“, but again, no form of evidence shows.


VigRXtreme carries a combination of all natural sexual ingredients, which they are recognized from ancient years ago to fix sexual impotence in all men.

So these sexual aphrodisiacs and amino acids are such as Maca, Ginkgo Biloba, Horny Goat Weed, Siberian Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Yohimbe, Muira Puama, L-Arginine, Ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris and Tongkat Ali.

Therefore, each one of them have its own potency of effectiveness.

However, we have come across that not only VigRXtreme have a similar outlook to the “Intensisize XL Extreme” liquid formula’s label, but according to our sources, it’s the same ingredient profile in both of these formulation.

“Mhmm”, keep reading !

For Who Is It For?

Several men rather not take any male enhancement pills, because of fearing any side effects, such as headaches, stomach discomfortable, etc.

Pills have to travel through the stomach lining, then breaks the ingredients, which only a small amount absorbs in the digestive system.

Now VigRXtreme should work better for all men, since 80% of the compounds are stimulated in the body, where it makes it more effective.

This product claims to add size in thickness and for longer penis.

They also mention to increase sexual performance and increase the potential to reach stronger, harder erections.



The Good:

  • Claims to Add Penis Size DramaticallyVigRXtreme-Ingredients-male-enlargement-permanent-growth-size-liquid-formula-review-VitaTREX-company-does-it-work-how-it-works-scam-bottle-becoming-alpha-male
  • Increases Longer, Harder Erections
  • It’s a Fair Price – Affordable
  • Promotes that it’s 100% Safe
  • Pharmaceutical Approved Formula
  • Mention to gain Permanent Results
  • Enhances Sex Drive + Stamina
  • Contains Natural Ingredients – Herbs
  • Claims it’s a “Proven Enlargement” Formula
  • Guarantees 100% Satisfaction from Results

The Bad:

  1. No official website for this VigRXtreme liquid formula was found.
  2. A return policy, buyers would have to check with retailers for if they cover it.
  3. There is no proof of clinical studies or scientific structure to back up the claims of adding size.
  4. Failed to have a doctor recommendation for user’s safety.
  5. Formulation carries the “Yohimbe” compound, where several users would not grab a product with this ingredient due to side effects.
  6. Contains the same ingredient list as the “Intensisize XL Extreme“, and we have not found any resources about both products being together or updated.
  7. Claims are over-exaggerated with the “increasing penis size up to 4″ inches“. – False & misleading claims
  8. We haven’t found enough information about this “new proven enlargement formula“.
  9. This product seems to be out-of-stock in several retailers.

How To Use It?

Like the other male enlargement liquid formula (Intensisize XL Extreme), VigRXtreme contains 60ml in each liquid bottle, and according to product’s label, we as users would have to take 20 drops twice per day in a daily basis to gain optimal results.

It does not state on how to squeeze the drops, if it’s to add on a liquid beverage such as water, juice or directly to the Intensisize-xl-extreme-intensize-liquid-formula-results-review-enlarge-size-increase-Enlargement-penis-permanently-becoming-alpha-maleuser’s tongue.

When I used the Intensisize XL Extreme to increase my penis size, I always squeezed each serving of 20 drops onto a spoon and swallowed it, where I found it to be the easiest and most effective way, since I drink the complete liquid.


VigRXreme failed to have any support information because it’s doesn’t seem to be a “professional” product due to no official website, and since it’s out-of-stock in many webpages and only Amazon has it.

The manufacturer that supports this item would be the (VitaTREX), and they’re from Smithtown, New York as a US-based company who sells many health products as well.

This manufacturer states to have one mission as to provide “high-quality supplements with the best prices” and have an incredible customer support.

All of their products does mention that it’s under the GMP requirements and standards.

No, somehow it’s not the same manufacturer as the company’s name, from the other similar product that I personally used.

Who knows !

Review Summary

Okay, lets talk about of what I personally think about this VigRXtreme item.

Since it’s unavailable in most of the retail third-party websites, we try checking in with the company’s page and they also have it out-of-stock.

Yet, when a product is no longer in the market, it’s never a good sign.

However, we are able to find many red signs about this VigRXtreme formula and the “increase penis size” statement?

I find that it’s a false hyped-up claim because you can take whatever method to enlarge your penis, such as “get-bigger-pills“, enlargement liquid, etc and it will not work.

All it may do is give harder erections, which your manhood may seem as a bigger penis, but when stop using these type of products, boom you’re out of luck.

How do I know?

I literally used several methods for penis enlargement and they all failed to give me my expected results of growth.

At the time, all I only wanted 2″ inches, but in today’s world, I found the realistic truth on how to add real and permanent penis growth.

Which now, 2″ inches is not enough for me because I have passed way over two full inches and I want more.

So how did I do it?

I’ll make it real simply by sharing you my experience from following the Penis Enlargement Bible, where I tell you my results and to help folks out like yourself, I’ll explain to you on how it works.

Feel free to head over to my review and get ready to find out everything you would want to know !


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