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Vimax Patch – Does It Increase Size? Maybe It Does! Only Here to Find Out


Vimax Patch – Does It Increase Size? Maybe It Does! Only Here to Find Out

Some men don’t like the fact to swallow a pill due to fearing any side effects.

However, that is the reason why a Canadian company made Vimax for not only male enhancement pills but a patch system as well.

Scroll down and we will expose how Vimax patch may increase penis size.




Name of Product: VIMAX Patch

Official Website: www.VimaxPatch.com

Minimum Price: 1 Month Supply –$59.95

Overall Rank (out of 100): 94 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Minimum 90 Days

Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee


What Are Vimax Patches? – How It Works?

The patches are an enhancement formula where it releases the powerful active ingredients directly to the bloodstream.

Unlike the male enhancement pills that travels through the digestive system than separates the ingredients to hit the bloodstream, Vimax patch system targets the bloodstream immediately without having to wait for any period of time.

It works by a “transdermal delivery” technology to stimulate blood flow to the chambers and that way causes the penis to create harder and stronger erection.


This is how it works!

When we men feel sexual arousal, the body sends a sign to the brain and it releases sexual hormones which boosts blood flow to the erectile tissues.

With the ingredients from the Vimax Patch method, the company states to create bigger, firmer and longer erections with increasing penis size up to 3-4″ inches if wearing it for the recommendation time frame.

Not only that, this product should enhance sexual appetite for more sexual desire.

Orgasms becomes stronger and intense with pleasurable. Vimax states many features from the patch system.Vimax-Patch-ingredients-review-before-after-results-how-to-use-Does-Increase-Size-does-vimax-really-work-Becoming-Alpha-Male


Vimax patch system brings all active ingredients in a blended combination and they are known to be 100% natural herbals.

The compounds that included in this formula are Ginseng, Damiana, Fo-Ti, Saw Palmetto, Gotu Kola and last Menthol to help release the ingredients immediately.

With only these few components, the manufacturer (Vimax Group) states to increase permanent penis size in a safe way.

Is that really possible?

Keep reading and we’re going to find out how it may really increase penis size of growth.

Who Is Vimax Patches For?

Till this day, many men believes that penis enlargement surgery is the only solution to gain size which can be extremely dangerous.

By adding body fat to the penis tissues causes to get affected where patients over the past years have actually died from bleeding to death.

Penis weights, pumps, extenders, etc are known to stretch the penile ligaments to the max potential where it damages the penis erectile tissues and the most common side effect reported that penis won’t function too normal.

Enhancement pills have to go through the digestive system which usually takes longer to actually see results.


Therefore, some men rather go for the patch system where it’s a lot safer from causing any negative side effects and can help penis grow naturally.

If I as a customer user were to use this enhancement technology, they mention to improve overall sexual function and health.

States to boost the ability to gain harder, longer and bigger erections.

Should be able to control ejaculation process to last longer and when climaxing, orgasms becomes more sensitive.

Within weeks, claims to see results already such as sexual satisfaction and many others.

How To Use It?Vimax-Patch-review-before-after-results-how-to-use-Does-Increase-Size-does-vimax-really-work-patches-Becoming-Alpha-Male

It’s the easiest method ever by just slapping a new patch on skin surface every 3 full days.

Do I put it straight on my penis?

No, please don’t do that.

Like many enhancement patches, they recommend to attach it on the lower abdomen or can apply on user’s arm, wherever they feel more comfortable to leave it.

The manufacturer suggest to replace a new application patch to a different spot for more effectiveness.


The best thing about Vimax patches, users won’t need to keep track of using it.

Leave it on for 72 hours while sexual nutrients (Herbs) are absorbed through the skin faster than they might think.

What about taking a shower or participating in some type of activity?

It’s created to not come off easily unless you put soap or keep touching it.

Should be applied where no hair is involved to stick firmly and well.



  • Harder,Longer Erections
  • Ejaculation should be Intense
  • Increases Sexual Appetite
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Enhances Desire + Pleasure
  • Easy-to-Use (Patch for 3 Days)
  • No Harmful Side Effects Reported
  • Improves Sexual Function
  • High Reputation Company
  • Offered to show results Structure
  • FDA Facility Approves It
  • Increases Self-esteem
  • 100% Secure & Discreet Package
  • Improves overall Sexual Health
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


  1. Misleading claims  Penis size will not enlarge by dramatically meaning 3-4″ inches.
  2. Doesn’t provide to show any doctor recommendation or doctors testimonies.


According to our sources, the company (Vimax Group) are a Canadian group that have many years creating sexual methods such as the enhancement pills, extender, of course this Vimax Patch method.

They are a British team of professionals scientists and researchers.

Yes, Vimax reputation has highly increased over the last decade when they first introduced a product to the male enhancement market in 2001.

According to them, all of their products have been approved from the FDA to have no chemical compounds to cause any side effects.


The Vimax Patch system supports a 60 day money back guarantee.

But, If somehow the results within this 2 months are not what users expected then I can simply return it back and grab the 100% full refund.

Official sales page www.VimaxPatch.com have an online chat which if I find something unclear about anything regarding this formula, I can just contact them right away or call the 1-800 phone number.

All orders should be discreet including payment statement and package delivery with no content appearance about the product’s label.

Closing Thoughts

According to our sources, Vimax patches stated that “by applying Vimax Patch on your body you can be up to 3-4″ inches longer and up to 25% wider“.

They mean with the period of time frame of 4-6 months, should expect to see a significant size in penis growth and not only that, they provided to show proof of results from a graph where it actually shows each monthly percentage of size improvements.

Even though all men are different from each other, some may see improvements within weeks as according to them.

Yes, erections should be firmer, bigger and stronger while experience overall sexual improvements plus enjoyment and sexual pleasure.


Hey, leave me a comment regardless if you need any help or want any advice. I can help you choose what’s best for you!

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